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Michael Medved looks back- switching from Salem radio to podcasting - addressing orthodox audience

Clips from author and radio host, Michael Medved's recent conversation with David Suissa, Jewish Journal of Los Angeles' publisher- at Beth Jacob Congregation in Beverly Hills. In his final days being carried by Salem Radio, partially for opposing Donald Trump's candidacy for the GOP nomination, how does he now regard the president? 

Does he consider anti-Semitism triggered by Pres. Trump? Is it a bigger problem from the Right or Left? 

Michael Medved on liberals' bigotry towards Republican Jews Patriotic Jewish-American author and radio host, Michael Medved addresses the Jewish infighting over support for Pres. Trump.

Michael Medved: Jewish-themed movies I enjoyed in 2018 (and didn't) with L.A. Jewish Journal editor discusses Jewish-themed motion pictures they liked or didn't. Mr. Medved explains what he didn't like about Steven Spielberg's "Munich." And why Zionistic movies aren't common from Israeli filmmakers. Medved will be replaced on Salem by a radio show from Sebastian Gorka.

Starting on New Year’s Day, you’ll notice that The Michael Medved Show will abruptly disappear from most local radio stations. This raises two obvious questions: 

1) Is the show still broadcasting? 

2) How can I find it if it’s not on my local station? Here are direct answers to those two questions:

1) Yes, The Michael Medved Show will continue to be broadcast live every day at the regular time on a few stations around the country. We’ll be providing the same features, the same “daily dose of debate” as always, with the smartest, most independent, most freewheeling and unpredictable talk show on the radio. 

2) But for most people across the United States, the only way to hear the show going forward will be through our “MedHead” subscription service, giving you commercial-free, live or on-demand access to every hour of broadcasting, plus additional podcasts providing background, extras and personal interaction. 

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What were JooTube.TV's most watched stories & videos of 2018?

Opening night of the Israel Film Festival in Beverly Hills
Jon Voight trusts Pres.Trump to help Israel de-fang
Islamist global imperialists, Iran,Turkey, Saudi 
Arabia and the Gulf Arab Emirates

Conventional wisdom is no longer reliable, particularly in this era of slanted media-reportage on anything regarding Israel (colonialists), the "Palestinian people" (indigenous victims), Pres. Trump Administration (negative) or multi-culturalism (positive). Reportage of Democrat-supported, Palestinian nationalism is positive, but Jewish nationalism (residing in Judea/Samaria) is negative. Public support for Zionism or Pres. Trump's pro-Israelism (or criticism of Islamist imperialism) is scorned in education/academia, human-rights marches, high-tech (Google), social-media (Twitter, Facebook), Hollywood and the creative arts, environmentalism, and the public sector. Which is why the need for independent, Zionistic-American  video-media outlets, like JewTube/JooTube remains.
Gene ("KISS") Simmons at Friends of the IDF told Joo-
Tube, ignore the anti-Semites, carry-on your business

Since Israel's unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, we have presented an alternative perspective to the mainstream press and liberal-establishment, Jewish media.
During the past year, original news video produced by JewTube /JooTube channels has been viewed nearly 1-million times. This year, we expanded onto O.T.T. (over the top) television. JooTube can now be viewed on your television (through the Lightcast App in The Israel Channel) via Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and Roku. 
Michael Masters heads the Jewish Federation's SCN
Secure Community Network responsible for 
securing regional synagogues like Pittsburgh's
Temple Etz Chaim/Tree of Life, prone to
anti-Semitic attack from the right or left

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Our interview with the infiltrators of the Students for Justice in Palestine national convention at UCLA in November became part of the viral video which has attracted 146,000 views, as of this final week in December.

A glimpse through the only 2 peer-able windows between Mosque
and Synagogue atop Hebron's contentious Tomb of the Patriarchs 
Interview with city of Jewish Hebron spokesman
 Yishai Fleisher in Judean, sister city of Kiryat Arba

Over the past 12-months, we traveled, gathered and disseminated news from as far as Judea, Israel, WashingtonDC, New York City, South Florida, Las Vegas, Nashville, and throughout Southern California. 

We produce this informational news initiative (which articles are increasingly reshared on others' social media channels- even localized into Hebrew and French language) essentially at a debt. It is a full-time effort for which we have deferred salaries. We rely on viewer contributions - in cash and in-kind (especially for costs of traveling) and are grateful to those who extend hospitality. But audio/video, computer equipment and automobile parts require repairing, replenishing, and replacing. 

