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Jewish Angelenos unite for JConnect's Tu b' Av "LoveFest" with Moshav, Rav Shmuel, & Blue Fringe's Dov Rosenblatt

JConnect has a new marketing director, Eric Rosen, and new Executive Director, Rabbi Yonah Bookstein. This Tu b'Av event was the team's debut. Joo-Tube's video features interviews with many of the attendees, and highlights of performances by Blue Fringe's Eric Rosenthal, Rav Shmuel ("Protocols of the Elders of Zion"), and the Moshav Band featuring Yossi Solomon (prior to moving home to Moshav Modiin), and up-close magic from Las Vegas magician, Seth Grable.

In order to view the 40-minute video, password access is required. Please enter your email address in the "Free Subscription" field in the right-hand column to receive password access via email.

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