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Which candidate will keep Israel safe and secure? Watch "Israel Under Obama" broadcast on 2 TV networks- Sunday, Nov 4th

How has Obama's handling of Israel & the Mid-East in his first term shown which presidential candidate will keep Israel, America, and the Jewish nation safer?

"Israel under Obama" - Part 1: Rabbi David Algaze at New York's United Jerusalem Rally in June notes Obama's litany of offenses against the Zionist enterprise.  Israel's Knesset Deputy Speaker Danny Danon cautions Obama pushing Israel too hard and fast into ceding vital territory (including East Jerusalem) to a Palestinian government unwilling to offer genuince peace.

Dr. Paul Brody, co-organizer of the Israel Day Rally in Central Park discusses the message their gathering sends to the White House.  A look at Obama's facilitated Islamism against Israel & its affect on our world.

Part 2  Obama's handling of the Arab-Israeli conflict & its global ramifications.  Canadian Parliamentarian Irwin Cotler gives a balanced assessment of where he believes Obama has been good and bad toward Israel.  Actor Ed Ames gives a candid interpretation of what he sees as Obama's antagonism of Israel.  Investor Business Daily journalist, Monica Showalter, discusses Obama's business and economic treatment of Israel - a boon for entrepreneurship in high-technology and energy.

Part 3- Winning freedom's victory against the ascension of Islamism.  Chaim ben Pesach of the Jewish Task Force talks about the spread of Islamism throughout America- with mollifying and facilitating from the Obama Administration.  Informed watchdogs of anti-Semitism, Samuel and Ardyth Freshman, convey their concerns about life-long Democrats willful blindness towards Obama's philo-Islamic bias- and how former Obama supporters are switching their votes to Mitt Romney.  Christian Zionist John Brown of Zion Oil and Gas urges Jews to elect a president with less of an anti-Zionist bent.  Rabbi Moshe Parry urges viewers to get out the vote to save America.  In Dearborn, Michigan, Christian Zionist Eric Jones stands-up for Israel at the anti-Terry Jones, Muslim & Leftist rally.  He cautions about Obama advisor, Samantha Power's declared policy of "responsibility to protect" which would place foreign armies, not UN peacekeepers, in Israel and around Palestinian Arabs- which could backfire against the Israel and American alliance.

Inform others before the Tuesday's election to watch and evaluate which candidate will be a better friend to Israel and the Jewish nation.  Watch Israel under Obama - being broadcast on Sunday, November 4th at 4:00pm ET/ 3:00pm CT on Jewish Life TV (J.L.T.V.) nationwide on DirecTV and many cable systems, including Time Warner and Comcast.

The conclusion of "Israel Under Obama" will be telecast on LegacyTV (now The Walk TV) throughout America - (check here for your for local listings) Sunday, November 4th at 4:30pm ET/ 3:30pm CT/ 1:30 PT.  If LegacyTV isn't available in your area, stream it here:


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