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Physician from Nigeria, embraced to study laproscopy in Israel; proof of Israel's humanitarian, multicultural culture; dispels "apartheid" myths

African doctor trained by Israel brings top, obstetrics techniques home to Nigeria. Calls Israel a place where doctors of every race and creed provide care to patients of every race and creed.

Dr. Gerry Nkwocha, a specialist in Ob/Gyn, affirms that Israel is a free country with equal opportunity for all races and religions. The valedictorian of Israel's Wolfson Medical Center's laproscopy training program denounces false allegations of apartheidism in Israel as lies. Watch his original testimony with Joo-Tube, filmed at the Aipac Policy Conference in Washington, DC.

Watch Dr. Nkwocha's participation in the live, "Israel Around the World" presentation the previous night.

Watch evidence of the professional and humane standards of the Wolfson Medical Center:

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Gerry Nkwocha said...

Good interview, unfortunately we were not able to conclude the interview. We will do it again. Gerry