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Israeli-Angelenos and supporters protest Palestinian Hamas invading, massacring civilians, abducting families hostage

A Palestinian terrorist returns to Gaza bearing the prize of a
young Israeli man's corpse, slain by their massacre and
abduction group- drawing cheers from fellow Palestinians
Early Saturday, Hamas militants fired thousands of rockets into Israel striking numerous targets. According to an IDF spokesman, some 1,000 Hamas terrorists crossed the internationally recognized border between Gaza and Israel and began massacring civilians in at least 14 Israeli towns and communities, entering homes and apartments and killing men, women, and children—including nearly 300 young people who were attending a rave in the desert. The scenes of horror and bloodshed that resulted, including the murders of entire families, the kidnapping of small children, and rapes of young women, were seemingly intended to cause maximum anger and shock inside Israel. More than 250 people were seized by the terrorists and taken back into Gaza, where they are being held hostage. They include women, very young children, and the elderly. 
Aftermath of the Nova party massacre of October 7, 2023,
the corpses of partygoers are laid in groups
Israel's Foreign Ministry estimates that Hamas his killed around 1,200 and at least 1,000 others have been wounded. At least 49 Israeli children and adolescents under the age of 19 were killed in the attack.

The fighting came on the 50th anniversary of the so-called "Yom Kippur War," Oct 6-25, 1973, when Israel was attacked by a coalition of Arab states. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his nation in a televised address Saturday, "We are at war. What happened (Saturday) has never been seen in Israel. We will take mighty vengeance for this black day."
The day following the attacks, several hundred Israelis and other Zionist Jews and Christians gathered in Los Angeles to protest the abductions and massacre. This Zionist pride display triggered a Kuwaiti-Muslim man who challenged the protesters. A few led him back across the street where he explained his views to JewTube.
Pro-Israel protest Oct. 8, '23 jammed traffic outside of L.A.'s Federal Building

Playlist of videos from Rally at L.A. Federal Building with descriptions below (advance through playlist via menu on top right or arrows on bottom left)
1) Zionistic-Americans protesting Palestinian Hamas' massacring, abducting Israelis- Never Again is Now!

Jewish, Christian, and Israeli-Americans outraged at Islamist Palestinians savaging 100's of innocent Jewish civilian families call for activism against the vilifying of Jewish retaliation against Islamist atrocities.
This Iranian Jewish-American  discusses the recent massacre of Jews in Israel and emphasizes the importance of the message of "never again." He highlights that the groups responsible for the attack are being funded and trained by Iran and its proxies, comparing them to Nazis. He expresses concern about the government's response to the attack and the lack of prosecution for the attackers, arguing that it empowers those seeking the destruction of the Jewish community. He also calls for stronger protection for the Jewish community and harsher sentences for perpetrators of anti-Semitic crimes.
2) Zionistic protesters rebuff Islamist-antagonist. In a heated exchange in a YouTube video, a Jewish man confronts an individual perceived as Arab, who attempted to harass his group.
3) Ahistoric myths of Islamo-Leftists which fuel hysterics & religious hatred towards Jews and Israelis.
Protesters near UCLA are disrupted by a Muslim-Kuwaiti man - angered, even before Israel retaliated, at basic support for Israel. He asserts that Palestinians have been the rightful owners of the land for centuries and that Israeli people have no right to it. The student justifies this view by referring to accounts in religious texts. He believes that a Palestinian State should replace the Israeli State, implying that Israel is an unjust occupation. The expired student's views were challenged by the interviewer, but he remained steadfast in his belief that Palestine is the true owner of the land and that Israeli people have no right to it.

4) Jewish-Angeleno rebuffs Muslim antagonizing protest of Jihadists torturing US and Israeli civilian hostages:
In a heated exchange, a Jewish-Los Angeleno confronts a Muslim-Arab man, who attempted to harass his group. The gentleman, married to an Israeli-American, expresses disappointment in the Biden Administration's support for Palestinian and Iranian causes, labeling it as financing terrorist organizations, and criticizes American Jews who back Democrats for allegedly disliking Israel. The conversation intensifies when the speaker discusses recent incidents of kidnapping, abuse, and murder of Israeli civilians by Palestinian extremists, expressing skepticism about the prospects for a Palestinian state.

The gentleman advocates for a reset in the ongoing violence between Israel and Gaza, accusing both sides of using propaganda and brutality. He draws parallels between the Islamic jihadist attacks of 9/11 and the present situation, urging action against enemies for America's safety. The speaker expresses frustration towards Muslim antagonists protesting against the treatment of US and Israeli hostages and believes that despite their smaller numbers, Jews and Israel have the ability to defend themselves against adversaries
5) Iranian-Amer concurs with Nikki Haley: Finish-off the Islamists before they conquer more democracies.
Mr. Max, a Persian and spiritual person, aligns with Nikki Haley's perspective on combating Islamist regimes, particularly the Iranian regime. Distancing himself from organized religion, Max urges action against the atrocities in Iran and the Middle East, drawing a solemn comparison to the inaction during the Holocaust. Max, a real estate professional, strongly advocates for intervention to prevent further Islamist conquests of democracies.

6) Jewish Iranian & Israeli-Americans denounce Democrat administration (and other U.N. Marxist / Globalists') support for Iran-backed, Islamist Palestinians

Iranian / Israeli Jewish-American gentleman voices his concerns and frustrations with Democrat support for Iran-backed, Palestinian Islamists. He criticizes the Biden Administration's decision to release $6 billion to Iran, which will be used to support Hamas and terrorism. He argues for stricter measures against terrorism, and expresses worries about the influence of radical Islam. He also discusses the mistreatment of Jews in the Middle East and suggest the idea of an exchange of populations as a solution. Additionally, he raises concerns about the safety of Iranian Jews and question whether it is time for them to leave before becoming hostages.

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