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A flashback and foreboding of Obama's threat to Jews - watch "Israel Under Obama" starring Andrew Breitbart, Ed Ames, and Jon Voight

When Israel is embattled in the media - especially when struggling with Islamist-friendly political enemies like Barack Obama's regime, Jews everywhere lose- and anti-Semitism grows.  

Celebrities, poliiticians, clergy, & Zionistic Americans caution how Obama Administration's pro-Palestinian, philo-Islamist bent imperils Israel, America & the world. 

Jewish Life ("JLTV") TV broadcast "Israel Under Obama" Part 3 today.  If you didn't see it, contact them to ask that they repeat it.  Call JLTV's feedback hotline at (646) 481-JLTV (5588). 

Watch the concluding Episode 4 of Israel under Obama, "Hearken! Prophets remind us of the danger of Obama" from 4:30-5pm ET on LegacyTV (also "The Walk TV") across America (especially in swing states).

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