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Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman addressing Jewish National Fund Convention in L.A. withstands CodePink-LA disruption

Far-left anti-Zionist troublemakers, Code Pink, accomplished nothing but self-aggrandizement by interrupting Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman at the Jewish National Fund Convention at the Beverly Hilton Hotel today, September 15, 2014.

CodePink stands on their chairs to unfurl banners

Far-left anti-Zionist troublemakers from CodePink-L.A. interrupted Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to photograph and brag about.  Jodie Evans and Kristin Delfs held up a banner and Sophia Armen held up fake-bloodied hands to commemorate what they termed "the latest Gaza slaughter that left thousands dead." The audence shouted them down as security escorted them from the premises.

Having anticipated this disruption Mr. Lieberman continued his speech to the effect of 'I wonder what took them so long to get started and get thrown out?'

Jodie Evans, Kristin Delfs, and Sophia Armen boast their ignorance

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman addressed J.N.F. regarding the Jewish identity crisis created by unaffordable Jewish education costs in his full speech, provided by JooTube.TV. 

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Are Jews being tough enough to defeat Islamism against the west & Israel?

A poll conducted by the Fafo Foundation in the Palestinian Authority and Gaza Strip in 2005 found that 65% of respondents supported the September 11 attacks.

In 2001, several TV  networks (including MSNBC) broadcast footage of Palestinians celebrating the deaths of nearly 3,000 Americans killed by Al Qaeda, blaming America, despite America's financial support for the Palestinians and advocating for their desired state on the West Bank and Gaza, despite the threats to Israel. 

Chart shows jihadist attackers identities, where they were from, and how they killed innocent people on September 11:
At the civic 9/11 ceremony in L.A. on September 11, 2011, Rabbi Mark Diamond addressed the gathered, interfaith audience at L.A. City Hall.  Neither the identities nor the cause or goals of the attackers were addressed by any of the speakers at the event. 

Cantor Aviva Rosenbloom of Temple Israel of Hollywood sings Psalm 23 in Hebrew and Rabbi Diamond leads the interfaith gathering in the prayer in English.

We were curious why the ceremony did not address the attackers identities or motives. We asked CAIR-LA Exec Dir Hussam Ayloush what justified the Islamists' attack on innocent New Yorkers.  We explored whom does Islam consider not "innocent" and justifiable to attack (and kill)?  Mr. Ayloush and Rabbi Steven Jacobs, of Woodland Hills (founder of the interfaith-promoting, Progressive Faith Foundation) are asked about how CAIR's support for Hamas' conquest fits into their interfaith relationship.


Muslim Public Affairs Council's Dr. Maher Hathout declares "All religions belong to God" (without reference to which god).

L.A. Archbishop Jose Gomez offers blessing at 9/11 interfaith ceremony

L.A.'s Interfaith Choir sings "Shalom Rav" at municipal September 11 Attacks Memorial Ceremony 9/11/11

On September 11, Israel acknowledges America's shared struggle against Islamist supremacism

US ambassador Dan Shapiro speaking at the September 11
 Memorial in Jerusalem.. (photo credit:KKL-JNF)
Israel is the only country in the Middle East which joins America every September 11th in mourning, commemorating the day in 2001 when jihadists from Al Qaeda dragged the U.S. into resisting the same Islamist jihadism which antagonizes Israel.

All 9/11 victims' names are inscribed
in the Jerusalem Living Memorial 
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke today about Israel's shared sorrow with the US over the attacks. "We remember that day thirteen years ago and we mourn with you on this day for the thousands who lost their lives in that horrific attack," Netanyahu said. "All of Israel mourns on September 11."

A memorial ceremony was held by the Jewish National Fund at the site of the 9/11 Living Memorial in Jerusalem, honoring and remembering the lives of nearly 3,000 innocent men, women and children who died at the hands of terrorists 12 years ago.

US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro spoke at the ceremony along with other ambassadors from around the world, as well as representatives of the Israeli families who lost their loved ones in the attacks.

At the Van Nuys, California Fire Station 88 (which sent its firefighters who happened to be on the East Coast in 2001)  last Sept 11, Israel's Southwest US Consul General David Siegel set a floral vase gift sent from the Living Memorial- upon the altar to the NYC WTC and Pentagon victims. Consul Siegel spoke with JooTube about Israel's shared situation in resisting and defeating the forces of Islamism- especially those with WMD - such as chemical weapons in Syria.


The L.A.F.D. Stationhouse 88 sent 23, L.A. first-responders to the World Trade Center rescue effort. Assistant Chief Pat Butler stands before the Stationhouse' monument which holds structural remnants from the wreckage of NYC's World Trade Center and the US Pentagon in Washington, D.C. He gestures to the floral bouquet presented by Consul Siegel on behalf of Israel's Living Memorial.

