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Dutch Resistance fighter honored for humanitarian work by filmmaking project at LA Musuem of Holocaust & LA Jewish Film Festival

Dutch Resistance survivor, Curt Lowens' story of escape and resistance during World War II to the screen (see below) was produced into a film, A Life of Changes," at last summer's Harvard-Westlake's Summer Film program, with the Righteous Conversations Digital Storytelling Workshop. Their mentor filmmakers and animators were Alyssa Sherwood, Cosmo Segurson, and Cheri Gaulke.

Hilary Helstein, Executive Director of the L.A. Jewish Film Festival, explains how the 70th annivesary of the liberation of Auschwitz factored in to the selections at the 10th annual Festival.

Curt Lowens was presented an Humanitarian Award for the lives he helped save against Nazis- and educating the next generations to defeat anti-Semitism before it gets out of hand.

Watch the presentation and Curt Lowens' story in his own words in this JewTube exclusive video.

Watch "A Life of Changes" on Vimeo
Curt Lowens: A Life of Changes from TheRighteousConversationsProject on Vimeo.

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