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Meaning from mourning at Shloshim for Israel's fallen draws 1,000 in Hollywood

Rabbis, cantors, civic leaders, and a bereaved aunt gathered on July 30th to lead 1,000 sympathists at the Temple of the Arts in Beverly Hills to mourn Israel's civilian sons & fallen soldiers who were sacrificed to protect the safety of the Jewish nation.

Simon Wiesenthal Center's Rabbi Marvin Hier addresses the gathered: Treating Israel differently than the rest of the world is anti-Semitic.


Aunt Leehy Sha'er eulogizes nephew, Gilad, and his friends Naphtali & Eyal sacrificed from to lead IDF to terror tunnels and avert catastrophe.


"El Ma'le Rachamim" for Israel's fallen sons- Cantor Arik Wollheim

Sam Glaser tells the genesis of his inspirational, jihad-resistor ballad, "One Hand, One Heart", which he performed with a live choir at the memorial for Israel's fallen.


Pastor Kevin Diekleman describes the activism of his group One Heart for Israel. He discusses public perceptions of the media depictions of the Gaza incursion.

This video playlist of JooTube's coverage of the newsworthy presentations and performances of the Shloshim event has numerous segments besides some of the clips above:


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Shmuley Schwartz adapts song for Israeli korbans; performs at L.A. Shloshim 

Rabbi Kalman Topp of Cong. Beth Jacob of Beverly Hills leads recitation of Psalm 121

Rabbi Daniel Pinner's Shloshim eulogy to Naftali, Gilad, and Eyal in L.A. Shloshim ceremony.

"Blessing for the State of Israel" - Cantor Netanel Baram & Israeli Consul Generale David Siegel with choir. 

Stars come out at L.A. IDF fundraiser; Israelis & Americans express support to rout Islamist Hamas terror operations

Israeli-American star Mike Burstyn served as compere

The Mark on Pico Blvd
Israelis in L.A. gathered Tuesday 29 July for a music and multi-media show which raised almost $60,000 in donations to benefit the men and women in the Israel Defense Forces.

Israeli actress and hostess, Shani Rey explains the function held at The Mark in the Pico-Robertson area of L.A.

The mainstream media obsession with Hamas' gore orgy has confused the public about the roles of aggressor and victim in Israel's attack on the rocket launchers and tunnel attackers. 

Actor and civic-leader, Mike Burstyn, explains that Hamas sacrifices Palestinian civilians to raise global indignation against Israel. He decries anti-Semitic sentiments raised in the diaspora and recommends diaspora Jews prepare aliyah plans immediately. 

Leehy Sha'er explains how West Bank Hamas supporters's kidnapping of her nephew Gil-Ad (and two yeshiva classmates) thwarted a planned, Rosh Hashana massacre via hidden Hamas tunnels. 


Israeli boy, Shawn Rey expresses fear of hostile Palestinians and his desire for the IDF to rout out jihadist Hamas.

Angeleno, Larry Weinstock challenges Obama's intentions in forcing Israel into ceasefire negotiations with Islamist Hamas' benefactors, Qatar and Turkey.

Israeli-American grocer, IDF veteran Ronen Hellmann gives advice on Israel's strategy. 

Israeli-American entrepreneur, Gil Shai, comments that Obama administration has enabled jihadists in Syria, but Israel must not allow him to repeat it against Israel. 

Israeli-American singer performs wartime ballad at IDF fundraiser in L.A. 


American Zionist, Debbie Paperman, explains how the media misrepresentation of Israel's defensive war has evoked social marginalizing among some friends.    

US students mourn Israel's victims - and fear blowback in neighborhoods left vulnerable by liberal Jewish leaders

I.D.F. soldiers bury another soldier killed by Palestinians 
Mati Cohen leads candle-light vigil for Jewish soldiers in L.A.
Just weeks after gathering a candle-light vigil for the Israeli kidnapped yeshiva students, Los Angeleno, Mati Cohen and friends organized a similar vigil- this time in mourning for the 4 dozen IDF soldiers killed in the process of stopping Hamas' incessant rocketing of Israeli civilians. Some of them are American Jews who enlisted in the IDF to fight in defense of the Jewish state. Several of them are mentioned by the L.A. mourners in this exclusive JooTube video coverage of the July 27th evening event. 

Speakers in this playlist include Rabbi Moshe Parry, Mati Cohen, Avichai ben Shmuel, Max Adelstein, Arlan Mitnick, and Cherie Lewis.

