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Explore exotic foods, spirits, recipes and fun at the annual LA Times "The Taste" culinary fest over Labor Day Weekend

The Taste, the L.A. Times' annual Labor Day weekend celebration of the Southern California culinary scene features distinctive restaurants, dynamic demonstrations and topical discussions.

Follow JooTube.TV on a video tour around of The Taste, including amusing, informative video interviews with some of the purveyors, such as Border Grille's Susan Feniger (star of "Too Hot Tamales" on the Food Network) and other chefs, restaurants and attendees in action.

The schedule: Opening Night – Fri., Aug. 29th, 7:30 to 11:00 p.m. The Taste’s most intimate event brings together the weekend’s hosts, chefs and bartenders, including The Times’ renowned Food staff, for a special opening night soirée with a focused collection of tastings, premium cocktail and wine offerings, and live entertainment. 

Obama impedes Jewish self-defense against Jihad- Rabbi Zvi Block at LAX terror memorial

Rabbi Zvi Block at the Los Angeles Airport, El Al jihad victims' memorial
Speaking at the "Independence Day from Jihad" memorial for victims of the West Coast jihad attack at Los Angeles Airport, Rabbi Zvi Block says America's commitment to the war against jihadism requires the government to protect the jihads primary targets: Jews & Israelis- both in America and Israel.  He believes that an American administration should reciprocate Jewish support for America by assisting the self-defense of the Judeo-Christian sanctuary in the Middle East, ally Israel, in her defense against jihadism. This involves both political support, at the UN and not forcing premature ceasefires, and selling replacement arms and ammunition, which the Obama administration now impedes.


Rabbi Block takes exception to the Obama White House's embrace of Islamists, e.g., Iran, Qatar, & Turkey for supporting jihadist Hamas & Hezbollah. Also Saudi Arabia for supporting Al Qaeda. 

Lone-soldier, Max Steinberg's family & friends remember him to nearly 1,000 at L.A.'s Saban Theater, following huge funeral in Israel

A memorial service for fallen Lone Soldier Max Steinberg at the Saban Theatre on Aug. 12, painted the area native as both a normal young adult and a hero, one who loved having fun, formed easy connections with others and whose quest to find himself took him to the Jewish homeland.
The event that attracted about 850 people reinforced how Steinberg — who died July 20 at the age of 24 while fighting in Israel’s war with Gaza — has become an icon for a Diaspora Jewish community that often struggles with finding ways to express its love for Israel. - Ryan Turok in Jewish Journal of L.A. (Advance through 10 segments using forward button on left and/or menu button on right)

Rabbi David Baron of Temple of the Arts, which holds its services at the Saban Theatre, served as master of ceremonies. At one point he asked all of the Lone Soldiers in the crowd — there were dozens —to stand, along with their families. As they rose, so too did the crowd, applauding loudly in thanks for what they’ve contributed to the Jewish homeland.
Baron spoke of the importance of the United States-Israel relationship.
“We commit tonight to ... do our part in the United States to make sure that our nation never wavers one iota from its complete support for Israel,” he said.
Rabbi Naomi Levy & Nashuva Band accompany a Max Steinberg montage (Photo: Steve Sherman, Jewish Journal)

Muslim & progressive protestors in L.A. profess motive is oppression of Arabs. Why not protest Hamas or other Islamist oppressors? Pat Condell dresses down hypocrisy and offers a quick lesson

British moralist analyst censures Muslims' and progressives' "criminally-biased, selective moralizing."

Arabs, Communists, and Progressives, incited by Hamas' human-shield media circus to vilify Israel,  protest Israel in L.A.  at the end of July.


Far-leftist, ANSWER Coalition's John Bigelow links Arab anti-Israel organizations in protest.

Arab man says he came to protest what "the Jews" are doing to the Arabs- but which other Arab oppression did he rally to protest? Syrian Pres. Assad's killing of over 150,000 Arabs? Ongoing sectarian massacres in Iraq? Muslim Brotherhood oppression of Egyptians? In the same L.A. park, did he, as we did, come to defend the Muslim Iranians being shot in the street during the 2009 election? 

Commentator Pat Condell derides Progressives' selective indignation towards the free, Jewish state in the face of provocation by fascistic Islamist Hamas. He presents the Israel's defense against Islamofascism from an historical, rational perspective. 

American Arab woman leads Progressives to rally against Israel, but of all she knows about Gaza ("it's a fishing economy') isn't familiar with whether Hamas is oppressing Gazan civilians.

Anti-semitism murdered relatives of this Jewish Progressive, but he denies that anti-Semitism in a factor in rabid anti-Israel progroms around the world, or even an element in Islam, Palestine, or anti-Israel protests such as this.

He defends the mob's charge that Israel is perpetrating "genocide" and using the Holocaust as Israel's rationale for what they do to "genocide in slow-motion" the Palestinians.

Ironically, it is the Muslims who are following the Nazis' play book. 
Adolph Hitler's Palestinian ally, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, assisted Egyptian President Abdel Nasser in providing sanctuary to Nazi war-criminals and continuing Nazis' annihilationist tactics into the Middle East.  
Nazi Muslims  (Photo: Barry Rubin)

Under Nasser, the Nazis united Arab power against the Koran's enemy Jews, expelling nearly 1 million Arab Jewish citizens from Arab countries - and perpetuating the Muslim / Palestinian wars to destroy the Jewish state- Israel's self-defense to which these Progressives and Muslims come out to rail against. See details in Dr. Andrew Bostom's Nazis find a home in post-Mubarak Egypt, and in Nazis, Islamists and the Making of the Modern Middle East by Barry Rubin and Wolfgang Schwanitz.