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Controversy over B.D.S. groups funded by UJA & JCRC marching in US Jewish parade persists

Jeff Dunetz takes aim at the United Jewish Appeal and the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) pressure groups they finance. These groups attempt to try to influence Israeli policy on Judea and Samaria through economic pressure and Washington lobbying. 

"Why I Won't Be Going To Today's Israel Parade (And Why You Shouldn't Donate To UJA)" by Jeff Dunetz in "Yid with Lid."
"Your donations to UJA go to delegitmize the state of Israel. The findings come on the back of a JCCWatch investigation on Tuesday that showed that UJA-Federation leadership have been pressuring former Israeli diplomats, and the office of the current Consul-General in New York, to give cover for their support of the New Israel Fund to participate in this weekend’s Israel Day Parade.
Israeli Knesset's Nissim Ze'ev led NY rally opposing BDS'ers in Parade, 4/8/14
Flanking him Rabbi David Algaze & Helen Friedman (Photo:Maxine Dovere)
From "Israel Rejects as ‘False’ UJA Federation’s Claims about Israel Parade ‘Inclusion’" by  Lori Lowenthal Marcus in The Jewish Press 

The organizers of the event, N.Y. City’s Jewish Community Relations Council and its financial big brother, New York City’s UJA-Federation, insist a show of unity is what matters. ...
Richard Allen, a New York City businessman and the driving force behind JCCWatch.org‘s effort to expose and to end the participation of those who seek to harm Israel in the Celebrate Israel Parade, had this response to the latest Federation statement: “It is sad that the UJA-Federation continues to connive and hoodwink the Jewish community as they provide support to groups that work for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. Their current leadership has corrupted this once great charitable organization. They must remove those within their Board that support these anti-Israel groups.”
We caught-up with several people involved in the controversy at the parade in 2013. (Advance through the video playlist using menu on top or next arrows on lower left).

It appears that the issue is getting further, not closer, to a solution in the years since.

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