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Yom Kippur-like repentance before final sealing at Sukkot-ending, Hoshana Rabbah

Hoshana Rabbah is known as the day of the final sealing of judgment, which began on Rosh Hashanah.

JooTube's 3rd annual, video glimpse inside the pious (Carlebach) Happy Minyan of L.A.- worshipping and celebrating Hoshana Rabah the finale of Sukkot.  

The Orthodox Union explains this under-recognized holiday:

Hoshana Rabbah is the seventh and last day of Sukkot, which is the day before Shmini Atzeres. Named for the fact that more hoshanot are said on this day than all the previous days of the festival. On Hoshana Rabbah the beating of the aravah, willow branch, is performed. Although Hoshana Rabbah was not accorded any different status by the Torah than the other days of Chol Hamoed, the Jewish people have observe many customs on this day and have invested it with a solemn character. For example, the white parochet, curtain on the ark, in shul remains up until after Hoshana Rabbah.

In the morning services of Hoshanna Rabbah, following Musaf (and some places after hallel) the hoshanot are said as written in the prayerbook, the congregation marches around the bima seven times, after which comes the beating of the aravah, willow branch. The aravahs are beaten against the floor five times. No blessing is recited over the beating of the aravah since it was merely a custom.

Hoshana Rabbah is known as the day of the final sealing of judgment, which began on Rosh Hashannah. During the festival of Sukkot the world is judged for water and for the blessings of the fruit and crops. The seventh day of the festival is the final sealing and since human life depends on water, Hoshanna Rabbah is somewhat similar to Yom Kippur. Hence there are additional prayers and quests for repentance as on Yom Kippur.

Palestinians attempt to murder pregnant 9-month Jewish woman and husband; surgeons deliver healthy baby boy

The Jerusalem Post reports: 35-year-old man and 9-month pregnant wife wounded in South Hebron Hills shooting attack near Teneh Omarim 

A nine-month pregnant Israeli woman and her husband were wounded in a terror shooting on Route 60 in the West Bank Sunday evening 26 September. 

The two were hit while in their vehicle and managed to reach Soroka Hospital in Beersheba, where the woman underwent surgery for her wounds after giving birth by Cesarean section to a healthy baby boy.

Protests outside Ahmadinejad's U.N. appearances - matched by Western diplomats walking out during speech denouncing U.S. and Israel

On Tuesday (in advance of today's Sukkot holiday) the New York Board of Rabbi's gathered, joined by the Interfaith Community, to form a human link-chain across First Avenue and E. 40th Street. The NYPD had to disrupt their chain, which they did with a sounding of their shofar. Story on Vigilant Squirrel Brigade .

(Video courtesy of Paykayhall)

On Thursday, 23 September, the U.S. Mission to the United Nations declared why they walked-out on Iran's Thug-in-Chief's speech which alleged a U.S. conspiracy to attack the World Trade Center to protect Israel:
"Rather than representing the aspirations and goodwill of the Iranian people, Mr. Ahmadinejad has yet again chosen to spout vile conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic slurs that are as abhorrent and delusional as they are predictable."
The U.S. delegation was followed by the delegations from the U.K., Australia, Sweden, and Spain.

Protests on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday objecting to the presence of the Iranian President Ahmadinejad have come from many groups, especially Persian-American.

Iran's Ahmadinejad feted by media & liberals; Rabbi Moses denounces the apathetic public protest by Jewish leaders, groups

Fox News reveals the political benefits Iran's President Ahmadinejad receives by favorable depictions of him in New York, such as his hosting a propaganda dinner for American scholars at the New York Hilton Hotel.

CNN will feature Larry King interviewing Ahmadinejad tonight, Wednesday 22 September, the first night of the Jewish holy day of Sukkot. Watch this sneak peak:

Los Angeles' Rabbi Moshe Parry wonders where are the Jewish community, religious, and political leaders who should be publicly deprecating Ahmadinejad as an Israel-genocide planning, global terrorist tyrant on the global media stage in New York?

Gentile wedding party awes bride with surprise enactment of Fiddler's "L'Chayim" dance scene

Broadway's "In the Heights" composer and lyricist, Lin-Manuel Miranda, got the close friends and family of his fiance, Vanessa Nadal, to rehearse for a month in secret, leading up to the reception. Lin absorbed Jewish wedding culture during his stint, like "Wicked's" Edina Menzel, performing at weddings and bar-mitzvahs. This video could become a viral-video ambassador for Jewish culture. And just when we could use it. The N.Y. Times covered the star-studded, Hispanic-American union in Sept. 10th's Weddings section. Choreography credit to by Sara Miller. Video by Francesco on US Navi's YouTube Channel.