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Arab government-TV incites Muslims with religious-mandates to kill Jewish people

New Trends in Arabic Anti-semitism from Henrik Clausen on Vimeo.

This MEMRI production shows examples of anti-semitism in modern-day Arab media, including using original national socialist footage to justify Islamic resentment against Jews.

Originally presented to the UN Human Rights Commission, Geneva, September 28th 2010.

Westboro Baptists desecrate "Hatikvah"; reveal classic Christian bigotry against Jews for killing "our Lord", aims to convert 'cursed' Jews

Jewish Israel website exposed, in December 2009, Westboro Baptists Church's mocking of the Israeli national anthem in: Christian Fundamentalist Fringe Group Hijacks Hatikvah

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Based on a report in the Oklahoma Daily, it seems Westboro’s Jacob Phelps family picked Rosh Hashanah to preach and teach “the truth” to the Jews at the University of Oklahoma’s Hillel House:  (Excerpt):

“We are living in our last days and these Jews need to hear the truth,” Jacob Phelps said. “We are here to send a message to them that they are responsible for killing our Lord.”

Phelps said he felt the protest was a way to send a message of salvation and warning to the Jewish community because judgment for killing Jesus is coming soon.

Part of our job at Jewish Israel is to monitor fundamentalist Christian groups which target Jews in aggressive missionary campaigns and, as much as we’d like to turn a blind eye to Westboro’s rare and freakish wrath which is largely focused on America, we couldn’t help but respond to the kidnapping and rape of Hatikvah.

Westboro Baptist Church is a “radical Christian fundamentalist church” which has taken “the right to evangelize”, democratic freedoms, and their version of the gospel message, to the outer limits and beyond – and even the most fervent evangelicals will tell you that.

Yet we’ve decided to post this video from this radical and hateful Christian group in order to:

a) Illustrate the insane limits and excesses of American- style religious freedoms and tolerance legislation, and propose that Israel should avoid calls to adopt similar problematic legislation.

b) Reveal that overt Christian anti-Semitism still manages to find expression in a society which prides itself on being, democratic, God-fearing, and tolerant.

c) Put the terms ”hate” and “radical” back in perspective and where they belong, as certain parties have been taking liberties with these words in order to vilify Jewish Israel and this writer, and attempt to connect us to serious crimes we have nothing to do with - and have condemned.

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Remembering Moshe Yess of Megama Duo - The other tragic loss at Tucson's Univ Medical Center this week

(Video from 1981 concert in Minnesota - courtesy Yascher)

Chabad OnLine reports:

Moshe Yess, a beloved performer and musician who has entertained audiences around the world, passed away Motzoei Shabbos, considered Shvat 4, 5771.

He was 65 and suffered from cancer.

He was hospitalized earlier this year at University Medical Center (UMC) in Tucson, Arizona, and was visited by local Chabad Shluchim, before he underwent recovery treatment.

Yess, known for the song ‘Zaide Made us Laugh,’ lived in Montreal, Canada, for many years after he became a Baal Teshuva and made a living singing and teaching.

He was a member of the Chabad community there and was a regular performer at Chabad House events and shows along with general music festivals and the annual HASC concert.

In addition to performing, Yess produced with Abie Rotenberg animated music videos for children at a time when few were available. Among them were Roburg, Middos Machine and Amazing Torah Bike.

“We used to sing and compose in the early days, but it was Moshe Yess who taught us how to do it professionally,” known composer Yossi Green of New York told COLlive.com in a recent interview.

In fact, a group on Facebook crowned him “the Real King of Jewish Music” noting that “we all know deep down in our hearts that the only truly good Jewish music is the music of Moshe Yess.” The group has 40 members.

He retired from his music career in recent years.
“He was a Jewish music legend that will live on through his amazing work and inspiration,” said California based entertainer and actor Mendy Pellin, who tried in 2007 to convince Yess to hold a tribute to his career but was unsuccessful.

“He had a unique personality of being very funny, yet very intense,” Pellin told COLlive.com. “He was the same person on stage, in conversation, in private and public. People thought he lost it the last 10 years, but that was part of his journey wanting to be 100% living the truth.”

(Email and RSS subscribers should click through to the website to view Moshe Yess' music videos).