The Jerusalem Living Memorial is the sole statue outside of America which recognizes all of the September 11th attack's victims' names and countries of origin. Watch its opening ceremony from 2009.

L.A.F.D. Ass't Chief Pat Butler accepted and comments on Israel's Living Memorial presenting a gift to the L.A. memorial.

The Fire Chief of Jerusalem, Shmuel Friedman, visited the L.A. Celebrate Israel Fair in 2012 with the Jewish National Fund- to raise donor funds to purchase additional emergency vehicles.  He discussed with JooTube the experience that their particular fire and rescue services encounter- and what they do with that knowledge which could benefit you.

What can L.A.F.D. and Israel's Fire and Rescue services teach each other? Ass't Chief Pat Butler discusses his visit and meeting to compare best-practices in Israel:

New York City held its first commemoration ceremony since the opening of the museum at the National September 11 Memorial, along with the adjoining repository for unidentified victims' remains.

A woman grieves at her husband's memorial at South Tower Memorial Pool during memorial observances on the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014. Family and friends of those who died read the names of the nearly 3,000 people killed in New York, at the Pentagon and near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. (Photo: Chang W. Lee/The New York Times/AP)

Joan Rivers drew attention to media's blood-libeling Israel's defense against jihad

Joan Rivers in Hebrew (Photo: A Wider Bridge) 
Joan Rivers, who died today at 81 of cardiac arrest during vocal-cord surgery, was born Joan Alexandra Molinsky in Brooklyn , the daughter of Russian immigrant Jews.  She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Barnard. 

In the documentary, “Joan Rivers — A Piece of Work," she said that she fervently believes that her way of making people laugh also gets them to think, Michael Fox reported in his movie preview in the San Diego Jewish Journal.

“I never get on a soapbox onstage,” she declares. “But I do make a few points. I’m glad to remind [audiences] about Mel Gibson, glad to remind them about Hitler, glad to remind them about Anne Frank. But I’ll do it in a way that she was a whiner, ‘cause she had a very good apartment. Which in New York is true. It would go for $3,000 a month. She had an eat-in kitchen, and they’re complaining.”   
For every Jewish listener or reader who finds that offensive, she’ll get an “amen” for her unwavering stance on Israel. “It’s very easy to still hate Jews,” Rivers asserts. “Nobody would raise a finger if Israel went under. Not a finger. If Israel had the earthquake instead of Haiti, I don’t think Brad Pitt would have been standing out there screaming and crying with Angelina. You can tell me I’m wrong. Let’s hope we never have to know. I think the Obama administration’s treatment of Israel is outrageous. Outrageous. When we are the only sane nation in that part of the world.”
Joan had visited Israel recently and was asked to comment on the blood-libelous, Hamas provoking civilian casualties to Israeli retaliation for Hamas rocketing and tunnel terror. 

She appeared on Israel's Channel 10-TV, interviewed by Gil Tamari: 

At Los Angeles Airport, a TMZ reporter challenged Joan Rivers over Israel's retaliation to Hamas' provoked war:

Discussing the incident with Howard Stern: 

Another planeload of Americans emigrate to Israel with great fanfare- but how many will remain after 5-years?

Jews have immigrated to join their indigenous brethren to strengthen the Jewish State even before the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution calling for the establishment of a Jewish State in Israel in 1947.

In August, 2014, 338 people of all ages left their lives in the USA to live in the Holy Land and worship, free from the anti-Semitic bigotry of the diaspora. Immigration organization Nefesh b'Nefesh produced this promotional video of their ceremony welcoming them.


Attorney Ze'ev Portner emigrated from London several years ago and wrote in an aliyah reality-check "The trials and tribulations of western aliyah" August 4, 2013, in his Times of Israel blog: 
Ze'ev Portner
The truth of the matter is that the concept of aliyah and the reality of aliyah are two different things altogether. This romanticized notion of aliyah is very quickly superseded by the harsh reality of trying to makes ends meet in a very tough country.
A lot of olim eventually get worn down and return back to their countries of origin. A scandal of Western aliyah is the poor retention rates. This is something that is never discussed by government ministers or by pro-aliya organizations. It is estimated that 60% of all Western olim return to their country of origin in the first three years and as much as 80% in the first 5 years.  
No matter how you measure this. It is gross failure on a tremendous scale.
Organizations like Nefesh b’Nefesh do wonderful work to promote aliyah, but are also misleading people by emphasizing western aliyah as a great success story on their recruitment drives in the UK and USA. This gives people a false sense of optimism devoid of any sense of reality of how hard it is to actually make a living in Israel. It does them no credit to produce on their website ‘Alice in Wonderland’ statistics stating they have a 97% retention rate when every oleh knows the contrary to be true. At the minimum Nefesh should tell olim how hard it will be before they come here so they come here without any false illusions.
So why is western aliyah failing? There simply aren’t quality jobs for olim."
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