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Sparks fly when leftists debate 1st Judean settlement leader, Revivi, at AIPAC Conference (a JooTube exclusive)

AIPAC invites Judean city of Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi in first, settlement leader session, but stacks the panel with liberal Israeli opponents to debate Israel's settlement policies and the sharing of Judea and Samaria with Muslim Arabs led by the irredentist, Palestinian Authority.
AIPAC panelists: Polly Bronstein, Darkenu C.E.O.; Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi; liberal Shir Nosatzki; moderator Ilana Decker
First-ever, AIPAC Palestine policy debate with a Judea/Samaria governor

Audience's 'Question and Answers' of Israelis at AIPAC on Judea & Samarian, Muslim & Jewish futures

Israeli radio journalist, Eve Harow, reacts to AIPAC's 1st debate on Judea & Samaria's future

Post-panel, Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi addresses panel-composition and Palestinian leaders' rejectionism.

Tommy Waller, Zionistic Christian pilgrim leader reacts to panel

DNA validates Torah scripture, debunks rivals' slanders. Jews are indigenous to Palestine, Israel; Ashkenazis' commonality with Middle-East Jews and Arabs, not Khazars

The path of Adam and Eve's offspring traverses the globe
DNA exposes misconceptions in ethnicities and rivalries - Bennett Greenspan of FamilyTreeDNA.com at the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, Monday, 25 March 2019. Find Your Roots: From ancient to modern history, Jews have been conquered (e.g. Roman Empire over Israel, or Mohammad's conquest of Arabian Jews), intermarried to survive (e.g., Spanish Inquisition), or for children to survive (e.g. Holocaust) parents released their children (inside or out of the country) to be raised as Christian or Catholic.

Might modern Christians and Muslims have Jewish ancestry or similarities? Are Ashkenazi Jews actually diluted by mixing with Ukrainian Khazars, as anti-Zionist Israeli, Shlomo Sand alleged? Genealogy expert, Mr. Greenspan's entertaining and edifying talk reveals the hidden religious ancestry, commonality, and differences among Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and "Palestinian' peoples. 

Bennett Greenspan of FamilyTreeDNA provides fascinating answers to audience questions on how different DNA entered the Jewish tribes (and vice-versa) throughout history.

Exclusive recording of this sold-out session at the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, Monday, 25 March 2019.

Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld at AIPAC offers a British perspective on our common challenges - and solutions

As fashion trends typically migrate from Europe's capitals to across the world, British Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld offers a sentry's perspective on the socio-political challenges Jewry faces. 

British Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld remarks upon end of AIPAC Policy Conference
The challenges confronting British Jewry, as all European Jews today face, are formidable. The anti-Semitism in the Labour Party has many British Jews worried about their future in that society. The anti-Semitic activism in London has become so ominous that the Western Marble Arch Synagogue in central London congregation, at the recommendation of city officials, have removed all Jewish identifying signage from the outside of the edifice. 

What motivated Marble Arch's Senior Rabbi Lionel Rosenfeld to traverse the Atlantic Ocean as the sole, orthodox British rabbi at the AIPAC Policy Conference for the past three, consecutive years?  

In this exclusive video interview, Rabbi Rosenfeld, the successor to Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks at the tony, London institution, shares both what impressed him at AIPAC, and his European perspectives on North America's, Israel's, and the European Jewish situation. 

(Part 1)

An optimistic tone at the 2018 AIPAC convention was felt during the final-year of the Republican-dominated House of Representatives term - before several 2019-appointed congresswomen (Ilhan Omar, Rachel Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) introduced "Zionophobia" (a term coined by Prof. Judea Pearl) to the Democrat-dominated House this year. 

(Part 2)

How might Israeli defense against Hamas or their weaponizer, Iran, be visited upon diaspora Jewish communities? Fascists stoke anti-Israelism, he claims, which the BBC amplifies - deserving loud objection from the public. Rabbi Rosenfeld expounds on this in Part 3 of our interview. 

