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Counter-terror in vogue. But does Israeli TV's "Fouda" help or hurt our image?

Lior Raz, co-creator and star of Israeli TV's "Fouda" action-drama series
With the Paris jihadist attacks in popular consciousness, more attention may be paid to the final Israel Film Festival  screenings of the controversial Israeli TV-show "Fouda," a "24"-like thriller TV series depicting the cat and mouse between Palestinian terrorists and Israeli undercover counter-terror police.

"Fouda" actor/co-producer, Lior Raz answers Israel Film Fest
 audience questions post-screening in Beverly Hills
Candid interview with "Fouda" Israeli TV action producer and star, Lior Raz, on the risk of exposing Israel's secret police to an enemy Arab/Palestinian culture.

Lior Raz, star and co-creator of the Israeli TV series "Fouda" spoke with the audience following his premiere screening at the Israel Film Festival in Beverly Hills.

Several episodes screen together on Tuesday and Wednesday Nov 17-18 at the Israel Film Festival in the San Fernando Valley. Please refer to the Israel Film Festival website for locations and schedules.

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