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Rallying to preserve Jerusalem, re-united in the '67 Six-Day-War, Pamela Geller encourages Zionistic Americans to wave their flags in defense against Islamists & their anti-Zionist empathists

During the month celebrating the re-unification of Jerusalem in response to Jordan's  attacking Israel in the Six-Day War, Atlas Shrugs publisher, Pamela Geller, introduced by Dr. Paul Brody, addressed the Israel Day Concert with a Message in NYC's Central Park on 2 June '13 about notions of unilateral peace with Israel's avowed Islamist enemies.  


What message does the NYC Zionist rally signal to Washington?

Ms. Geller says the rally discourages the Obama administration from forcing Israel to cede land to enemy Islamist nationalists sworn to conquer her.  
To a soundtrack of the song, "Wave Your Flag," Ms. Geller encouraged Zionists to wave their Israeli flags proudly.   
Ad-campaign Mr. Geller championed contested by leftist Jews

Ms. Geller has come under criticism from liberal Jews for her transit-system billboard counter-campaign defending Israel from Jihadism. How welcome did she feel among the orthodox Jews whose claims to Judea & Samaria she dedicates her life to defending from the global Jihad?

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