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Video: Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speech to U.N. on Sept 24th rips UN for Ahmadinejad "disgrace", Goldstone Report

"The U.N.'s most urgent challenge is to prevent Tehran tyrants from acquiring nuclear weapons"
In an impassioned speech to the UN General Assembly Thursday, Sept 24, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the United Nations' most important mission today is to prevent "the tyrants of Tehran" from acquiring nuclear weapons, because the marriage of religious fanaticism and weapons of mass destruction would endanger the world. Holding up the minutes of the Nazi leaders' 1942, decision to annihilate the Jewish people, Netanyahu said the man who called the Holocaust a lie also pledges to wipe out the state of the Jewish people, making a mockery of the UN Charter.

His statement, "We ask the Palestinians to recognize the nation-state of the Jewish people just as we recognize the Palestinian wish for a home of their own," won applause in the chamber. Netanyahu went on to say he believes the two peoples can live side by side in peace, prosperity and dignity, if there is security. Therefore the Palestinian state must be "effectively demilitarized."

The prime minister slammed the UN report which held Israel guilty of war crimes in its Gaza operation last January, accusing its authors of "equating terrorists and their victims." The world body never once condemned Hamas' eight-year rocket offensive against the Israeli population.

Israel must be sure the world body rejects this biased report before embarking on peace talks with the Palestinians, he said. "We must be sure the West Bank will never be another Gaza."

Israel wants peace and believes it is possible with good will and hard work, so long as "the world body fights terrorist forces and their backers and does not accommodate them."  (source DebkaFile)
Here is the video of PM Benjamin Netanyahu's address before the United Nations General Assembly today (in four parts, accessible under the second menu button from the left).

(Video courtesy Israel will stand alone)

The Jerusalem Post: Prime Minister Netanyahu rips UN for Ahmadinejad 'disgrace,' Goldstone report"
What a travesty!" Netanyahu said of the Goldstone Report. "The biased and unjust report provided a clear-cut test to all governments - will you stand with Israel or with the terrorists? We must know the answer to that question now - not later. If Israel is asked to take more risks for peace we must know today that you will stand with us tomorrow," said Netanyahu. "We can take further risks for peace only if we have confidence that we can defend ourselves."
The prime minister stressed that "All of Israel wants peace," noting that Israel made peace with Egypt and Jordan, and vowing that "If the Palestinians truly want peace, we will make peace. But we want a defensible peace, permanent peace."

"We ask the Palestinians to say yes to a Jewish state - as simple, as clear, as elementary as that. We are not foreign conquerors in the land of Israel. We are not strangers to this land - this is our homeland, but as deeply connected as we are to this place, we recognize that the Palestinians also live here and they want a home, we want to live side by side in peace, prosperity and dignity."

Documentary proves need to support effective defenders of Israel as the State of the Jewish People

Joo-Tube brings you this video news-essay - hosted by San Francisco Newstalk radio host, John Rothman, courtesy of producer SF Zionist.  It reveals how leftist, anti-Zionist groups (including the Boycott Israeli goods initiators- Jewish Voice for Peace, and the American Friends Service Committee - which hosted a reception for Iranian President Ahmadinejad) organized an anti-Zionist-biased screening of the film, "Rachel," which canonizes International Solidarity Movement martyr, Rachel Corrie, at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. The mother of Rachel Corrie appeared, to draw attendance to the event, at which new memberships to the activist groups was solicited from among the attendees.

The San Francisco Jewish Federation was a primary underwriter of the event - which was was co-sponsored by the anti-Zionist groups. But when appealed to to pre-empt this event, the S.F. Federation's solution was to recommend that an opposing viewpoint be presented briefly, by a single, pro-Israel critic, Dr. Michael Harris of the San Francisco Voice for Israel (the video of his full-remarks follows Part 2).

This news-essay highlights the results of the S.F. Federation's weak solution, including the leftists' efforts to shout-down Dr. Harris, the only pro-Israel speaker, interuptions which included Nazi salutes and shouts of "Sieg Heil!, and the Boycott Israel campaigns which ensued - emboldened and strengthened.

(This article comes to you through the efforts of Joo-Tube - a donation-supported media initiative to defend the interests of the G-d of Israel, the children of Israel (B'nai Israel), and the land of Israel (Eretz Yisrael) - the sanctuary of the Jewish people in its traditional homeland.  May donors and all supporters be inscribed for blessings in the Book of Life for the New Year).

Unrealized dreams: Israel mourns pilot Assaf Ramon, 21, buried alongside his father- astronaut Ilan Ramon

"A nation grieves" by Amir Mizroch in JPost.com
Assaf was the eldest son of Ilan Ramon, Israel's first astronaut. Ilan, and Assaf after him, represented our finest, our "best of the best."
As the youngest member of the squadron that carried out the daring bombing raid on Saddam's Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981, Ilan Ramon was more than just an ace pilot. He was what many young men, then and now, aspire to be. To many, inside and outside the country, he was the manifestation of the new Jewish warrior, determined never to let evil men attain weapons that could annihilate us.
When Ramon, son of a Holocaust survivor, took an artifact from the Theresienstadt ghetto with him into space, Jewish hearts all over the world filled with pride. 
"I was born in Israel and I'm kind of the proof for them, and for the whole Israeli people, that whatever we fought for and we've been going through in the last century (or maybe in the last two thousand years), is becoming true," he said. ... 
See, we said to each other, the dream is still alive. The son is taking his father's place. He could take us all the way to the top again, and who knows, maybe he'll go into space, and the whole world will hear our music again. Assaf fit so naturally into the narrative we had written for him.
So when rumors started spreading that the pilot killed in a training crash on Sunday morning was Assaf Ramon, our first reaction was one of adamant disbelief. Surely not. Not Assaf Ramon. Not again. 

Jerusalem merchant provides sagacious advice to global Jews about anti-Semitism (& intermarriage)

Jerusalem market vendor, Eitan Boudkov, related to me how resurgent anti-Semitism in Europe is motivating badly-needed Jews out of the diaspora to return to keep Israel strong and secure.

The gift-shop owner reminds unmarried Jews to preserve their heritage by selecting mates within the faith.

Record-level, global anti-Semitism - is there some prophetic significance?

Hate-crime statistics proves Islamophobia - a red-herring distraction from actual problem from anti-Semitism.

Jews were the top religious targets of hate-crimes in New York state last year, accounting for 84% of the reported incidents.

Muslims experienced only 2 property crimes (5% of the total) and 6 personal crimes (4% of total) while Jews experienced 92 property crimes and 129 personal crimes.  (Hat-tip The Vicious Babushka

Muslim-inspired blood-libels about Israel generate record-level, Gentile anti-Semitism, which forces once-patriotic, Diaspora Jews to emigrate to imperiled Israel, a small refuge about to be fed to the lions at the UN. 

Is the world approaching its final judging? Utilizing news clips from global television, this Israeli rabbi interprets the events of our times.

(Video courtesy: Orange Truth)