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"Families of Lone Soldiers" shows volunteers' advocacy at I.A.C.'s Celebrate Israel Festival in L.A.

A British-Jewish veteran volunteer in the Israeli Air Force, Dr. Jason Fenton, discusses the history of overseas volunteers in Israel's defense, beginning with her Independence War.  Recorded at the Israel Independence Day Fair in Los Angeles, 2012 (today known as Celebrate Israel Festival).

In 1967, in anticipation of the Six-Day War, world Jewry sent thousands of Zionistic volunteers to Israel, that the Jewish Agency hoped to immigrate. Some did immigrate, while s
ince that time, many Israelis emigrated.  Still today, a number of army-age teens Israelis from those families, along with diaspora-Jewish families, elect to enlist to serve in the Israel Defense Forces. Because they haven't local family support in Israel for weekends, holidays, or "leave time," they are known as Lone Soldiers  The overseas enlistees comprise about 45% of the 6,300 I.D.F.'s total lone soldiers.  A support group was founded to serve as a liason between the service-members, their families back home, and the I.D.F. 

Pictured (l to r) at their booth at the Celebrate Israel Festival in L.A.: co-founders/c0-chairs Eli Fitlovitz and Dr. Lawrence Plattphilanthropic supporters Sheldon and Dr. Miriam Adelson; Evie and Stuart Steinberg, parents who lost their son, Max, as a Lone Soldier in the I.D.F.
The Families of Lone Soldiers' group was founded in Los Angeles, as a result of the number of families from here whose children elect to serve. The group is now international. Their website describes their association as: "We are families who are united together to support each other while our children are serving or have completed their service in the IDF. It started out by connecting parents with each other and to the state of Israel and the government of Israel while their children are serving as lone soldiers in the IDF as well as to help families obtain resources. We support their families during the time of service and after. Assisting and supporting parents in this challenging time both in the United States and Israel."

Some of the leaders of the Families of Lone Soldiers' spoke with us at their booth at the Celebrate Israel Festival in Los Angeles. 

Video (above) includes 
co-founder/co-chair Eli Fitlovitz; are co-founder/co-chair Dr. Lawrence PlattStuart Steinberg, the father of Max (a Lone Soldier from L.A. who gave his life for Israel), and Israeli-American philanthropist, Dr. Miriam Adelson, who praised the Friends of Lone Soldiers booth at I.A.C.'s Celebrate Israel Fest as "Great!"

Israeli-American veterans of I.D.F. lone soldier enlistment, (pictured left to right) Mr. Adi Lerner, Danielle Tubul, and Sharon Marciano discuss their motivations and attitudes on upheaving their lives to relocate to the Israeli Army.


What did they do and learn in the country's national service for young people?

Veteran lone soldier, Jonathan ("Yoni") Cohen explains his motivations y he served to protect modern civilization - and what Israel's security means for the world.

In video below, Evie and Stuart Steinberg address an L.A. community gathering in memory of late son, Max, at Temple of the Arts at the Saban Theater, August 2014.

More info is available on the Families of Lone Soldiers' website

This 77th anniversary of Iraq' "Farhud" pogrom - when the Holocaust migrated to the Middle East

"It was Iraq's Kristallnacht," says Edwin Black on the Farhud: the Holocaust-era pogrom against Baghdad's Jews on Shavuot of 1941, 77-years ago.
The Farhud (Photo: London Jewish Museum)

As Edwin Black wrote in, "When the Holocaust Came to the Middle East," on History News Network, May 30, 2018:

Haj Amin al-Husseini greets Bosnian Waffen-SS volunteers with a Nazi salute, November 1943.
"Farhud means violent dispossession. The Farhud was the first bloody step along the tormented path to the ultimate expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Jews from across the Arab world. That systematic expulsion ended centuries of Jewish existence and stature in those lands."
Jews had thrived in Iraq for 2,700 years, a thousand years before Mohammad. But all that came to end when the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, led the broad Arab-Nazi alliance in the Holocaust that produced a military, economic, political, and ideological common cause with Hitler. 
Although Husseini spearheaded an international pro-Nazi, anti-Jewish Islamic movement from India to Central Europe to the Middle East, it was in Baghdad—a 1,000-kilometer drive from Jerusalem— that he launched his robust coordination with the Third Reich.

Edwin Black
The Arabs, led by Husseini, wanted the Jews out of Palestine and Europe’s persecuted Jews kept away from the Middle East. Indeed, Husseini persuasively argued to Hitler that Jews should not be expelled to Palestine but rather to “Poland,” where “they will be under active control.” Translation: Send Jews to the concentration camps. Husseini had visited concentration camps, where he had been hosted by the architect of the genocide, Heinrich Himmler. The Mufti considered Shoah engineer Adolf Eichmann not only a great friend, but a “diamond” among men. 
Nazi lust for oil and Arab hatred of Jews combined synergistically June 1–2, 1941 burning the Farhud into history. Arab soldiers, police, and hooligans, swearing allegiance to the Mufti and Hitler, bolstered by fascist coup plotters known as the Golden Square, ran wild in the streets, raping, shooting, burning, dismembering, and decapitating. Jewish blood flowed through those streets and their screams created echoes that have never faded." Read more:

Iraqi-Jewish refugee, Joseph Samuels recounts how the Nazi connection with the Muslim leaders turned Muslims violently against their neighbors. But Jews like Joe had nowhere to safely flee to until Palestine, beginning 1947. He tells how he migrated to Israel and ultimately to America.

Lists of Jews had already been compiled. Jewish homes had been marked in advance with a blood-red palm prints. The text announcing the mass murder sourcewas already prepared and scheduled for radio broadcast. Suddenly, the Jews were viciously attacked with knives and axes. Several were hacked to death right then and there on the bridge. The planned systematic extermination, now foiled, broke down into a spontaneous citywidthe slaughter.  (source: Winston-Salem JournalNow

Iraqi Muslima dentist apologizes for Farhud against Jews, searches for former neighbors.

Dr. Bushra Qader, a dentist, living in Dearborn, Michigan was jailed and tortured under Saddam Hussein's regime for speaking truths. She tells the story of her family's Jewish neighbors, whom Muslim leaders expelled for not converting to Islam- and one who did.