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Rabbi Parry counters anti-Israel protest at Israeli Consulate in L.A. almost singlehandedly

Outside the Israeli Consulate in L.A Thurs eve 15 Nov, Islamist & far-leftist anti-Zionist groups (led by American Muslims for Palestine) stage a vitriolic protest to Israel's attempt to stop incessant Palestinian terrorist rocketing. 

The protest (which drew reporters from all local TV stations) was counter-rallied by not one, single, pro-Israel organization in Israel's defense. Rabbi Moshe Parry, an unemployed teacher, stepped-up to challenge the protestors and provide a Zionist perspective to the media. 

But one of the the Muslim protestors we interviewed, Gazan-born, Ziad el-Alami, reveals an objective which goes far beyond the immediate- their goal is to conquer the State of Israel. Rabbi Parry declares that Jews will never be safe alongside an irredentist movement in (Gaza and Judea & Samaria) convinced to conquer the Jewish state.

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