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El Al LAX Memorial: Nonie Darwish: We Egyptians must also free ourselves of our Jew-hatred

Egyptian Islamist, Hesham Mohamed Hadayat shot and/or stabbed 6 people at Los Angeles International airport on Independence Day 2002, the first Independence Day following Al Qaeda's attacks on the World Trade Center, U.S. Pentagon, and attempt to crash the Capitol.  Had passengers and El Al security not wrestled his weapons during the attack, other airline's passengers might have been massacred.  See Democracy Broadcasting's story from last years annual memorial, Assessing our resistance to jihad on the 10th memorial of the Independence Day Islamic terror attack on L.A.X.

El Al attendent, Victoria Hen, and Jacob Aminov were the two Israeli-Americans who died of the shots inflicted Hesham Mohamed Hedayat, that July 4th, 2002 morning.  Aminov, a father of 5 children (and 1 on the way) was only dropping-off a friend flying on El Al, Michael Shabtai (whose post-traumatic stress disorder from the bloodbath contributed to his pre-mature death at age 57).

Avi and Rachel Hen, parents of L.A. terror victim, Vicky Hen, have organized a memorial vigil at L.A.X. each year since the first anniversary of the deaths.

The Islamist who attacked travellers at L.A.X. is part of the movement the Egyptian public have rejected in droves in the streets.  Muslim-raised Egyptian, Nonie Darwish, delivered this impassioned plea at a memorial to the Israeli-American victims.  She apologized for the racism in Arab / Muslim society which terrorizes to conquer non-Muslims- especially Jews, which is promoted in mosques and schools.

Ms. Darwish calls for awareness to - and an end to - Egypt's Nazi-inherited demogoguery of Jew-hatred - which creates a straw-man enemy distraction for failing societies- plus threats to the safety and stability of Jews and the societies in which they live around the world- especially Israel.  She says Muslims must give-up their Holy War against Jews and Christians.  Egyptians' rebellion against the Muslim Brotherhood's Islamism shows the world that Muslims are ready for moderation and reform.

At the 11th memorial of the Islamic terrorist attack at LAX which killed his daughter, Victoria, Avi Hen questions for the press whether security lapses (local and federal) which contributed to the near massacre of the Int'l Terminal by a West Coast Jihadist were intentional or coincidental- as he feels there has been no accountability or justice for Victoria's survivors.

Avi Hen expressed to the press (from 4 TV channels) his frustration with what he has experienced as authorities' stonewalling, lack of accountability on airport police absence enabling the attempted massacrist access to International Terminal.

Klaus Ben-Ami Hackel, El Al's station manager at that time, has been a consistent attendee, along with some of El Al's desk personnel at the time.  The German-raised Mr. Hackel was exposed to Palestinian terrorism in Munich during the '72 Olympics Massacre.  As Lufthansa's station manager at Israel's airport, he strove to avoid terror.  When El Al hired him, he redoubled his efforts to avoid Islamic terror on the Israeli airline for years. But when he transferred to L.A.X. airport, Islamic terrorism finally caught up with him, attempting a massacre on his watch. At the memorial, Mr. Ben-ami Hackel discusses the impact of the 2002 jihadist attack on his life and our world.

Dror Ben-Ami, partner of Klaus Ben-Ami Hackel, attending the EL AL memorial ceremony at L.A.X. expressed dismay at Israeli-Americans' complacency in failing to stand-up for their own and to deter enemies.

Mr. Ben-Ami warns that like their Nazi predecessors, what starts as against only Jews, never ends with Jews, but is a threat of Muslim power against all non-Muslims.

The attack occurred just 10 months after the US declared War on Terror.  L.A. airport, city and federal authorities were reluctant to acknowledge that another Islamist network succeeded in nearly massacring the International Terminal at Los Angeles Int'l Aiport.

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Egyptian Hebrew scholar: "Many times I write things about Israel and the comments of my readers are racist. But it's always better to have a common language. Many Egyptians are still surprised that I talk to Israelis, because they have this image that an Israeli is a monster."