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Hollywood Republicans salute Jon Voight for defending America and Israel against current administration and Hollywood bias

Jewish-Californians saluted actor Jon Voight for patriotic outspokenness against Obama's policies at the Republican
Honoree, Jon Voight & Rabbi Abe Cooper of Simon Wiesenthal Center
Matt Brooks, host and Exec Dir., Republican Jewish Coalition
Jewish Coalition's annual Summer Bash in Beverly Hills. His award as a "Hollywood Visionary" was the finale to an evening featuring a live panel hosted by Fred Barnes with GOP 2004 presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), and Sen.Kelly Ayotte (R-NH).  Rabbi Abe Cooper, associate dean at the Simon Wiesenthal Center called Voight, "a super-mensch... you see him all the time defending Israel and the values of (America) our country." 

Matthew Brooks, executive director of the R.J.C. said, "As the Hollywood Left has come out repeatedly to bash Israel, to support the B.D.S. movement, Jon Voight is a true friend of Israel who has been unflinching in his ability and willingness to stand-up and speak-out in support of Israel." 

Steven Bauer, co-star on Showtime's "Ray Donovan"
Steven Bauer, Voight's co-star on Showtime's "Ray Donovan" said, "This is the greatest country in the world and freedom of thought and to express yourself should be first and foremost. And I don't see a lot of it from the Left. It's unfortunate because most people I hear talk that way claim to be real humanists. But they really don't like to hear conservative ideas.... But people like Jon- you have to give him a lot of credit because of his courage in the face of all that."

Jon Voight extends a loving welcome to ex-Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN)
Rabbi Cooper added that Jon is a person "who consistently embarasses us Jews- because as a Gentile he has done so much for our community, maybe more than a lot of Jews in this town could."

Voight told JewTube, "We all have to realize the times that we're in and especially the danger to Israel. ... All people should be aware of our ally, Israel, and the peril that the Israelis are in right now- with Obama turning his back on Prime Minister Netanyahu. We all have to do everything we can to put the right people (and right person) into office soon, and that would make a big difference if we can do it."

Among the other Hollywood celebrities applauding Mr. Voight were Sam Sorbo, Angie Harmon, Nick Searcy, and Raquel Welch.

Revelations cast egg-on-faces of Jewish officials, leaders, and journalists who have carried led community down Obama's garden path for personal status and privilege

Congregants of Adas Israel and Rabbi Steinlauf fete Obama 5/22/15
Will the Jewish establishment in America and Israel now downplay the revelations by their diplomat friend and hero, Israeli Amb. Michael Oren to not incriminate themselves? The revelatory, "How Obama Abandoned Israel" Netanyahu and the president both made mistakes, but only one purposely damaged U.S.-Israel relations (in the Wall St. Journal) may have overshadowed the complementary points Lee Smith makes on the same day but are worth knowing. Lee Smith analyzes the Jewish communal leadership and Jews in Obama's administration who sold Obama's policies to Jewish communities (and their donors), didn't oppose him in the face of bad actions, and together serve to justify Obama's actions in general. He lays these points out in "The ‘Court Jew’ Controversy Re-Erupts" New reality for an old phenomenon: How Obama and Israel changed the stakes of Jewish power" in Tablet Magazine June 16, 2015 and deserve your consideration.
... the evidence suggests that Obama keenly understands certain peculiarities of the Jewish communal psyche—survival strategies that distinguish the Jews from other American minority groups. The president’s use of Jewish aides and organizations to advance his policies with the Jewish community shows that Obama is correct in believing that Jewish politics are often motivated by fear, which can range from the existential fear of mass extermination to the more prosaic fear of looking shabby in front of the goyim.
And Obama isn’t using his energy and inspiring leadership skills to help these people rise above their fear; he is instead capitalizing on it—masterfully, ruthlessly—by manipulating American Jews in ways that other minority groups would find unbelievably insulting.  ...
Like Obama, the current prime minister of the Jewish state is also contemptuous of the American liberal Jewish community (leaders and those in Obama's administration). From both of their perspectives, these are weak, primitive, frightened people, who can be manipulated from a distance and suck up to power not because their lives depend on it, but their careers do.
By not resigning in protest, Obama’s Jewish aides have arguably not only harmed their community; they weakened their own position—which was, in a sense, ultimately far more detrimental. In a town where the appearance of power is power, Obama’s Jewish defenders had no idea which way the president was actually going. They got played, and now everyone knows it. 
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In this original video-playlist, Jewish-Americans who attended the AIPAC and CPAC conventions this spring sound-off on Obama's actions affecting Israel and Jews.


