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Record-level, global anti-Semitism - is there some prophetic significance?

Hate-crime statistics proves Islamophobia - a red-herring distraction from actual problem from anti-Semitism.

Jews were the top religious targets of hate-crimes in New York state last year, accounting for 84% of the reported incidents.

Muslims experienced only 2 property crimes (5% of the total) and 6 personal crimes (4% of total) while Jews experienced 92 property crimes and 129 personal crimes.  (Hat-tip The Vicious Babushka

Muslim-inspired blood-libels about Israel generate record-level, Gentile anti-Semitism, which forces once-patriotic, Diaspora Jews to emigrate to imperiled Israel, a small refuge about to be fed to the lions at the UN. 

Is the world approaching its final judging? Utilizing news clips from global television, this Israeli rabbi interprets the events of our times.

(Video courtesy: Orange Truth)

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