Israeli former Prime Minister Ehud Barak at
Wilshire Blvd. Temple in May
Reporting from the Judean,Gush Etzion Junction Mall where
Zionist activist, Ari Fuld, was stabbed to death in Sept  
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Our 5 most-viewed original news stories produced in 2018: 

LAX "Independence Day from Jihad on Jews" Memorial spotlights need to overcome political-correctness on Islamic anti-Semitism

Docu on how black & Jewish entertainer, Sammy Davis Jr. navigated the turbulent '60's gets a little help from his friends - at L.A. Jewish Film Festival

This 77th anniversary of Iraq' "Farhud" pogrom - when the Holocaust migrated to the Middle East

Las Vegas Jewish community organizes memorial for the fallen heroes and martyrs of Zion

Watch Dr. Mordechai Kedar: 'How Israel's 70-year success must be a miracle'

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Our 5 most-viewed videos produced in (or released) in 2018:

Rabbi confronts Christian proselytizing at Israeli Independence Fair in L.A. 

"Why Israel at 70 must be a miracle"- Dr. Mordechai Kedar on Israel's 70th Independence Day

Jewish doctor responds to extremist preacher at Israeli Fair who alleges Jews are cursed for deicide

Meet the British rock'n'rolla who confronted Jewish leftists praying for terrorists the I.D.F. had to shoot

Hal Linden ("Barney Miller") on Jewish-American contributions to popular culture

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IDF Lt. Mazal Zemru toughens Kfir Batallion men
in the Jordan Valley, promoting F.I.D.F. 
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Actor, Hal Linden ("Barney Miller"), discusses Jewish-Americans' contributions to American culture - at L.A. Jewish Film Festival opening screening of documentary on Sammy Davis Jr's life. Mr. Linden appeared with George Schlatter, producer of NBC's "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" 

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Muslim "Miss Iraq" stands with Jews whose Muslim societies expelled 900k of them after losing invasion of Israel

Miss Iraq 2017, Sarah Idan, lights menorah after addressing
ceremony at Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel in L.A.
Despite Muslim-led countries forcing out more than 800,000 of their own Jewish citizens, they continue to refuse to assimilate 3-generations of 1948-Muslims who fled Israel during the Arab invasion of Israel.

Los Angeles' Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel on December 4th commemorated the new, Israeli holiday commemorating Jewish refugees from Arab and Persian Lands. 
Rabbi Tal Sessler, Nathaniel Malka, Sarah Idan,
Larry Clumeck, Karin Pery, Amir Kashfi, (Bruins for Israel)

The program was organized by the Israeli Consulate to the Southwest US with partners JIMENA: Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa, 30 Years After, and the Iranian American Jewish Federation.

Israel and the Jewish world remember the fate of more than 850,000 Jews who were forced out of Arab countries and Iran in the 20th century. The Day to Mark the Departure and Expulsion of Jews from the Arab Countries and Iran was established four years ago by the Israeli Knesset, designating Nov. 30 as a day to remember the tragedy of Jewish people who were forced out of the countries where they had lived for millennia - because of their Jewish identity. Many Jews suffered from violence and persecution, and pogroms began in 1941 with the Iraqi "Farhud" in concert with German Nazis. 

The date was chosen because it is the day after the United Nations adopted a plan to partition Palestine in 1947. Nov. 29 is also the UN-designated International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. 
Miss Iraq 2017 competes in the the Miss Universe pageant
Thousands of miles from Thailand, where the new Miss Universe was being crowned last week, the former Miss Iraq is light years from last year’s pageant, when a selfie controversy erupted over a charged selfie with Miss Israel. “Peace and Love from Miss Iraq and Miss Israel” was the Instagram entry seen around the world, nearly sparking an international incident.  
Despite ongoing death threats — including from Hamas — Idan says she’s still tight with Miss Israel, who she FaceTimes and texts regularly. In recent weeks, Idan begged Miss Israel to seek safety as mortars were raining on Israeli civilians. It’s all part of the work she does for her LA-based organization, Humanity Forward. She even visited Israel in the spring to speak about the importance of dialogue and better relations, and the LA Consulate of Israel hosted her recently to speak on the history of Jews in Iraq.
Here is Ms. Idan's speech, empathizing with Jewish refugees of Nazi-aided Iraq. Also on this video-playlist of speeches from the event, (click menu icon on the upper-right of the video screen) please watch: Larry Clumeck, Jewish-Egyptian survivor of The Six-Day War discussing Nazis advising Egyptian imprisoners of Jewish civilians, such as his father; Karin Pery (Israeli Consul to SW USA for Public Diplomacy); and JIMENA West Coast chief, Nathaniel Malka. 

Current research estimates that the number of Jews living in Arab countries and Iran totaled more than 850,000 at the time of Israel’s independence. Some scholars even think the number is closer to one million. In the North African region, 259,000 Jews fled from Morocco, 140,000 from Algeria, 100,000 from Tunisia, 75,000 from Egypt, and another 38,000 from Libya. In the Middle East, 135,000 Jews were exiled from Iraq, 55,000 from Yemen, 34,000 from Turkey, 20,000 from Lebanon and 18,000 from Syria. Iran forced out more than 25,000 Jews.

