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Celebrate Israeli Festival event inspires Israel's family & friends across America

Event is one of five, Israeli-American Council-organized public Israeli Independence events being held around the US this month.

An estimated 15,000 Zionistic Americans and Israelis celebrated Israeli Independence and Jerusalem Day at the Celebrate Israel Festival in Los Angeles' Rancho Park on Sunday, May 17, 2015. 

Dennis Prager and Consul General David Siegel were among the luminaries who spoke with JewTube after addressing the crowd, which was comprised of Israeli-Americans, Jewish-Americans, and some Zionistic - Christians. I.A.C. organizational leaders also spoke to JewTube about their role in adapting the previously low-budget, San Fernando Valley event. The video-playlist plays automatically in the first raster frame, or you may select your preference from the menu of a dozen clips is in the upper left corner. Several of the segments are parsed below the fold.

Excerpts can be found in the next section.

Israeli Scout leader, Itamar Fruchter, serves-up the lore of the "sabra" prickly-pear from Israeli culture.

Chairman of the Israeli-American Council, Sean Evenhaim, explains the I.A.C.'s role in organizing the Festival.

Radio / TV host and author, Dennis Prager (Prager University) describes his impressions of the event, after having just addressed the crowd from the stage.

Israel-American Council board-member, Adam Milstein, describes the I.A.C.'s role in putting the event together.


Israeli Consul General to the Southwestern USA, David Siegel, emphasizes the importance of a strong Israel to the U.S. in the global war to resist jihadism.

Popular, Israeli musical star, Shlomi Shabat performed a full, outdoor concert- to the joy of the Israeli-Americans familiar with him, and to the edification of Zionistic Americans.

Shlomi Shabat performed a medley of songs "Bereshit Olam," "Shetedi", and "Lekol- echad yesh"בראשית עולם": "לכל אחד יש" -;"שתדעי

The Israeli-American Council will host Israeli Independence events on May 31st in New York City and Boston. See their website for details.

Israeli-Americans and American Zionists are united through the Festival in celebrating another year remembering Israel's democracy, says Sagie Balasha, the C.E.O. of the I.A.C. 

For the first time in four-years, IDF "lone-soldier" drill instructress, Sgt. Aviv Gadi, returns to her L.A. hometown festival- and tells how it compares it Israel for young Jews.

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