Excerpts from Debbie Friedman funeral service; video from her Limmud '08 performance

Mourners sing Miriam at Friedman funeral
at Temple Beth Sholom, Santa Ana, CA

(Video courtesy Orange County Register)
Original video of Debbie Friedman's performance at Limmud L.A. '08

Musician Debbie Friedman eulogized in Southern California, immortalized through her contribution to Jewish musical culture

Debbie Friedman died Sunday after being hospitalized in Orange County for several days with pneumonia. She was 59. Her funeral will be live streamed from Temple Beth Sholom in Santa Ana, CA on Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 at 11am (PST) on this page. (Courtesy Jewish Journal)

JooTube filmed Debbie Friedman's performances at Limmud '08 in L.A.

"Mugged by Reality:" respected American-Israeli journalist explains Israelis' situation internationally - but with context

Do Anglo-accented speakers enhance the effectiveness of 'hasbara' to the world? Do speakers like Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren, or Ambassador to the U.K. Ron Prosor present Israel's case more persuasively to English-speakers than Israeli-accented presenters?

As a recognized world-class correspondent with the Jerusalem Post, American-born, Israeli journalist, Herb Keinon explains how the lack of peaceful Arab-Muslim acceptance to Israel's gestures of peace have jaded many Israelis' prior optimism towards the 'peace-process.' A knowledgeable analyst, Mr. Keinon presents the context of Israel's situation- in this exclusive video interview with JooTube's DemoCast.TV crew - recorded during Mr. Keinon's most recent visit to Los Angeles.

Mr. Keinon, the diplomatic correspondent for the English-language Jerusalem Post, has been at the eye of the Arab-Israeli hurricane for the past 20-years- since assuming the diplomatic beat in August 2000, just after the failed, Camp David Summit.

Mr. Keinon has up-close knowledge and an intimate perspective of the global conflict and the evolution of efforts to maintain Israelis' security. He lives with these issues, residing in the West Bank community of Ma'ale Adumim with his wife and four children.

In our exclusive video, Mr. Keinon, reveals the insecurity that Palestinian terrorism has evolved within Israeli consciousness. Here, he makes a good case for understanding Israel's matured mentality in view of its learned vulnerablity.

Hate-crimes committed 23 more times against Jews than against Muslims; How can we convey the severity of anti-Semitism vs Islamophobia?

A report released by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services concluded that hate crimes increased 14 percent in 2009, led by an increase in attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions. 683 hate crimes were reported to authorities across New York State in 2009, compared with 599 in 2008. Anti-Semitic incidents rose from 219 in 2008 to 251 in 2009, comprising 37 percent of reported incidents.

Just-released New York 2009 report: Hate crimes against Jews: 251. Hate crimes against Muslims: 11. (JihadWatch)

And yet we endlessly hear about "Islamophobia," as if Muslims were huddled in their homes, cowering in the darkness as roving bands of Islamophobes marauded outside, throttling any hapless Believers who dared to stray outside.  In reality, Jews are far more likely to be victimized in hate attacks -- and yet there is no hand-wringing, there are no official statements of outrage and solidarity, there are no seminars or webinars or earnest talking-head discussions about the rise in anti-Semitism.

Yet more evidence that the "rise in Islamophobia" theme that the mainstream media keeps returning to is just a shell game to divert attention from Islamic jihad violence and supremacism.

Despite all the progress made since the hatred of Jews started thousands of years ago, the last month of 2010 showed us just how far we still have to go.

Jeremy Ruden, an independent media consultant & an adjunct lecturer at IDC Herzliya’s School of Communications, is published in the Jerusalem Post Op/Ed pages.
Sites that perpetuate the old falsehoods of Jews controlling the banks and media should be overrun by statistics of how much Arab money has been invested in financial and communication institutions. The numbers are staggering. Even a virtual tour of the posh areas in London should show the skeptics just who’s trying to “take over.”

Israel must invest a considerable amount of resources on this front. It’s a lot of work, but we are the only government whose sacred duty it is to combat anti-Semitism on the Web.
The satirical LatmaTV troupe produces "Saturday Night Live" parodies of Israeli news affairs, such as this piece with the "Egyptian Minister of Conspiracy Theories."
Sometimes the best way to tackle hate is through laughter, but in most cases Israel must be more serious in making the fight against anti-Semitism – in all these arenas – a national priority. There will be plenty more slander and lies and we must be ready to fight and let the world know that we are doing so.