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Ballpark (kosher) franks: Dodgers explore it to draw more, devout fans

How is the kosher baseball fan's experience different at a ballpark which doesn't offer food to purchase?  Both Yankee Stadium and the Mets CitiField in New York regularly offer kosher food, as do the Toronto Blue Jays' Rogers Centre.  Oughtn't dietary-law observant fans in America's second largest Jewish community (attending Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium and Angels Stadium) - be offered kosher hot dogs at 2 1/2-hour evening game?  

Though the L.A. Dodgers tout the legacy of the greatest Dodger All-Star to show they're "Jewish friendly," the owners of the formerly Brooklyn Dodgers offer no kosher food at the stadium. Jeff's Gourmet Kosher Sausages seeks to help change that, so on Jewish Community Night on June 27th the Dodger organization let Jeff's bring a stand and hundreds of kosher hot dogs, gourmet sausages, and the conspicuously lacking from the Stadium condiment- sauerkraut!

JooTube went into the Dodger's Dugout Club to reveal displayed awards - ranging from the 1955 World Champion Brooklyn Dodgers' prize bat- to Sandy Koufax's MVP glove and plaque. But when will the Dodgers accomodate fans to genuine, hot kosher dogs- both gentile and Jew?

Danny Kosberg, manager of Jeff's Gourmet Kosher Sausages, speaks with JooTube from their one-time experiment on a hot, June evening at the ballpark. Write to the Dodger organization with your wishes about them making kosher available.


Arnie said...

Jeff's Gourmet definitely enhanced the Dodger experience, and I count myself lucky to visit on the right day to give them some business and support a Kosher restaurant at a ball game. Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

I haven't been to dodger stadium in forever, do people tailgate there? Are there catering trucks outside the stadium? Can there be? Fancy up some Kosher/Halal food, put it on a catering truck and park it in front of places without Kosher/Halal options.