Larry Clumeck, Jewish-Egyptian survivor of The Six-Day War discussing Nazis advising Egyptian imprisoners of Jewish civilians, such as his father.

S.J.P. anti-Zionist meeting-crashers stunned by retaliation by Students Supporting Israel and Reservists on Duty at UCLA

Watch Part 1 here

In May 2018, Students Supporting Israel at UCLA put on a club lecture featuring Jewish, Kurdish and Armenian people presenting their connection to their lands. Watch how Students for Justice in Palestine menaced and threatens the presenters and attendees, vandalized their personal property, and maliciously took-over the event.

To avenge SJP's busting-up SSI's "Indigenous Peoples United" Event at UCLA in May, leaders of Students Supporting Israel infiltrated the highly-guarded Students for Justice in Palestine conference - to unfurl an Israeli flag on-stage.

Rudy Rochman, founder of Coumbia Univ's "Students Supporting Israel" counters "Students for Justice in Palestine" convention at UCLA the obvious history that Jews living in Judea can't be considered occupying as they are the INDIGENOUS people of Judea.

(By JooTube with video from by Andrew Leibman, Students Supporting Israel)

Watch Part 2 of interview exclusive with Rudy Rochman, which his group garnered more than 100,000 views with on Facebook.

We interview the other avenger, Ilan Sinelnikov, National President of Students Supporting Israel

IDF "Reservists on Duty" Yair Eliash stands outside anti-Israel SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) National Convention seeking dialogue, public or private, to address the differences between what each side sees first-hand.

North Americans are now fighting in common cause with European Jewry against Leftist anti-Semitism cloaked in anti-Israelism, particularly noticeable on-campuses.

See presentations from first Limmud Israel:Tel Aviv at Night conference, "The Shared Destiny of the Jewish People"

Israeli decision makers and thought leaders came together on October 22, 2018 for the launch of Limmud Israel in partnership with the Jewish Federations of North America’s "General Assembly."

Staff for Limmud Israel poses with Eli Ovits, CEO, at Tel Aviv event
The first ever Limmud Israel event was held at Tel Aviv's Brodt Center for Jewish Culture. An array of Israeli thought leaders and decision makers in politics, media, finance, high tech, and culture offered their visions on the shared destiny of the Jewish people.

"This launch of Limmud Israel is a momentous event for the Jewish people, convening participants from across the country together with communal leaders from across North America,” said Limmud Israel event chair and president of the Am Yisrael Foundation, Jay Shultz.

Each talk revolved around the broad concept of "The Shared Destiny of the Jewish People" and include a Q&A session with the audience. Most of the audience members were Anglo-Israeli citizens, at a greater proportion of dati'im than attending the General Assembly.

JooTube.TV chronicled a session in each of the evening's 3 time-slots.

Limmud CEO Eli Ovitz introduces Tel Aviv Councilmember Lior Shapira to present a welcome from Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai's office. (0:23) 

Part 1: Tel Aviv Councilmember  Lior Shapira presents remarks from the municipality. Allison Kaplan Sommer introduces Panel: "Torah & Technology - Towards Wealth and Wellbeing" - Michael Eisenberg (Alef VC) and Jon Medved (OurCrowd).Part (0)(13:32) 

Panel : "Torah & Technology - Towards Wealth and Wellbeing" - Michael Eisenberg (Alef VC) and Jon Medved (OurCrowd); moderated by Allison Kaplan Sommer.

Israeli V.C. Michael Eisenberg's D'var Torah emphasizes ethics over avarice at Limmud Israel (16:24) 

Financier, Jonathan Medved, explains how he sees foreign companies' visiting and investments in Israel validate biblical prophecy (25:41) 

Second panel: “Israel At 70 - Looking Forward” Jewish Agency longtime, recently-retired  leader, Natan Sharansky, interviewed by Times of Israel's David Horovitz on issues of Zionism and Aliyah. (48:32) 

Third panel: "Investing In Shared Destiny- Economics & The Israel-Diaspora Relationship" Michael Freedman (Asquith Israel), Joanna Landau (Vibe Israel), Oren Charnoff (Hanaco Ventures) & Prof. Avi Weiss (Taub Center). (48:58) 

"Investing In Shared Destiny - Economics and The Israel-Diaspora Relationship"  with Prof. Avi Weiss (Taub Center), Joanna Landau (Vibe Israel), Oren Charnoff (Hanaco Ventures) -moderated by Michael Freedman (Asquith Israel). Economics & The Israel-Diaspora Relationship."  (2:19)

“Heartfelt thanks to our partners,” said Limmud chief executive Eli Ovits. “We call on visionary organizations and individuals to join us in order to enable Limmud to reach a new level of impact across Israel.”
Socio-economist Dr. Avi Weiss (The Taub Center)

Limmud Israel — Tel Aviv After Dark was produced in partnership with the Am Yisrael Foundation, Times of Israel, Jewish Federations of North America, Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Brodt Center for Jewish Culture, Tel Aviv International Salon, White City Shabbat, Hillel Israel, Aleph VC, OurCrowd, Golan Heights Winery, Limmud, Limmud Jerusalem and Limmud FSU.

