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What Israeli movie-makers (& casters) said at the Israel Film Fest in Hollywood

Back in-person for the first time since 2019,  the 2022 Israel Film Festival movies (and TV shows) restore a communal cinema and social experience to Israeli transplants and lovers of Israel. 

We spoke with celebrities from the films, some filmmakers, a satellite-channel distributor, and a news publisher who discuss the complexity of getting these productions made and seen around the world.

Playlist (first one's upper right arrow activates menu) features: Mr. Omer Hazan from "Don't Wait for Me;"

Mr. Ehud Bleiberg, Producer of "Image of Victory;"

Ms. Agam Schuster from lesbian-parenting quest, "Two;"

Mr. David Suissa, publisher of The Jewish Journal of L.A. news magazine and website;

Ms. Daphna Ziman from CineMoi Satellite and Cable Channel;

Mr. Shimon Sheves, former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's Chief of Staff, now businessman. Mr. Sheves' mother lived in the Kibbutz Nitzanim featured in Ehud Bleiberg's "Image of Victory"

Mr. Mike Burstyn, director, "Azimuth," and foreign language dubbing chief for Netflix.

Plus a "the making of" promotional clip from "Berenshtein" filmmaker Roman Shumonov about the Berenshtein film produced by Ronen Machlis Balzam;

And, a conversation between Fest director, Meir Fenigstein and Mr. Balzam before an audience who just screened "Berenshtein."

Henry Winkler, joined by Jewish, "Happy Days" pals, provide welcomed spark to revived Israel Film Festival in Hollywood

Henry Winkler as orthodox dad in "Chanshi"
Henry Winkler portrays a Hassidic father in an Israel-set TV series, "Chanshi" resulted in the Israel Film Festival recognizing him with a Career Achievement Award at the Festival's launch in Los Angeles. And the Festival honored the actor, director, producer by reunion with his fellow "Happy Days" Jewish alumni.

Happy Days' surviving Jewish cast-members (sans the late, Tom ("Howard Cunningham") Bosely) reunited as Henry Winkler was honored with Career Achievement by the Israel Film Festival. Anson (Potsie Webber) Williams and Don (Ralph Malph) Most attended in support of colleague, Winkler.

Elon Gold, Mark Feuerstein, Anson Williams, Henry Winkler, Meir Fenigstein, and Don Most attend the 35th Israel Film Festival in L.A. Sponsor Luncheon at Four Seasons Hotel L.A, April 29, 2022
Mr. Winkler regaled the mostly Israeli-American audience with a show and tell from his trip to the Holy Land, where he filmed segments for the Israeli-American co-production of "Chanshi" and was given a tour of the country, courtesy of the Israeli government.

I.F.F. director Meir Fenigstein; Humanitarian awardee David Wiener; Israeli Southwest Consul General Dr. Hillel Newman; and Career Achievement Awardee Henry Winkler

Festival supporter, Daphna Ziman (co-founder of the Cinemoi TV Channel) presented the Humanitarian Award to philanthropist David Wiener, who (unlike a number of his family members) survived the Auschwitz Holocaust death camp. 

Mike Burstyn, Daphna Ziman, David Wiener, and
Meir Fenigstein pose for Humanitarian Awarding

Mr. Wiener lifted himself by his bootstraps sufficiently to establish a real-estate portfolio which enabled him to support Zionistic causes, such as the Israel Film Festival in Los Angeles and occasionally in New York and Miami. In his acceptance speech, he stressed the importance of maintaining pride in our Jewish identity. This is a dynamic reconfirmed by actor Mark Feuerstein, who played Henry Winkler's son in "Royal Pains," a USA Network series about boutique doctors in The Hamptons. Mr. Feurerstein told JooTube how he continues to stand strongly Zionistic and doesn't perceive that that Hollywood casting or production has held it against him.

Mark Feurerstein admires the Festival's poster

The Israel Film Festival returns beginning Thursday 6 May for 2 weeks in Los Angeles. Henry Winkler, Anson Williams, and Don Most reunite for his Lifetime Achievement Award. Winkler stars in Israeli-American series, "Chanshi." Just how Jewish are the co-stars in their upbringings? How about prolific show director, Garry Marshall?

The festival runs for two weeks from 7 May through 26th. To read details, please refer to the schedule and synopses available, along with movie trailers at https://IsraelFilmFestival.com/