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A candid view inside El Al: Israel's airline to the world. Exclusive video interview with Chairman Izzy Borovich & Americas' President Offer Gat

El Al Airlines' Chairman Prof. Izzy Borovich and Mr. Offer Gat, Chief Executive, North America, relate how El Al's uniqueness as the flagship carrier of Israel provides global travelers a special travel experience. El Al has a colorful history beyond commercial aviation, it's also a 'magic carpet' which rescues Jews in peril around the world in times of crisis, e.g., historic airlifts from Yemen and Ethiopia, and recently in the Republic of Georgia.

'When you fly with El Al,' Prof Borovich proclaims, 'you're flying with Israel!'

He details how he came to head the privitized national carrier, and mentions some of the company's commercial interests that prospective shareholders may not know. As Mr. Haim Romano assumes the chairmanship as of December, Prof. Borovich will maintain a seat on the Board of Directors. (30-minute total-running-time original video exclusive).

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