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Jewish families distraught that education editors diminish Holocaust in curriculum

Millenials are being kept intentionally ignorant about the Holocaust and Jewish suffering, claim Israeli-American, Barashi family in Las Vegas. Why are state educators minimizing the Holocaust in public-school curricula?

British schools are eliminating Holocaust history from curriculum - due to pressure from Muslims and their anti-Zionist, left-wing sympathizers. Statistics show shocking ignorance about Holocaust among young people in the United States.

  • Nearly one-third of all Americans (31 percent) and more than 4-in-10 Millennials (41 percent) believe that substantially less than 6 million Jews were killed (two million or fewer) during the Holocaust
  • While there were over 40,000 concentration camps and ghettos in Europe during the Holocaust, almost half of Americans (45 percentcannot name a single one – and this percentage is even higher amongst Millennials. 
  • Source: Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
Members of the Vegas-chapter of the Israeli Scouts returned from touring the Auschwitz Museum last Yom ha Shoah, but report that Christian educators are downplaying Holocaust in teaching World War II history.

Israeli-American Girl Scout, Sivan Barashi, returned from a Scouts' trip to the Auschwitz Museum in Poland with a sense of the scope of the institutionalized genocide which she feels is not being adequately addressed in American schools' history curricula. Why might the subject be de-emphasized by Christians and/or liberals in public (and private) middle and secondary school education, they wonder?

Holocaust survivor & descendant Nonagenarian, Daniel Szafran, survived the Nazi genocide of European Jewry as a slave laborer. Living in Las Vegas nowadays, he met with a small group of Israeli Scouts who took an educational trip to the Auschwitz camp - where he was incarcerated.

Mr. Barashy bemoans leftist influence in minimizing history resulting in the Holocaust in educational curricula. He also condemns Democratic Socialists throughout the world buying-into the libel which reverses Israel's defense against Islamist-Imperialist, Iranian-armed, Palestinian as "aggressive." Yet they support the anti-Semitic, Muslim world, mandated religiously to annihilate the surviving Jews of the world in a new Holocaust against Israel.

Sparks fly when leftists debate 1st Judean settlement leader, Revivi, at AIPAC Conference (a JooTube exclusive)

AIPAC invites Judean city of Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi in first, settlement leader session, but stacks the panel with liberal Israeli opponents to debate Israel's settlement policies and the sharing of Judea and Samaria with Muslim Arabs led by the irredentist, Palestinian Authority.
AIPAC panelists: Polly Bronstein, Darkenu C.E.O.; Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi; liberal Shir Nosatzki; moderator Ilana Decker
First-ever, AIPAC Palestine policy debate with a Judea/Samaria governor

Audience's 'Question and Answers' of Israelis at AIPAC on Judea & Samarian, Muslim & Jewish futures

Israeli radio journalist, Eve Harow, reacts to AIPAC's 1st debate on Judea & Samaria's future

Post-panel, Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi addresses panel-composition and Palestinian leaders' rejectionism.

Tommy Waller, Zionistic Christian pilgrim leader reacts to panel

Jewish-Americans laud appreciation for Pres. Trump and V.P. Pence (and other GOP legislators) at R.J.C.'s Meeting

Pres. Donald Trump tells Republican Jewish Coalition confab in Las Vegas: 'Preserve our incumbency to save America and Israel against Red/Green (Marxist and Islamist) revolutionaries!' 

The US president delivered these remarks to GOP Jews welcomed on eve of Israel's election, in advance of putting-fortward his administration's Middle-East peace-plan. He jovially asks the audience in retrospect, "How the hell did Jews ever support Obama?"

Pres. Trump reassured audience at Republican Jewish Coalition of his commitment to the stability of Israel, America's partner in support of freedom and democracy in the Middle East. 

Amidst chants of "four more years," Pres. Donald Trump addresses fixing Democrats and globalists' exploitations of America via Mexico, Iran, fomenting anti-Semitism, and yellow-journalism. 

Republican Jewish Coalition Meeting attendees display
appreciation for Pres. Trump's leadership

Members of Jewish-Leftist, IfNotNow group (funded by democracy-destabilizer George Soros), interrupted the president's address and were summarily over-shouted by the audience and ejected by security guards. 

In Part 2, Pres. Trump addresses Democrat abuses through media, border, and reverse-racism.

Vice President Mike Pence leads a salute to Sheldon and Dr. Miriam Adelson for their leadership in patriotism for America and Israel.  V.P. Pence explains why the Trump Administration are Jewish people's best-friends in the White House - and what they promised to do and have accomplished in their first two years.

Sen. Lindsey Graham addressing Republican Jewish Coalition's Spring Meet in Las Vegas - goes out on a limb to guarantee Israel's safety as White House puts risky, Arab-sought, regional plan to them. (YouTube is censoring our videos, claiming that we - and not they - are inhibiting viewing of Sen Graham and Mr. Abramowitz's videos, when it is them).

In view of Islamist and Russian threats surrounding Israel, Sen. Lindsey Graham proposes that Congress assures Israel's  security through a mutual-defense compact. 

Ken Abramowitz, political analyst with "Save the West," interprets and elaborates on Pres. Trump's remarks in the context of the Islamo-Leftist campaign to discredit and replace Republican leadership.

Ken Abramowitz, chairman of "Citizens for National Security," interprets Pres. Trump's points at R.J.C. Vegas speech in the context of what he considers a cultural war from the Reds and Greens movement.

Following the President's address ZOA's Mort Klein, the Zionist Organization of America's President, discusses Pres. Trump adminstration's readiness to defend America and Israel from global tyranny, in spite of recalcitrant Progressive opposition.