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Watch more of the action here:
IDF soldiers uncovered massive caches of Palestinian weapons in secret tunnel network (Photo: RocklandVoice.com)

Largest pro-Israel rally in L.A. overshadows anti-Zionist protestors, some of whom turn violent; Gunfire, 4 arrested; Exclusive video of participants

To demonstrate Americans' support for Israel's defensive action against Hamas kidnapping and rocketing of Israeli civilians, L.A. Zionist organizers staged one of the largest, Israel support rallies in the history of L.A., Sunday, July 13th.  The Israel American Council and StandWithUs attracted 1200 and 1800 Israeli-Americans and Zionistic Jews and Christians to attend. Speakers included Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Roz Rothstein co-founder and CEO of StandWithUs, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer and Israeli actress and activist Noa Tishby, among others, according to Ryan Torok and Jared Sichel in the L.A. Jewish Journal.

Four Arab Muslim men were arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon after striking some Israeli supporters with their Palestinian flagpoles. A Federal Protective Service officer fired a gunshot to stop the thugs from fleeing.

Several attendees shared their motivation to be there. 
Social-commentator Evan Sayet describes the gathering - and the out-of-context media-bias which has incensed both sides of demonstrators- those to condemn Israel's actions and those who defend them.


Rabbi Moshe Parry says that the I.D.F. must carry-on until they cease Hamas' rocketing abilities.

Jewish-American, Ethan Samuels was wounded by a Palestinian suicide-bomber at Tel Aviv's Dolphinarium Disco.

American student, Sarah, was gashed in the face with a rock thrown by a group of Palestinians weeks ago in Jerusalem.

Shariff "Mordechai" Hazan, who was raised in Sufi-Islam- tries to enlighten liberal-minded people that Hamas is the Jew-hating branch of the global jihad- whose Boko Haram recently enslaved 200-300 African Christian girls into slavery and slaughters Christians throughout Africa and Egypt.

Avichai ben Shmuel says that 3 Arabs driving-by, fired a starter's pistol at some of the Zionists, intending to provoke them into greater violence.  He says what he heard that the L.A.P.D. did.

Pro-Hamas / anti-Israel rallyers held a demonstration at the Israeli Consulate in West Los Angeles on Tuesday, July 8th to protest Israel's striking Hama's human-shield deterents to defensive curtailment of Hamas' rocket-launching. But judging from the participating groups that returned for Sunday's counter-rally, the Muslims' and Communists' (bearing AnswerCoalition placards) over-riding goal is the irredentist, Muslim conquest of capitalistic, Jewish Israel.

Riot-helmeted, L.A. police attempt to keep the pro-Hamas and pro-Zionists apart.


Pro-Palestine protestors stayed organized and on-message in their chants while standing or marching. Unfortunately, they revealed their message was not just against Israel's air-assault on Hamas leadership, but to eliminate the Jewish state entirely.

Political pundit Eric Golub, an author and blogger at Tygrrr Express, characterizes the Hamas supporters' counter-rally as Islamists.

Rabbi Moshe Parry tells the true, Jewish history of the Judea / Palestine which the pro-Hamas protesters are trying to stake claim to.


At LA rally for Israeli defense against Hamas rockets, 4 Muslims arrested for assault with a deadly weapon; Gunfire heard

A large Pro-Hamas / anti-Israel rally was held at the Israeli Consulate in West Los Angeles on July 8th to protest Israel's striking Gazan human-shields during its defensive curtailment of Hamas' rocket-launching. But judging from the groups returning for Sunday's counter-rally, the Muslims' and far-leftists' (revealed on their AnswerCoalition placards) over-riding goal is the irredentist, Muslim conquest of capitalistic, Jewish Israel.
Arab anti-Zionists brandished poles against Israel supporters on Wilshire Blvd in L.A.  (Photo: Aliya Slepkov-Dror)

Four Arab men were arrested at the pro-Israel peace rally in front of the Federal Building in Los Angeles Sunday after pro-Palestinian protesters also turned up and the two sides clashed. At least one gunshot was fired by a Federal Protective Service officer, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office said. 

(Video courtesy Julie Bien)  

Five men, from Orange County and Jordan, drove their pickup truck alongside Israeli rallyers and taunted them with Palestinian flags. One of the pro-Israel supporters grabbed one of the flags and stepped on it. L.A. County Sheriff's officials told the L.A. Times:
The men then got out of the truck and confronted the group, and used the wooden sticks holding their flags to hit the demonstrators, said Sgt. Dave Valentine. “It was a pretty chaotic thing,” he said.
Police take Orange County antagonist Arabs into custody Sunday evening near UCLA
Witnesses said that several of the pro-Israel participants were hit by the poles, and one person was wounded.  When police who were already on the scene stepped in to break up the scuffle, the attackers tried to flee the scene in their pickup truck. Witnesses say a Federal Protective Service officer on-scene fired a warning shot into the air.

