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Gov. Mike Huckabee tours Samarian communities; challenges Obama over Israel

As part of his visit to Israel, Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee visited the Samarian communities.

Gov. Huckabee remarked that his current visit “has affirmed deep in my heart that this (Israel) is a very, very special land.”

“From the time that I first saw it in 1973… I continue to be amazed at places that I remember at one time as being desolate, now producing food an commerce and families… the dry bones have come alive!”

He commented,“I thought it was very telling that when we got to the borders of Nablus we couldn’t go in because I was with Jewish people couldn’t go there. (But) Arab people can go to the Jewish parts of Jerusalem, and the Jewish parts of Israel, but the Jewish people could not go there."

Huckabee made the comparison between the segregation of Jews and Arabs and racial segregation in the United States in a radio interview with Yishai Fleisher as well. While references to racism are usually levelled at Israel by those who compare it to the racist Apartheid state, Huckabee sees Jews as the ones who are being discriminated against.

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