(Part 3)

What is Israel's ethos? Contributing to the world, responding to crisis, and saving lives (at AIPAC Conference)

Jeff Gedmin, Amb Gil Haskel, Avi Jorisch, Sivan Borowich, Yotam Polizer
"The Israeli Ethos: Contributing to the World, Responding to Crisis, & Saving Lives." Panel presented at AIPAC Policy Conference on March 3, 2018. (Video by JooTube.TV) 

In 1964, when President Lyndon Johnson welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol to the White House, he recognized that Israel and the United States “share many common objectives…chief of which is the building of a better world, a world in which every nation can develop its resources and develop them in freedom and in peace.” How has this spirit manifested itself in Israel’s interactions with other countries? Why is Israel ready – often within a few hours – to assist other nations in times of crisis, to save as many lives as possible? What are the United States and other nations learning from Israeli expertise, in areas ranging from innovation to agriculture? Our commentators discuss Israel’s commitment to creating a better world.

Moderator Jeff Gedmin, Georgetown University, welcomes Ms. Sivan Borowich-Ya'ari, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of "Innovation: Africa"; Avi Jorisch, author of "Thou Shalt Innovate: How Israeli Ingenuity Repairs the World"; Yotam Polizer- Co-Chief Executive Officer - IsraAID ; Amb. Gil Haskel, Depty Dir of Foreign Ministry and Director of Mashav- the Israeli Agency for Int'l Development & Cooperation, and the Israeli Aid Agency. Presented
 at AIPAC Policy Conference on March 3, 2018. 

Question and Answer session continues: "The Israeli Ethos: Contributing to the World, Responding to Crises, and Saving Lives" 

Christian-Israeli documentarian, Erin Zimmerman, directed
CBN's"To Life- How Israeli Volunteers are Changing the World" 
At the National Religious Broadcasters' Proclaim Convention, CBN introduced a new documentary which their Israel Bureau produced titled "To Life- How Israeli Volunteers are Changing the World," directed by Erin Zimmerman. 

"To Life" -How Israeli Volunteers Are Changing the World" brings you an amazing look at five Israeli organizations changing people’s lives across the globe. In keeping with the Jewish tradition of tikkun olam (“repairing the world”), Israel has been at the forefront of humanitarian and disaster relief work since the 1950s, less than a decade after becoming a nation. Since then, the Jewish state has provided humanitarian aid to millions of people in 140 countries around the world.

At NRB's Israel's 70th Independence tribute luncheon, we asked Gordon Robertson why CBN produces pro-Israel news and documentaries- and why theirs have consistently been the most reliably objective - - not distorted by anti-Zionist leftist propagandists, an endemic problem among mainstream international news reporters and outlets.

Featuring stunning cinematography and moving interviews, "To Life" follows Israeli volunteers in Uganda, Nepal, Greece, Kurdistan, and the Palestinian territories. Watch the entire five-part short-film series which aired on CBN News during April 2018.

Playlist includes full 1:28 min documentary, followed by the individual segments which comprise it: 2) Innovation: Africa; 3) Springs of Hope; 4) IsraAID; 5) Israel Defense Forces; 6) Save a Child's Heart; 7) the 4-minute trailer;  8) the 1-minute teaser trailer; and 9) CBN News' previews of "To Life."

Synagogue reverses roles - Raza exposes Muslim anti-Semitism, Rabbi exposes Jewish Islamophobia

At the Westwood Kehilla synagogue in Los Angeles, Greg Smith, Esq., introduces their evening  program with a twist. Reformist Muslima, Raheel Raza (president of The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow) addresses anti-Semitism among Muslims and Reuven Firestone (PhD in Arabic and Islamic Studies and professor at the Hebrew Union College) speaks about "Islamophobia" among Jewish people.

Mrs. Raheel Raza addresses anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism among Muslims, particularly in her native Pakistan.

Prof. Reuven Firestone addresses anti-Islam in Judaism and attitudes among Jews. 

At 27:30 minutes in, the president of the San Fernando Valley Interfaith Solidarity Network, Soraya Deen, joins the panel discussion.

Members of the audience poses questions and the panelists  attempt to answer them.