Limmud is a cross-communal, multi-generational, grassroots, volunteer-led international network of communities celebrating Jewish learning and culture.  Founded in the UK in 1980, today there are 90 Limmud communities in 42 countries. The Limmud communities in Israel include Limmud Arava, Limmud Galil, Limmud Golan, Limmud FSU Israel, Limmud Haifa, Limmud Jerusalem, Limmud Modi’in, and Limmud Yeroham.   (Some text adapted from Times of Israel with thanks).   

In L.A.'s Boyle Heights, Latino theater group pays homage to L.A.'s Jews of old

Contemporary, gentrification debates unlock the early history, stories and memories of Boyle Heights revealing the mythical and human dimensions of L.A.’s own Lower East Side during the premiere run of an audience participatory, immersive and theatrical celebration, created and devised by Josefina López, Corky Dominguez and the Remembering Boyle Heights ensemble. 

Josefina López, producer and co-writer of the Remembering Boyle Heights said, “The show is a theatrical celebration inspired by the diverse stories, memories and experiences of Boyle Heights, an Ellis Island of the West, from the beginning of the century to right after World War II. 

The show explores this time-period during which Mexican, Jewish, Japanese, Armenian, Italian, Russian and African-American communities co-existed in Boyle Heights.” 

From the turn of the 20th century until World War II, Boyle Heights served as the hub of Southern California's Jewish community. Kosher delis, bakeries and other Jewish businesses dominated Brooklyn Avenue -- now Cesar Chavez Avenue. In the 1950s, the Eastside neighborhood's Jewish population began to decline, with many leaving for West Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. ("Event unearths the deep Jewish roots of Boyle Heights" - by Hector Becerra Los Angeles Times May 2018). 
Under the direction Corky Dominguez (of Boyle Heights), who is also a co-writer of the show, the Ensemble Cast will include: Michael Berckart (of Los Angeles), Joe Luis Cedillo (of El Monte), José Alejandro Hernandez Jr. (of South Central), Yvette Karla Herrera (of Montebello), Ángel Michel Juárez (of Montebello), Megumi Kabe (of Sylmar), Marcel Licera (of Koreatown), Jackie Marriott (of Inglewood), Roberta H. Martínez (of Pasadena), Allyson Taylor (of Valley Glen) and Raymond Watanga (of Glendale).

Video transcript: 
Urban anthropologist, Shmuel Gonzales: "Boyle Heights for many people has been kind of equated to the Lower East Side of New York. A lot of people who had come from New York or the Midwest or Canada who already had established themselves a little bit came to establish their families here. I think that's what's really just remarkable is how many families that came through Boyle Heights. Seventy-five thousand Jewish families came through Boyle Heights in the first half of the 20th century. One-third of the Jewish community of Los Angeles was located here in Boyle Heights, making it the largest and most important Jewish community west of Chicago.
Breed Street Shul (photo: Henry Briceno) 
"Congregation Talmud Torah, more commonly known as the Breed Street Shul, was a keystone in the Jewish community in Boyle Heights and nearby City Terrace from the 1920s through the 1950s. Architecturally, it was among the most monumental of the few dozen synagogues that were built in the area at the time, leading locals to nickname it "The Queen of the Shuls." Los Angeles Conservancy
Allyson Taylor, actress, in role of real-estate developer: "I want to modernize this neighborhood."

As herself:  "Well (the show) talks about the fact that in Boyle Heights - all people live together. During the 1930's and '40s, during the restrictive era of housing, not only were Hispanics, blacks, and Chinese restricted from buying homes in Los Angeles, Jews were as well."

(Scene of early 20th century Jewish family, portrayed by Allyson Taylor and Micael Berckart, of son, portrayed by Jose Hernandez, Jr.) disavowing speaking Yiddish).

Jose Hernandez, Jr. actor: "The dynamics of the family with the father, the son, I  have found it very natural and very similar to my experience with my father - it's the same argument."

(Scene of 20th century Latino family of daughter (portrayed by Yvette Karla Herrera) chiding parents for not speaking English).

(Scene of daughter (portrayed by Angel Juarez, telling Japanese mother (Megumi Kabe) about boyfriend she brought home (portrayed by Raymond Watanga). Angel Juarez: "I love him! I know that he's Colored."