Los Angeles police caught up to the vehicle and arrested the men, identified as Mostadafa Gamaleldin Hafez, Hassan Mustapha Kreidieh, Mohammed Said Elkhatib and Fadi Ali Obeidallah.  They were booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.  They were released after posting $30,000 bail on Monday. The Federal Protective Service agent was placed on administrative leave.  (Combined sources: L.A. Times, KNBC-TV, Jewish Journal). 

In the moments before the flag was grabbed, the men in the truck had been shouting taunts at the demonstrators and at Friedman and her car’s occupants, she told The Times.

The men were “taunting and threatening the ralliers [sic],” and thrusting wooden sticks in the direction of the protesters standing on the sidewalk next to the federal building, she said. “They were looking for a fight,” she said. Video and media photographs from the protest support her claim that the men were engaged in a verbal altercation with the protesters, who can be heard on one YouTube video yelling insults back at the men as they drove off. 
(L.A. Times  Joseph Serna, Matt Stevens).
The pro-Israel rally was organized by the Israel American Council and StandWithUs. Attendance was estimated at between 1200 and 1800 people. 

Several attendees shared their motivation to be there.  In this JooTube.TV video playlist, you can watch statements from Evan Sayet, on the leftist mainstream-media bias which incites anti-Israelism.

Ethan Samuels, an American Jew who was wounded by a Palestinian suicide-bomber at Tel Aviv's Dolphinarium Disco. 

Sarah was hit in the face with a rock thrown by a Palestinian. 

Shariff Hazan, converting from Sufi-Islam- is trying to alert Jews and Christians to the perils of Islam- which plagues and enslaves Africans to this day.

Avichai ben Shmuel shares info on another shooting in connection with the rally. 

Eric Golub, pundit and author, perceives the Jihad welcome on American streets.

Rabbi Moshe Parry tells the history of the Palestina which the pro-Palestine protesters are claiming to be there own.

I.D.F. battlefield ethics- what they go through- but does it matter? Col. Bentzi Gruber

Islamists in Gaza have rocketed Israeli civilians (a war crime) for every month over the past 10-years- a total of more than 8,000 projectiles. 

Now, hoping to elicit abscondable humanitarian aid, Hamas provokes a war in which they sacrifice civilian human shields (another war crime) to discredit Israel in the world's eye and portray themselves as victim. The IDF spokesperson's office relased this video of Hamas' spokesperson encouraging their people to serve as human shields.  

Col. Benzi Gruber: IDF works to limit the collateral damage Hamas seeks

How ethical does the Israel Defense Forces need to be in eradicating these rocket launchers and Hamas' will to continue their struggle to destroy the Jewish state? I.D.F. Tanks commander, Colonel Benzi Gruber lectured for an American group weeks ago on what the I.D.F. has to sacrifice in order to maintain its ethical standards.  

Col. Gruber speaks with JooTube regarding "Ethics in the Battlefield." 

Ceremony for victims of Independence Day jihad attack at L.A.X. explores motive, negligence, and cover-up

Israeli Consul General David Siegel makes first appearance from Consulate; leads remarks by eyewitness and luminary clergy ex-Muslim Pastor Ramin Parsa and Rabbi Zvi Block
Pastor Ramin Parsa, Rabbi Zvi Block, Udi Hen, Klaus Hackel, Rachel Hen, Avi Hen, Israeli Consul General David Siegel, Israeli kidnap victim's aunt Leehy Sha'er, JewTube's Scott Jacobs, Elan Carr
On Independence Day, the survivors of Vicky Hen held the 12th Independence Day Memorial for victims of the 1st jihadist attack in California- upon the El Al ticket counter of Los Angeles Airport's international terminal - on the 4th of July 2002- 9-months after Sept. 11, 2001. 

The ceremony by Vicky's survivors, father Avi, mother Rachel, and brother Udi, were comforted by around 3-dozen attendees and speakers.  For the first time, a Consul General of the Israeli Consulate to the Southwestern U.S. attended. 

Video: Israeli Consul General David Siegel connected the jihad of Egyptian Hesham Hadayet seeking paradise by killing Vicky Hen and passenger's friend Jacob Aminov of North Hollywood - with the jihad warfare being conducted by Palestinians through rocketing, kidnapping, and killing Israeli civilians.  He acknowledged the supportive presence of Leehy Sha'er, whos nephew, Gil-Ad Sha'er was among the trio of yeshiva students abducted, shot, and burned by Palestinian followers of Hamas.   


