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Media downplays Israel 60th anniversary until negative, story-angles can be found

Mainstream media vacuum allows dirty-laundryman to bring-down Olmert government- catching interest of news-outlets to acknowledge Israel's birthday.

The past few days are a milestone of 60 years of survival of the fledgling Jewish State from a Judaism-loathing, Jewry-hating, Palestinian-loving, oil-crazed world.

After waiting 60-years for this occasion- isn't it at least worthy enough for a national network news to acknowledge the factual history of the establishment and survival of the State and people of that nation. Who is Israel? What better occasion to help publicly clarify, identify this country, people, and their plight?

There are plenty of resources to draw from. But who showed anything? Please list any of the documentaries you saw shown by one of the Discovery or History Channels?

But all I saw was Google News' aggregating newspaper articles which focussed on the Palestinians struggle. What have you seen?

Shouldn't the Israeli Foreign Ministry's Communications Dept have done a little better? Shouldn't the organized Jewish Federation? Or the rest of the Jewish establishment?

What's wrong with this picture? The chief of US NATO Command claims that Israel is America's greatest ally in the world.

Is it any wonder why, like the US military in Iraq, the Jihadist war against the West is being lost - undermined in the public psyche by our own media?

So, since the media has all but diverted their eyes from praising Israel, perhaps it's appropriate that The Laundryman, Morris Talansky, has stepped forward to interfere with Sec'y Rice's pressure on PM Olmert's administration to cede more Israeli territory.

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