Angel Juarez: "I didn't realize that there was a Jewish community (ever in my Boyle Heights). I used... there is a store and it has the Jewish Star, the Star of David and I always wondered why -  why was it just there -  out of nowhere? And when I came here I realized that this used to be a Jewish community!  So it just opened my mind to a whole, a new world of Boyle Heights"

Marcel Licera, actor: "Faith and religion took place in Boyle Heights. Whether it took place in a church, in a temple or synagogue, or just in the home."

Corky Dominguez:  "My experience attending a Seder, I lived with the Jewish family for several years. I brought my mom to it to the one of the Seder dinners. And it was really interesting to me and I knew that I wanted to have something like that story of a Seder and the guests being non-Jewish and to see what that was all about.  Because I remembered that experience."

Raymond Watanga: "Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church spiritual gatherings with African-Americans for many weeks while Mama and I went to our first Passover Seder that my friend Josh Bernstein invited. It was dinner at the Bernstein's - a Jewish dinner!"

Allyson Taylor: "This is my favorite holiday it's about celebrating our collective freedom." (Recites bracha for Yom Tov.)

(Photo: UCLA's Mapping Jewish L.A.)
Allyson Taylor: "So what we're doing is celebrating the fact that with all the issues of gentrification and the encroachment of the hipsters, and the developers coming into this area, that there was a time when we all lived together and we're hoping that we can bring that kind of feeling back. And not have the kind of tensions that are or have arisen from saying this belongs to me, this belongs to me, it belongs to all of us!"

Micael Berckhart: "Everybody went to Canters. Lined with pickle barrels, kosher butchers, bakeries, and delicatessen. The aromas were of corn beef and smoked fish, the smells, the tastes, the sounds of accents of Eastern European accents in Yiddish, the whole feeling was a visceral experience."

Corky Dominguez: "We end the show with Hava Nagila at our curtain call. And that just gets the crowd going!  Right now the show is scheduled to go until Sunday, December 16th."

Zionistic campus groups S.S.I. and Reservists on Duty oppose Students for Justice in Palestine nat'l conference at UCLA

Far-Left SJP hijacks UCLA's Students Supporting Israel (SSI) talk on indigenous cultures May 17, 2018
(Note flame-lettered, Socialist Revolutionary  T-shirts on chanters)
Students for Justice in Palestine demonstrate at
Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland in 2016
(photo: University Times)
The Islamo-Leftist political movement won a victory in overcoming Los Angeles civic and Jewish objections to University of California at Los Angeles ("UCLA") hosting Students for Justice in Palestine's the National Conference.

L.A. City Councilman Paul Koretz and the L.A. City Council appealed to UCLA Chancellor Gene Block to decline hosting the NSJP Conference. Block claimed in a press release he was legally obliged to. However, UCLA denied conservative author, Milo Yianopolous a venue on the same campus. Councilman Koretz explains his perspective in this video interview.

In May 2018, Students Supporting Israel at UCLA put on a club lecture featuring Jewish, Kurdish and Armenian people presenting their connection to their lands. Watch how Students for Justice in Palestine menaced and threatens the presenters and attendees, vandalized their personal property, and maliciously took-over the event.

Mr. Ali Adi, an Arab-Israeli citizen flew to UCLA with Reservists on Duty to contest the SJP conference and present his favorable life experience as a Muslim-Israeli to those who will listen. He expresses his view of the SJP movement and their leftist JVP colleagues exploiting Palestinians for political gain. 

An attempt to chronicle the SJP conference check-in was rebuffed by JVP's Estee Chandler and a representative from SJP. A request for a spokesperson to discuss the conference was declined.

Jewish Voice for Peace marches against Israeli policy Photo: Legal Insurrection 
Jewish parents protest Muslim SJP-club's bigotry and hostility towards Jewish students on UCLA campus - at SJP's Nat'l Convention hosted at UCLA, 11/18/18. Protesters assert that campus police reverse-discriminating leaves Jewish students vulnerable to potential Muslim/Palestinian-supporters' hostility.

Christian-Israeli, Jonathan Elkhoury, explains his experience of Israel as free and just - in contradiction to the national convention of (Muslim) "Students for Justice in Palestine" who advocate overthrow of the Judeo-Christian oasis in the Middle East - at Univ of California at Los Angeles, Friday Nov 16, 2018.

Miri Shepher, Board of Directors of the Israeli-American Council said that Israelis like her came down to party with SSI and show support for Jewish presence on campus.

Rudy Rochman, founder of Coumbia Univ's "Students Supporting Israel" counters "Students for Justice in Palestine" convention at UCLA the obvious history that Jews living in Judea can't be considered occupying as they are the INDIGENOUS people of Judea.

(By JooTube with video from by Andrew Leibman, Students Supporting Israel)

Part 2 of interview exclusive with Rudy Rochman.

