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Arab narrative to deny historical, Jewish essence of Jerusalem receives widespread support among the West

In the JPost's Warped Mirror article, Don't Mention Islam, blogger Petra Marquardt-Bigman reveals popular international support for politcal Islam's insidious denial (and rewriting) of Jerusalem's Jewish history - the campaign to replace Judaism with Islam in popular Muslim narrative, denying and destroying factual evidence.

I believe that this episode illustrates a broader phenomenon: the fashionable Western denial of the deep-seated religiously motivated hostility of Israel's enemies in the region. And I would suggest that this episode also illustrates a closely related trend that seems to grow ever stronger: when it comes to Islam, freedom of speech, and indeed freedom of thought, is increasingly restricted. The statements I made were directly taken from Muslim websites, and yet, just for daring to suggest that Islam plays an important role in the hostile intransigence of Israel's enemies, I was accused of bigotry and "Islamophobia."

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