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Rabbi Aaron Parry, 66, buried recently in Jerusalem, gets eulogized in L.A. by family, former educational community

On August 22nd, distinguished L.A educators, Rabbis Avrohom Stulberger (Dean of Valley-Torah H.S.) and Tzvi Bloch (founder of Toras Hashem Synagogue) memorialized the late, formerly-local teacher Rabbi Aaron Parry (d. July 19, 2023 of a coronary), praising his characteristics, his family members, and they noted the impact he had on those around him. They highlighted his love for Torah and mitzvot, his dedication to growing in Judaism, and his desire to be a good Jew and teach Torah to others. The rabbis also emphasize the importance of emulating Rabbi Parry's qualities and commitment to spiritual and intellectual growth. They encourage everyone to honor his memory by incorporating his values into their own lives.


Summary of Tribute to R' Aaron Parry (Pt 2): R' Reuven Wolf; student Dr. Omar Margrechter; and R' Moshe Parry 

In this tribute to Rabbi Aaron Parry, various speakers reflect on his qualities and impact. They describe him as a person of deep connection who exuded life and energy, despite facing personal challenges. The concept of death is discussed, with one perspective attributing it to sin and another to divine decree. Rabbi Parry, being a master of esoteric teachings, lived at a deeper level of the soul that remained constant even after his physical passing. Personal stories and memories highlight his love for humanity and small but meaningful actions. Gratitude is expressed for his teachings and the support shown during his memorial. The passing of righteous individuals is seen as opportunities to learn and elevate the soul. Finally, the speaker expresses deep gratitude and reverence, emphasizing Rabbi Parry's significant influence on their spiritual growth and the collective effort to bring Mashiach.


Summary of Pt3: Rabbi Aaron Parry: Eulogies by bro R' Moshe, son Yossi. Maariv w/son Eli Parry; R' Yitz Feiglin Rabbi Aaron Parry's loved ones reflect on his impact and legacy in these eulogies. Family members apologize for any shortcomings and express deep sadness. They highlight Rabbi Parry's loving nature, his ability to connect with all people, and his genuine and authentic demeanor. The speakers also emphasize his humility, compassion, determination, and resilience. They admire his continuous pursuit of self-improvement and his positive outlook on life. Overall, they express a deep admiration for Rabbi Parry and his lasting influence on those who knew him.

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