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Watch Moshav Band's farewell show at community-wide Mishmar at Happy Minyan

American-Israeli Moshav Band singer (and cantor) Yehuda Solomon, Skypes the dancers the new vista his wife at their Jerusalem apartment. Guitarist / singer Duvid Swirsky accompanied him for the Mishmar sing-along'ers and dancers for a 90-min> show

The core Moshav Band is comprised of Cantor Yehuda Solomon of the L.A. Happy Minyan Synagogue and guitarist Duvid Swirsky who performs liturgically at the Wilshire Blvd Temple, as well as in Distant Cousins.

Mr. Solomon recently relocated with his family to Jerusalem - but returned to Happy to lead High Holiday services. He reunited with Mr. Swirsky to perform for the first, community-wide Mishmar - at the Minyan's new location  on Thursday 21 Sept 2023. The Moshav Band concert (with intermission performer, Eli Skaist) can be heard on this multi-segment Playlist.
(Advance through the playlist with the arrow on the bottom left).

According to Jewish tradition, one's fate is decided on Rosh Hashanah and sealed on Yom Kippur. Rabbi Andrea London of Beth Emet synagogue in Evanston, Illinois, wrote: "Our lives are in the balance between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, depending on how we act. The fully righteous are inscribed (in the Book of Life) for the year, the wholly evil are not inscribed and the rest of us need to work to make amends and make sure we have more good deeds than bad, if we want to be sealed for another year of life.”

JooTube's preparing you news and features that promote Jewish identity and survival relies on you contributing - through the link in the column on the right. To lessen the severity of your fate for the New Year - repentance, prayer, and charity. the "central poem of the High Holy Day [of the Day of Atonement] - Un'taneh Tokef.

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