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50 U.S. Generals & Admirals caution Obama about damaging relations with ally Israel

Generals Write Obama on Israel - Op-Eds - Israel National News

50 retired U.S. generals and admirals tell Obama in a no nonsense letter that Israel is a security asset for the U.S.

They decided to do something in response to the recent ridiculous treatment Israel has gotten from the Obama administration. This group of about 50 retired United States generals and admirals put together the following letter urging him as well as Congress and the general American public to recognize how truly intertwined Israel's success is with America's.

Recipients of JINSA's 2009 Henry M. Jackson Distinguished Service Award (left to right): Gen. George W. Casey Jr., U.S. Army Chief of Staff; Adm. Gary Roughead, U.S. Navy Chief of Naval Operations; Lt. Gen. George J. Trautman, USMC, representing Gen. James T. Conway, Marine Corps Commandant; Adm. Thad W. Allen, Coast Guard Commandant; Gen. Norton A. Schwartz, Air Force Chief of Staff; and U.S. Navy Adm. Eric T. Olson, Commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command.

Here is an excerpt from the letter from the officers:

"The security of the State of Israel is a matter of great importance to the United States and its policy in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean. A strong, secure Israel is an asset upon which American military planners and political leaders can rely. Israel is a democracy - a rare and precious commodity in the region - and Israel shares our commitment to freedom, personal liberty and rule of law.

Throughout our travels and our talks, the determination of Israelis to protect their country and to pursue a fair and workable peace with their neighbors was clearly articulated. Thus we view the current tension between the United States and Israel with dismay and grave concern that political differences may be allowed to outweigh our larger mutual interests."

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