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Leftist protest of Yom Kippur kosher (but not Eid halal) ritual sacrifices persist

Police apprehend leftist activists for bribing workers to release chickens

As Jews perform atonement rituals in the approach to Yom Kippur, leftists (including Muslims) announced protests to kapparot rituals outside a Los Angeles synagogue yesterday and today. (Update: it was reported that a demonstrator spat upon the person of a Jewish attendee). The ritual transfer of one's sins to a sacrificial fowl is nowadays typically practiced by Sephardics, Persians, and ultra-orthodox Jews. We re-post our news coverage of the challenge to a similar demonstration from 2013. The complacency by counter-protesters has not deterred antagonists.

Jay Michaelson in The Forward posited: "If these animal rights activists wanted to protest the egregious violence our culture does to animals, they should stand outside not synagogues, but restaurants and grocery stores, that mainstream which facilitates the industrial suffering and slaughter of chicken."

In "Animal-activists confront orthodox Jewish sin-offering ritual - but lacking any Halal protests, how much is anti-Semitism?" JewTube showed our complete video of a leftist 2013 protest against kaparos/kaparot in Los Angeles.  
Camels are among the mammals permitted for Muslims to
ritually sacrifice on Eid as Qurbani.
This in Pakistan, but animal sacrifice is also conducted
in western Muslim communities.
This condensed version shows the counter-protestors, led by Rabbi Moshe Parry, challenging the protestors, led by progressive activists Rabbi Jonathan Klein, executive director at the progressive advocacy group CLUE-LA (Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice) and Muslim-Iranian born, Ms. Niloo Khodadadeh.

While giving other religions a free pass, PETA India, which is known to selectively target Hindu traditions and customs, has on its website recommended a ‘resource’ set up by PETA US which advocates ‘Islamic Teachings On Compassion but they don't object to Muslim animal sacrifice.

Rabbi Parry argues that their conduct reveals a number of the activists to be hateful of Jews. The movement discriminates by protesting solely against Jews- who conduct this kosher ritual only one week a year, and disregard the more inhumane Halal slaughter which is conducted 52-weeks per year. Rabbi Parry calls for Jews to develop physical vigilance to deter future anti-Jewish protests and confrontations.

In the Jewish Journal, (The battle over kapparot goest to courtSept 8) writer Edmon Rodman reports that 
on Aug. 26, a group of attorneys (led by David Simon) representing seven plaintiffs seeking to stop public kapparot ceremonies in Los Angeles filed suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court. 

When asked whether he believes Jews are being singled out unfairly, especially by animal rights activists, Simon said he has seen “some evidence” of this. For some “fringe people,” there “may be some anti-Semitic component to their perspective on this,” he said.
Protestor gets the finger from Hasid for antagonizing outdoor kaparot in B'klyn

In Williamsburg, Brooklyn a
 Hasid 'flipped-off' a protestor photographing him performing kaparos. Jay Michaelson took-up his cause in The Forward "Why This Hasid WAS RIGHT to Flip the Bird to Kaparot Protestor"

I can imagine it (kaparot) being more cathartic – and thus more worthwhile – than most Yom Kippur services that will be held later this week. ... So why are the protesters protesting?  ... I can’t imagine any of the mostly-white English-speaking protesters standing outside carnicerias and protesting traditional Latin American methods of animal husbandry and slaughter. But the Jews – well, they’re just right. Easy to mock, yet safe to mock.
If it seems I’m playing the anti-semitism card too casually here, read the comments and tweets accompanying the picture. “Omg… their hair!” “Finger to you, ugly Jewish loser.” These are not from the activists themselves – in fact, one of them registered her horror at the anti-Semitic comments on a thread I saw.

... I’d like to join this (Hasid) kid, who I’ll probably never meet, in giving the finger to that whole thicket of ignorance and condescension: the assumptions that liberal ethics are the only ethics, the delusions of what religious people are supposed to be like, and, most of all, the huge self-delusion that a few dizzy chickens in Brooklyn represent a significant part of the effort to secure justice and compassion for non-human animals.    Read more.
As we recite the Un'teneh Tokef on Yom Kippur, we know that our "repentence, prayer, and charity," can reduce the severity of the decree for our coming year. Will you please make a charitable donation (in the right-hand margin) to continue all that JooTube does to enlighten and inspire defense of Jews and Israel?  L'shana tova tikatevu- may you be inscribed for a good year!

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