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Magna Carta's 800-year anniversary carries different lesson for Jews

Human rights laws existed before the Magna Carta by Ethel C. Fenig in American Thinker June, 2010

A few thousand years (18th to 15th century B.C.) before England's King John signed the Magna Carta against his will (800 years ago today) and the English were just another group of lawless, warring tribes- the Jews (former slaves who fled Egypt on their way to the Promised Land of Israel) willingly received the Torah at Sinai. Codified and interpreted by generations of rabbis, human rights were an integral way of life within Jewish communities, including those who lived in England in 1215 at the time of the signing of the Magna Carta. 

"Magna Carta's three Jewish clauses" by Rabbi Jonathan Romain (of Maidenhead Synagogue) in the Jewish Chronicle, 9/4/14

If you ask most people what they associate with Magna Carta, they may say: King John, barons, Runnymede, or the beginning of English democracy. What they will not say is: Jews.

Yet three of its clauses directly relate to Jews, and, in particular, their moneylending activities. It means that the document not only has enormous significance for English history, but also epitomizes the privileges and problems of medieval Anglo-Jewry.

RAF's Red Arrows decorate the comemoration of 8 centuries since King John sealed the original Magna Carta 

Magna Carta was signed on June 15 1215, and there will be many commemorative events for its 800th anniversary, but its Jewish roots go back to 1066. It is likely that individual Jews came to this country long before then, as far back as Roman times, whether willingly as traders, or by force as slaves. However, it is impossible to talk of a settled Jewish community until the late 11th century. It was then that William of Normandy brought over Jews from his French territory to help colonize his new kingdom.  Read more:

Jewish Democrat decries Obama pandering as "Jewish" to molify opposition to his nuclear Iran vs Israel deal

Dov Hikind: Obama Eclipsing Carter for Worst Record on Israel 

NY Assemblyman Dov Hikind on Neil Cavuto's TV show
President Barack Obama has been touting his bona fides with Israel in the past few days, but New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind isn't buying it. 

"President Obama, unfortunately, he's not living in reality," the Democrat said Wednesday on Fox News Channel's "Your World with Neil Cavuto." 

"Not with Iran, not with what is going on in the Middle East. He is living in a different planet than we are and watching the events that are unfolding and it's disastrous for the world, disastrous for America." 

Watch hereAssemblyman Dov Hikind (D) and Mort Zuckerman (publisher, U.S. News and World Report) with Neil Cavuto on Fox News Channel.

Assemblyman Hikind spoke with JewTube regarding Obama's Democrat party push for a Palestinian state when they hate Jews and seek to conquer Israel.

Obama has said he is hurt that people think he is anti-Israel or anti-Semitic, his former adviser David Axelrod recently said. And in an Israeli television interview, Obama said he and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu often "joust," but have a good relationship. 

"Oy vey. We're in trouble," Hikind said, adding that Obama seems obsessed with Netanyahu. 

 Before the April Israeli elections, Obama and his people were very negative against Netanyahu, hoping he would be defeated, Hikind said. Hikind called Obama's "jousting" comment "insulting." 

"We're talking about an existential threat to the state Israel," he said. "He's jousting? He's playing a game? This is fun time? It is just absolutely obnoxious." 

Jimmy Carter used to be the worst president in regard to being a friend to Israel, Hikind said, but Obama now has taken that position. 

Obama "is the worst president in terms of the relationship with the state of Israel," Hikind said. "When he plays this game, he is endangering Israel." 
Source NewsMax