To avenge SJP's busting-up SSI's "Indigenous Peoples United" Event at UCLA in May, leaders of Students Supporting Israel infiltrated the highly-guarded Students for Justice in Palestine conference - to unfurl an Israeli flag on-stage. We interviewed the other avenger, Ilan Sinelnikov, National President of Students Supporting Israel.

Mr. Ali Adi, a Muslim-Israeli disputes the intentions and claims of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) outside the opening of their 2018 National Convention at University of Southern California (U.C.L.A.) Nov. 16, 2018.

Arab-Muslim, Ali Adi, came to UCLA to present an impression about Israel's free society for Muslims (and other minorities) in contrast to the Far-Left/Islamist activist convention of S.J.P. being held on the UCLA campus. Mr. Ali Adi was the guest of the Univ of Calif club, Students Supporting Israel, who have been menaced in the past year by the anti-Israel activist, Students for "Justice" in Palestine on California campuses.

Islamo-Leftist activists have garnered power by scapegoating "colonial Zionists" for impeding Palestinian sovereignty. The global exposure of Palestinian "sufferage" at Israel's hand (typically provoked (or faked) by kleptocrat, Palestinian politicians) vilifies Jews all around the world. 

Anti-Israelism is so strong in liberal Ireland, for example, that their capital city which once elected a Jewish man Mayor of Dublin, that  much of Ireland's Jewish population preceded France's Jews in emigrating from Europe. North Americans are now fighting in common cause with European Jewry against Leftist anti-Semitism cloaked in anti-Israelism, particularly noticeable on-campuses.

'How Kahane's assassination relates to Pittsburgh's shul massacre Nov. 1990' - terror eyewitness

11 Jewish congregants were killed at Pittsburgh's Etz Chaim Synagogue
On Rav Meir Kahane's 28th yahrzeit, in the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre, former Jewish Defense Leaguers Fern Sidman and Shannon Taylor assess the state of anti-Semitism from the far-right and the far-left. Was Pittsburgh massacrist Robert Bowers inspired by Pres. Donald Trump? Is Pres. Trump anti-Semitic? A friend or foe of Zionists?

Rabbi Meir Kahane's Jewish Defense League rallied for police
protections, deploying civic patrols and retaliatory deterrents
The Pittsburgh Etz Chaim synagogue massacre occurred near this week of Rav Meir Kahane and Yitzchak Rabin assassinations, and Kristalnacht. On the 28th anniversary of the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane, acolyte Mr. Shannon Taylor recalled in video the context of the event and its aftermath. He assesses the Kahane and Jewish Defense League legacy in Jewish leadership today.
Recorded November, 2018 in Manhattan.

Question: This is the 28th commemoration of the night of the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane. What was the event like to your recollection?

Mr. Shannon Taylor, eyewitness
to Islamist assassination of
JDL leader Rabbi Meir Kahane

Taylor: I've been, as I said, on every unhappy event that ever would take place. I was also at Avery Fisher Hall when Arafat came in with his two guns - and Bruce Teitelbaum and Suri Kasira and Mayor Guiliani's head staff, Mastro, the new chief of staff told me he was there with his guns. I was the first to challenge him and I was going to take the picture of a lifetime like I took the picture for evidence of the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane on November 5th 1990 at 9:00 p.m. at the Marriott Hotel not too far from here on the eastside. But I was so mad at Arafat I couldn't concentrate on the picture and I took his ponytails. And the result was that I'm still looking for jobs because I could have retired on that picture. 

But every Jew in that place hugged him. They hugged Arafat, the same ones who condemned Kahane and wouldn't have him in B'nai Zion-invited Arafat in the B'nai Zion when he was on that tour. He was uninvited to Avery Fisher Hall and after I challenged him, Rudy Guiliani (to his credit and he got credit from all over the world for this because I put the story in the Post enough the New York Times) Rudy Giuliani summarily threw him out he left with a whimper.

Florence Schwartz (left) and Izzy Katz (right) comforts Rabbi Meir Kahane, whom Islamist, El Sayyid Nosair shot
through the neck at the east-side Marriott in Manhattan in the first Islamist terror attack on US soil. Police had no translators for his Arabic documents containing plans to blow-up the WTC. (Photo: Shannon Taylor) 
And on Kahane's assassination, I want you to know the police station was no more than five minutes away- but it took 20 minutes for them to get there. And the detectives have since been dishonorably  investigated. And they commingled all the evidence the Homeland Security took away every evidence that was relevant. I went to Jeff Sessions who was the head of the FBI who believed me it was a conspiracy. As did the A.D.A. Greenbaum from Morgenthau's office. And Sessions was fired by Clinton because he didn't want to have anything to do with fighting terrorists. And then New York was supposed to be a terrorist-ridden city , so they didn't publicize anything the stories died away and Nosair was acquitted the first time!

Question: What was the scene like?

