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Are Jews for Obama in denial about building the framework for their own destruction?

Is this evidence of American Jews' failure to learn the lesson of "We're Germans first?" Infidel Blogger Alliance combines Jerusalem-based founder of Jewish Media Resources, Jonathan Rosenblum's well-reasoned editorial from with Memri TV's revelation from Palestinian Television of Islamists' preaching Muslims' obligation (and intention) to destroy) Jews everywhere.

"American Jews who are voting for Obama don't realize it, but they are voting against Israel as their state of asylum in case of another outbreak of anti-Semitism."

"The Jews were sentenced to annihilation, before even a single Jew existed on the face of the earth." - Palestinian cleric, Muhsen Abu 'Ita.

Infidel Bloggers adds 'American Islamist group Sabeel's Naim Ateek professes the Palestinian Authority to be a "liberation" movement.' Apparently, that must refer to the liberation of Jews from this world.

In Khalidi of the PLO, Jerusalem-based scholar, Martin Kramer, proves the strong PLO affiliation of Obama's ideological brother (which the mainstream media seeks to hide):

Rashid Khalidi was known to be affiliated with, and protected by Arafat’s Fatah. A 1979 New York Times report (by Youssef Ibrahim) described Khalidi as “a professor of political science who is close to Al Fatah.” In Beirut, to be “close” to an organization meant you enjoyed its protection in return for loyalty and services rendered.

Khalidi’s wife also worked as an English translator for the PLO’s press agency, Wafa.

So savvy journalists knew that if they wanted the Fatah spin, they could get it from Khalidi.


Anonymous said...

i believe you may find thethirdjihad.com interesting

Anonymous said...

If you thought that Condi was trouble by setting-up Israel for an upcoming, indefensible conquest from all sides, below (Iranian subs) and terrorists within...

What will happen when Israel ultimately balks at Obama, Brezinski, Malley, Power, pro-Palistan Rahm's demands for 'painful concessions'?

What will be the blowback against Jewish citizens in the Diaspora (i.e., outside Israel)?

Britain & Europe have shown record-levels of public enmity, hostility, and violence towards neighbors of Jewish identity when the news coverage starts to depict Israel as:

1) the oppressor/rejecter/obstacle to justice / sovereignty for the Palestinian people- resulting in;

2) being perceived as the instigator of terrorism locally &

3) the cause of American civilian terror casualties by Palestinian sympathizers, and

4) the blame for the Mid-East instability-caused, expensive gas prices;

5) the blame for the the Iraq War for Israel, resulting in suffering and spillage of American soldiers' blood & lives; and

6) Americans' having to burden the financial cost, economic crisis, and higher taxes.

Where will the good Jewish citizens of North America turn when the Political Correctness threshold for resentment towards Jewish people gets crossed? When hostile manifestations meet with no social barrier or self-defensive Jewish recourse?

When social discrimination leads to harrassment (and even assaults) on them, their property, and their children (increasingly prevalent in Europe during the past few years- I've seen it with my own eyes, followed by the lack of recourse from the employed Jewish leadership)?

Where will they turn when experiencing a climate too humiliating for proud North Americans - abandoned, even reviled by their fellow countrymen?

What refuge will materialistic North American Jews find? Will they choose to flee their motherland to an impoverished, handcuffed, and Islamic-nuclear-terror challenged Israel - extorted into a Mexican-Standoff with apocalyptic Iran and the known Islamist-sympathist who (they denyed incriminating evidence about him) to voted 3:1 to elect to lead the world - against their own interests?

The election proves that readers of sites like DemoCast and Joo-Tube must crusade to get these messages out more broadly. Bring in more readers & subscribers. Originate or forward emails to others who deserve to receive educating.