Klaus Ben-Ami Hackel- El Al's L.A.X. station chief during the era of the attack recounted, and Avi Hen, the father of Vicky Hen, recounted the events of the day to JooTube:    
Klaus Ben-Ami Hackel eulogizes his charge, Vicky Hen, as a great help to her staff and the El Al operation:  

Elan Carr, an L.A. Deputy City Attorney prosecutor and candidate for US Congress, calls to recognize global Islamism as democracy's enemy.  Hebrew and Arabic-speaking Elan Carr served in the US Army as a military lawyer in Iraq and serves on reserve duty annually. He prays for strength and determination in our government policies to defeat the Islamist enemy of liberty.

Rabbi Zvi Block of Toras Hashem in L.A. lays out the condition of the modern world's relationship with the Jewish people- primary contributors to Western civilization and culture.

Pastor Ramin Parsa, of the Good Shepherd Church in Encino, Calif. was born and raised a Shi'ite Muslim in Iran. He quoted for the audience Quranic passages used to command Muslims to enmity and violence against Jews and Christians- which have motivated Islamic anti-Semitism for 1,400 years - centuries before the re-establishment of Jewish sovereignty in Israel.  

In May, 2008 - KNBC-TV News' Paul Moyer recounted the events of the shooting and the confession of a whistleblower policeman, Bob Lopez, that despite the FBI recommending special protection for the El Al counter (and his reporting having spotted "suspicious people" casing the El Al counter, not only were no provisions made, there was no police protection in the area that  morning- enabling the jihadist easy accesa to shoot. Vicky and Aminov died waiting 7 minutes for airport police to arrive, and over 20 minutes for an ambulance.  

Family patriarch, Avi Hen, (who, speaking in Hebrew, complains that the Airport security authorities and FBI left the terminal unprotected from Hesham Hadayat, a known Islamist acolyte of Omar Abdel-Rahman, the spiritual leader of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing);

Rabbi Zvi Block: For Judaism's contributions to civilization, the west has a responsibility to respect and protect the Jewish people

At the 12th Annual Memorial for the victims of the 4th of July jihadist attack at Los Angeles International Airport held by the family of the slain 25-year old Israeli-American El Al attendant, Vicky Hen, Rabbi Zvi Block reminds the west of its reciprocal responsibility to guarantee the continued contributions of Jewish people.

Watch exclusive video coverage of Rabbi Zvi Block's inspiring speech - which you won't find reported anywhere but JooTube.TV.

Candle-light vigils by L.A. Zionist youth, mourn with aunt of Israeli student shot by Palestinians

Zionistic youth utilized social-networks to organize prayer vigil on
L.A. street for souls of abducted yeshiva teens 
In the Pico-Robertson area of Los Angeles, Jewish teens gathered in solidarity to pray for the souls of their bretheren teens, Eyal Yifrach, 19, and Gil-Ad Shaer and Naftali Frenkel, both aged 16. Leehy, the aunt of Gil-Ad recently relocated to Los Angeles and has become the reluctant recipient of well-wishes and inspiration from Israeli and Jewish Americans. JooTube shows some of the candle-lit prayers of the gathered supporters, some of whom were locked-out of an overflow community prayer service at Beth Jacob Congregation- at which Israeli Consul General David Siegel and Leehy Sha'er appeared. 

KNBC-TV News's Robert Kovacik reported the story on their 11 o'clock report.

Avichai ben Shmuel led Monday June 30th and Mati Cohen led Tuesday July 1st gatherings. In addition to Leehy Sha'er, neighborhood residents, Chaim Potremoly, Moti Gur, Lily Steiner, and Steve Lackner voice their opinions on keeping Jews safe from Muslim militancy.

The Israeli kidnapped yeshiva boys were found dead of bullet wounds Monday, June 30, in the Palestinian village of Kachil near Halhoul north of Hebron on the West Bank. They appeared to have been thrown into a field by their abductors after a hasty effort to conceal them. 

Their parents were informed earlier of the discovery. The families have gone into deep mourning. The all-out search has switched urgently from Operation Brother’s Keeper to discover the boys to the hunt for their kidnappers. 

The Israeli cabinet was summoned to an emergency session Monday night to determine how to respond to the tragic deaths. The suspected abductors are two Hamas activists, missing from their homes at the same time as the boys’ disappearance. Thursday, June 26, the Shin bet security service named them as Marwan Qwasmeh and Amer Abu Aisha from Hebron. (DebkaFile).

On Friday, July 4th at Los Angeles Int'l Airport, a ceremony will be held to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the El Al flight check-in attack- the 1st jihadist attack in California. The ceremony will be held beneath the central structure opposite Terminal 6 from 10:45 until 11:30am.