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The Campaign against Israel (and how well are we overcoming this crisis)?

The greatest threat to Israel's survival may be her enemies' campaign to delegitimize the state in politics and media.  Israel National News reports:
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu decided Thursday night to cancel his previously announced participation in the Nuclear Security summit scheduled to take place in the United States next week. Instead, the prime minister will send a delegation headed by Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy Dan Meridor. 
The Prime Minister, still smarting from Obama's reception at the White House recently,  did not entirely trust White House assurances that there would be no discussion of Israel's nuclear arms situation at the conference - and the administration's adherence to a 1969 understanding with Washington that it agreed with Israel's ambiguity and would not pressure Israel on the subject. 

The cancellation followed rumors that Arab and Muslim states planned to demand that Israel sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, as have 189 countries. Turkey and Egypt were among those countries allegedly planning to use the conference to pressure Israel.
Chris Mitchell, the Jerusalem Bureau Chief of CBN News, reports. His video report includes statements from Caroline Glick, Dore Gold, US Gen. (ret.) Jerry Boykin, Philipe Karsenty, and Dan Diker.

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Eva Deutsch Costabel said...

Joseph Goebels , the propaganda Minister of Germany in WII would be proud of the Islamo- Fascists who spread propaganda and lies against Israel and the Jewish people. This ignorance and evil intent is truly hard to fight. Israel is known to have very poor Hasbara. They ought to hire a sophisticated Madison Avenue advertising agency just as our enemies are doing rather than always be on the defensive. Israel should not listen to anybody how to defend themselves in spite of the name calling from other nations. Israeli leaders have a duty to protect their own people. Since when could we depend on other nation for our survival anyway? Israel has to do what is best for Israel and the hell with so called public opinion.
Eva Costabel
Holocaust survivor