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Israeli Soul-Rock Double-Header! "Ha Makor" West-Coast Debut; Brother Yehuda's "Moshav Band" opening! Sat 28 June at The Mint, L.A. 9:45 pm

Premiere West-coast appearance of the reknowned Israeli Jewish rock group, HaMakor. Ha Makor will play The Mint with frontman, Nachman Solomon's brother, Yehuda Solomon's, Moshav Band (recently returned from a tour of Moshav's native Israel) opening at 9:45 pm. All tickets are just $15. OK to arrive earlier, other acts precede (check The Mint website).
HaMakor perform "Lost Man" in Israel's Bet "Shemesh Fest" last year. HaMakor will head-up to Ramah Cali in Ojai, California to perform on July 1 and 2nd at 8:00 pm.

Israel Film Festival retrospective honors classic musical-comedy, "Kuni Lemel," and its star, Mike Burstyn

The Israeli musical-comedy, "2 Kuni Lemels" was released in Israel in 1965 but rarely viewed in America. The film's star, Mike Burstyn was presented an award at the screening of the classic, "2 Kuni Lemels" by Zionistic TV gameshow-great, Monty Hall.

Mike Burstyn, discusses what it means about this film be honored as part of the 23rd Israel Film Festival in America some 43-years later.

Stars celebrate Israel Film Festival honoring Carl Reiner and Rob Reiner

Executive Producer of the Israel Film Festival, Meir Fenigstein, remarks about what's special about the 23rd annual event during Israel's 60th anniversary.

The Israel Jon Voight knows and loves is a model of 'grace under fire'

Academy-award winning actor, Jon Voight, spoke candidly about his experience of the true character of the 60-year-old State of Israel at the 23rd Israel Film Festival Gala in Hollywood.

Recently-returned from a visit to Israel for its 60th birthday, Mr. Voight feels that Israel has borne the brunt of the mainstream-media's misunderstanding of Islamist imperialism's rejection of an autonomous, Jewish-led democracy in a region dominated by Islamic supremacism.

The true nature of Israel and its challenges- which Mr. Voight has experienced first-hand- isn't accurately presented by mainstream news-reportage, he asserts.

To obtain a truer understanding, he encourages people to visit Israel themselves- or begin by viewing some of the Israeli films featured in the Festival.

The Israel Film Festival runs in Los Angeles from June 11-26, in New York from Nov 5-20, and in Miami from December 10-18.

Mr. Voight has been added to this season's cast of the Fox TV series, "24," as nemesis to Jack Bauer (Kieffer Sutherland).

Israel Day Parade Draws 100,000; Concert/Rally Draws inspires 10,000 attendees into NYC's Central Park

Salute to Israel Day Parade attracted over 100,000 people. Grand Marshalls (pictured right to left) Valerie Harper ("Golda's Balcony," TV's "Rhoda Morganstern"), actors Ron Rifkin, Richard Hand, Lanie Kazan. Representing Israel among the marchers were Minister Ruhama Avraham Balila, Vice Premier Haim Ramon and Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai, alongside New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New York Governor David Patterson, and New Jersey Governor John Corzine. Thousands of Jewish school students, and several bands and orchestras marched, including the IDF Orchestra who came to the city especially for the event.

After the parade, the "Israel Day Concert" organizers, Dr. Joe Frager and Dr. Paul Brody, discussed the message they hope their concert and rally conveys to the public and politicians concerning Israel.

(Another Joo-Tube video news exclusive)

Salute to Israel Day Parade on Fifth Avenue in New York City, June 1st

Tens of thousands of people marched up Fifth Avenue on Sunday in the annual Salute to Israel Parade celebrating the 1948 founding of the Jewish state. Parade Grand Marshalls included actress Lainie Kazan, Broadway's "Golda's Balcony" star, Valerie Harper, Ron Rifkin, and television actor, Richard Hand. Highlights included a bagpipe and drums rendition of Hava Nagila.