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Moslem son of Kuwaiti ambassador to Poland abducts 3 Jewish "March-ers of the Living" near Auschwitz

From JihadWatch.org: Here yet again is more evidence of what we have pointed out many times over the years: that there is no reliable way to distinguish between Islamic "extremists" and Islamic "moderates" -- no doubt everyone would have assumed the son of the ambassador was in the latter camp, at least until he started abducting Jews and claiming he had a bomb. (Article from Al-Arabiya:)
The 23-year-old son of Ambassador Khaled Al-Shaibani, identified only as Mohammad A., was charged with holding the teenagers against their will at the Warsaw Holiday Inn, Warsaw police spokesman Anna Kedzierzowska told the AP.

Al-Shibani was too intoxicated to undergo questioning on Monday, but he spoke with authorities and confessed on Tuesday morning, police said.

He faces a suspended sentence of 10 months to three years. He will be released pending his court hearing, which has not yet been scheduled.

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