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L.A. shul-goers discover their restaurants' glass smashed by masked, burglar gang

A British-American orthodox area resident inspects the new windows at Schnitzly Restaurant.


Some Jewish Los Angelenos walking to synagogue on Shabbat morning were stunned to see glass doors and windows of their kosher restaurants smashed into pieces on the sidewalks. 

Several restaurants catering to Jewish residents of Pico-Robertson neighborhood were vandalized - and some were burglarized.

A glazier repairs the broken glass of Nagila Pizza

The restaurants affected were Nagila Pizza,  Fisherman's Bowl, Sushiko, Shalom Grill, Shanghai Garden, and Fu's Palace (not kosher). Factor's Deli was not touched.

The doorway of the soon to be opened,
Fisherman's Bowl
Restaurant gets boarded up

A roving, neighborhood watchman mentioned that police were alerted on Friday to a stranger brandishing a firearm. We don't know whether the gunman and the break-ins are related. Or whether the break-ins are bias motivated (hate-crime) towards the orthodox Jewish restauranteurs or community.

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