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Asian man who shot 2 Jewish men in L.A. had trouble with Persian Jews; was influenced by Goyim Defense League propagandizing

Asian man who shot men leaving synagogues in 2
consecutive days in kosher Los Angeles neighborhood
was out on bail for a prior weapons charge
On February 15th and 16th, two Jewish men were shot in the Pico-Robertson area of Los Angeles. The alleged shooter, Jaime Tranh, of Asian ethnicity, has been arrested and is currently facing federal hate crime charges for antisemitism. 

He had attached a photo of a Goyim Defense League flyer in an email to classmates about two months before the attack. 

Antisemitic flyer GDL distributed in Beverly Hills November '21 (photo: The Jewish News of Northern California)

The Goyim Defense League (GDL), a neo-Nazi hate group, who previously conducted several anti-Semitic activities in Los Angeles, including distributing antisemitic flyers and stickers on private doorsteps, filmed themselves in Orlando antagonizing Jewish people outside of a Chabad House on Friday 17 February.
Video posted on social media shows Jon Minadeo, who founded the antisemitic group bellowing slurs and insults at Jewish people leaving the Chabad campus Friday 17 February.

Zionistic-American from Central California explains what lies  of the neo-Nazis he flew to D.C. to challenge. Prominent GDL member, Patrick Little outside AIPAC'19 Convention in Washington, DC is also challenged by rival neo-Nazis. 

According to the criminal complaint against Jaime Tranh, the shooting was motivated by Mr. Tranh’s hatred of Jews and other minorities. The criminal complaint states that Tranh's hatred of Jews was long-standing and that Tranh had written several online posts expressing anti-Semitic views and had posted pictures of Nazi symbols. 

The complaint further alleges that Tranh had planned the shooting in advance, and had purchased a gun several days prior to the incident. 

TRAN admitted that he was responsible for shooting someone in the Los Angeles area earlier in the day. 

TRAN stated that he had looked up a “kosher market” on Yelp and decided to shoot someone in the area of the market. 

TRAN also acknowledged that he shot another victim in the Los Angeles area the previous day. 

TRAN said he knew the victims he shot were Jewish because of their “head gear.” 

TRAN said he was homeless and had been living out of his vehicle for the last 12 to 14 months. 

TRAN stated that he obtained the firearms from someone he did not know in Arizona.