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Defending the Jewish homeland requires a communal effort- shows Friends of the IDF (F.I.D.F.) fundraiser in Los Angeles

Haim Saban poses with IDF soldiers at fundraiser

Friends of the IDF, Western Region returned to Beverly Hills to fundraise $31 million by showing the impressive work they do with and for IDF soldiers, current and veterans.

As filming was prohibited at this year's ceremony (which featured a performance by The Beach Boys, curated by producer David Foster) at last year's ceremony, US Army Master Sergeant Select Greg Grutter of "Heroes to Heroes" demonstrated an example of the Israeli-soldier-support services that philanthropists Haim Saban and Leo David advocate for.

Leo David donated $1 million to Friends of Israel Defense Forces
F.I.D.F. brings actual soldiers, male and female, to meet Americans and share their perspectives as free-societies trying to defending ourselves from the Islamist revolution.

JewTube has chronicled some of the entertainment which attracts donors to the frequently, sold-out fund-raiser.
Enjoy the entertainment from our previous FIDF coverage.

F.I.D.F. L.A. 2011 Gala: Barbara Streisand, Antonio Banderas, David Foster, Noa Tishby, Leo David, David Foster, Michael Smith, Haim Saban 2011

Diverse Friends of the I.D.F. in L.A. convincingly compensate for Stevie Wonder's cancelled performance 2012

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