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Jewish-American veteran families who fought tyranny carry forward - some from Israel

Members of the Jewish War Veterans of America participate in Veterans Day parades across America. JWV Posts from Los Angeles participate in an annual, Veterans Day Parade ride- with veterans of WWII on the first floor of their double-decker bus. I accompanied World War II veterans Stan Salmore; Jack Pathman; Harris Frischer, and Paul Cohen last year. Mr. Frischer tells of his incarceration by the Nazis.
Major Stanley Rowen
Sgt. Cmdr. Zachary Taylor

Mrs. Allyson Rowen Taylor continues her family's fight against tyranny. Her father, Distinguished Flying-Cross recipient, Major Stanley Rowen served in the US Air Force effort since World War II. In order to fly within the anti-semitic U.S.A.F., Stanley he 
changed his name and removed his religion from his dog tags- which was consequently omitted from his military tombstone.

Allyson's first-born son, Zachary had already enlisted in the I.D.F. at the time of this interview at the Los Angeles National Cemetery in 2010- and served as a Sergeant Commander in Israel's Givati Brigade- also serving in Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. 

Comments were recorded at the Veterans' National Cemetery in Los Angeles on the day of Israel's blockage of the Mavi Marmara incursion in May, 2010. The issue has reemerged in the news this week - as part of the IslamoNazi movement which grows through the vilifying of Jews through the Jewish state. 

Turks torture Israeli who boarded the Mavi Marmara
"ICC prosecutor ordered again to consider reopening Mavi Marmara case" Jewish Telegraphic Agency November 9, 2015

The International Criminal Court again has ordered a prosecutor to reconsider her decision not to investigate war crimes allegations against Israel in the Mavi Marmara flotilla case. A panel of ICC judges in a 3-2 vote Friday dismissed an appeal by ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda that she not reopen the case as requested by a different panel in July. 

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