Well, picture that synagogue today in Pittsburgh. Picture a guy in a civilian crowd well nobody has a gun (except my friend Ralph Elder who had just left). And in comes a gunman and shoots him right square in the face where I was standing. And I was taken away from security so this could be done. So you wonder about the security, you wonder about the enforcement. But Kahane was so strong and so healthy at 58 - 10-years younger than Meir when Meir died that his heart beat for another hour.

But the same Jewish doctors who couldn't save him - saved his assassinator, Nosair.
El Sayyid Nosair mugshot 1993
And Nosair said it was a Jew killed him, it was a Jew! And counselor a Jew came to defend him when Ron Kuby who was not a Jew but pretended to be a Jew and a member of the JDL. It was the farce of farces - on one side were all of Al Qaeda . Everybody involved in the bombing in 9/11 was there protesting in favor of the assassination of Kahane. And everybody who was a righteous Jew was on the other side protesting them!

And when the sentence came down that acquitted the murderer of the murder that everybody knew he did, even Schlessinger, my mother-in-law's opera mate, who I had a sit next to the judge who never got certiorari after that to stay on longer, he said the verdict make no sense and  because of the evidence I had of the gun that I saw Nosair had (I took a picture of he spent another year and a half in jail) and so they had the evidence when in '93 the World Trade Center blew up the first time to keep him there after that event and then read in Arabic what they should have read in the beginning. It' still didn't help them for 9/11.  No matter how many times I warn the mayor and his staff and them and the FBI and so on they were all blind deaf and dumb as they are today - except for Trump.

Trump is the only person who was seeing and hearing and knows. And because all the villains of the world know he knows - they condemn him instead of saying "come and rescue us! Come bring in more terrorists! Don't keep them out!" This is the Jewish organizations' answer. And there's a protest tomorrow for Trump, so we're on the streets, too.

Question: Who's on the streets?

The ones who believe in the Trump administration, that America protects Jews at it did my father who performed the French and American armies and in the resistance and the Israeli independence War. He came here found a marvelous life in this marvelous country and these bastards are not going to ruin it. And the media that protects them is not going to ruin it. And the politicians on the Left are not gonna ruin it. They are losing - they will lose, they will always lose. Am Yisrael Chai! As Carlebach wrote for Meir Kahane's rescue of Soviet Jews.  

Question: Do you believe there was a conspiracy to hide El Sayid Nosair's notes about leading to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing?

No question that there was a conspiracy and the death of Meir and Binyamin Kahane. Binyamin killed on the Millennium and Israel and Meir killed November 5th, 1990. But it was not a conspiracy to conceal the notes the notes were there nobody wanted to read them nobody in law enforcement bothered. I went to every . . .

I went to every law-enforcement agency the Federals confiscated most of it and they didn't have Arabic translators. And Morganthau's office was convinced it was one person on Prozac. Like the one who downed the Egyptian airplane who was out of a job and who was in fact an emissary of the PLO.  

Etz Chaim synagogue massacre memorial
These are not lone soldiers! They are part of conspiracies with deep money and deep training. And the one who went into the (Pittsburgh) temple today was an assassin! He had us he had rifles and handguns and only experts use! And he led his men know and his women know who watch his blog that this is the day and we're too dumb to recognize it or take it seriously! Meir Kahane took it seriously, as did Shlomo Carlebach. They brought Jews to Judaism, they said not one inch from Israel, and they would have protected us today - but we don't have any Jews today to protect us anywhere!

I might add that Dov Hikind was in the forefront of always protecting Jews. And he was there in Crown Heights when the locals went up against us and the Mayor Dinkins and his staff were told by Governor Cuomo to do nothing. So if you're expecting protection from government, or you're expecting protection from your friends, you're not gonna get it.

Speaks with my father's voice who went through everything, that God Almighty should see us through. We have the strength and the intelligence and the ingenuity to overcome all adversity - but we don't have the ability to confront ourselves. We have to, somehow or other , put reason in the minds of people who are normally reasonable. To see who the enemy is -  that this is not an Orwellian world - that there is right and wrong there are no gray areas where events like this take place. The assassination of Kahane or the death of Carlebach, where they should have had a defibrillator on the plane. Now he would have been alive today and now they do. And certainly not a synagogue that should have had guns.

But I want to make one last point- that Cincinnati, that everybody talks about. The Democratic mayor the Democratic white mayor of Cincinnati allowed the Nazis to hold submachine guns in front of the synagogue doors.

Question: No, you mean Charlottesville?

Yes, Charlottesville. I love Cincinnati of course, it has challenged me but I love Jefferson. So they allowed the machine guns in front of the synagogue doors the entire morning and that's the responsibility of the mayor and his police to have removed them. And the Jews had to go out through the back. But our days of going out through the back or depending on law enforcement are over! We are now going to take ourselves very seriously against our own enemy and against the enemy from outside. And I put my faith and trust in this administration with Trump and Governor Cuomo - because they are both very good friends of the Jews and have always been."

Fern Sidman, editor-in-chief of the Jewish Voice of New York weekly newspaper (and former activist with Rabbi Meir Kahane joins the discussion).

Ex-JDL'ers on Kahane's yahrzeit- anti-semitism on the Left and Right, but is Pittsburgh Trump's fault?

Taylor: Obviously no one ever condemned anti-semitism from a White House stronger than Trump. Certainly not FDR- who sent six million Jews to their death- happily! And it's certainly not Truman who begrudgingly allowed Israel a few months to breath. No, this is the finest president for Jews and the most against hate. And this guy (Bowers) has hate-sites of Trump on his web.  He has said over and over again that Trump is a globalist and not a nationalist. He would never have voted for him. And the other guy, with his silly pipe-bombs that don't explode because he doesn't know what he's doing and wasn't meant to-  he was a hanger-on who wasn't the supporter either he just a hanger-on like the guy who followed John Lennon for six months until he shot him. You have to understand that these are maneuvers used against us, against the Jews, against the Trump administration (who is a best friend of Israel ever) to try and derail momentum before the midterms.  That's what this is. These are not isolated acts and they're certainly not done by Trump people. Rather quite the contrary so on this night of Rabbi Kahane's yahrzeit.

Question: What words would you have for Jews who are feeling sympathy, obviously at this time and don't have an outlet for expressing their indignation against this anti-semitism?

Fern Sidman:  Look, Jews can always have an outlet for expressing their indignation. You know Jews are great writers, they can be on radio programs, they can organize within themselves. They can realize that self-defense is not something that's verboten- that's not something that's evil. That Rabbi Kahane implored Jews to learn to use guns to defend themselves. And I think it's very important for American Jews to realize that the alarming escalation of Jew-hatred didn't just happen yesterday or the day before. It's been slowly percolating over the last few decades.
Fern Sidman, Editor-in-Chief,
Jewish Voice of New York

It's high time for Jews to realize that the real enemies, the ones who are fomenting anti-semitism in the world, yes are the sick hate-filled people like Bowers. But the real enemy are the BDS movement that has taken over our college campuses. Every single campus has an Israel Apartheid Week. Mr. Taylor, I'm sure, will elaborate on his recent experiences at Columbia University. BDS to those folks who don't know is Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel. It's a movement that was created to economically, academically, culturally,  politically boycott Israel.

Question: But are you saying that the that the BDS movement is a bigger problem than outright anti-semitism from the far left and far right well I think that the anti-semitism from the far left especially I mean we're talking about the ante for people and the far right has all got it is be the wind beneath their wings is the BDS movement the fact that you see with a person says look I'm anti-israel they'll go on campus oh yeah Jewish I have nothing against you could shoot you I just need Israel don't believe it Israel's the bogeyman in the world it's the Jew of the world when Israel is attacked the Jew is attacked and those two isms anti Israel it it they're inextricably intertwined and nobody can really debate that and yes there are anti-semitic websites and anti but we living at a time where people are not doing enough to stop the expression of hatred against Jews on campuses and who's not doing enough the ADL the liberal Jews to say but what about the freedom of speech freedom of expression we can't silence them because if we silence them there will be silence and so on and so forth no it's high time to speak the truth to challenge the BDS to be out there and to have sympathetic media behind us we already have the president behind us but to talk about the dangers of BBS is really an ethereal thing once you here we occurred a Columbia University courtesy of Mr. Taylor I am sure your image of us will change.

Shannon Taylor: I agree with everything that Fern said and she says it mildly. I might add she's very mild appear to be I have gone to Tufts University I've given panels at Columbia on diversity we have an organization of diversity multiculturalism Tufts University developed from a anti-Zionism course - now colonizing Palestine it's a symbolic of what's happened to all the universities at Columbia it escalated to the point where all free Diane the daughter of the Consul General to New York was assaulted and threatened and feared for her safety and went out publicly and to show you the paucity of our ranks you asked about the Jewish establishment leaders there are none there are no leaders we have no leaders anymore Carl Beck was a leader Kahane was a leader snoozer was a leader there are no leaders today except Netanyahu who has his hands full they even go after his wife for God's sakes at Columbia every member of the Faculty of political science and South Asian departments is a Muslim or hates Israel and Jews and they condemn every Israeli and Jew see and they tell you if you don't even have brown eyes you're not entitled to Israel and and bigger affect their grades and their graduation who would want to go to these schools anyway but did you send the money and the Jews want to go they don't know but I'm telling you that hatred it's from the BDS movement first spoke about and yes that is a far greater danger in America than these isolated right-wing people because I'm sure they're coordinated I'm sure that's a conspiracy I'm sure they're meant for political purposes and to try and dissuade voters but though BDS means hate against Jews in Israel across the world.