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"9/13" - Thwart an imperialism that's again conquering the West via anti-Semitism

Islamists hijack jets as missiles into NYC
World Trade Center towers 9/11/01

How do Western societies, (who on Sept 11th used to believe "Never Forget") or North American Jews, (who profess "Never Again") fail to see and fight the connection in today's times? Germany's National Socialists rose to power by scapegoating Jews and stoking religious and ethnic supremacy among Aryan Christians. Upon the Nazi defeat, Egypt repatriated  Goebbels' propagandists to advance pan-Muslim power by combine Muslim theology's Jew-hatred with a socio-political hatred for the Jewish expansion in Palestine. Unified by anti-Zionism, the Islamist global revolution spread to the reaches of Pakistan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. 

Today, anti-Christian Americanism and anti-Jewish Israelism has years of global spread by Al-Jazeera, A.P., Reuters, and Muslim news outlets. So what happened to concerns of Never Forget and Never Again when it comes to Judeo-Christian societies importing Islamic supremacist-raised immigrants from societies raised to hate "the infidel" and "the Zionist Jews?"

"9/13" by Daniel Greenfield in "Sultan Knish," Sept 11,'22

"As another 9/11 anniversary arrives, we are not in 9/10, a world before the fall of the towers, nor 9/12, the world that was born in the aftermath of the attacks, rather we are in 9/13.

In 9/13, years have passed without significant Islamic terrorist attacks taking place on American soil. In past surveys, concern about Islamic terrorism ranks in the low single digits behind everything else.

In 9/13, culture wars, COVID, pronouns and other concerns have vastly eclipsed not only the barbaric mass murder of thousands, but the recognition that we are at war. And that war is far from over.

America’s Islamic population is growing. The open border doesn’t just bring in drug dealers and gang members, but massive numbers of people from the Muslim world. The Afghan airlift and visas will probably end up importing at least a quarter of a million as family reunification kicks in. Our national demographics are being transformed - with the same eventual outcome as Europe.

9/13 is all about forgetting . . .  After WWI, most people were done with world wars. But world wars weren’t done with them. ... the Jihad isn’t some nationalistic European grudge match. It’s a thousand-year assault on the rest of the world that will not stop just because we’ve decided to move on Article continues:

Middle-Eastern Muslim immigrants to America march through L.A against Israel and her supporters.
In the ensuing days, some protesters hunted Jewish civilians to attack (May, 2021)

Last May 2021, in reaction to the anti-Semitism exhibited in Islamo-Marxists' anti-Israel demonstrations in New York and Los Angeles  (whose vitriol matched that in European cities), Daniel Greenfield explained that Jewish-Americans should stop (not enable) immigration of Muslims into North America. 

"Stop Jew-Hate: End Islamist Immigration" by Daniel Greenfield 26 May'21 Frontpage Magazine:
In 2015, The Atlantic ran a cover story titled, “Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?” In 2021, the question is whether it’s time for the Jews to leave New York and Los Angeles. ...  Most stories about antisemitism in Europe reference the Swedish city whose Jewish population dropped from 3,000 to barely 800. Current estimates are that Malmo will have no Jews left by the end of the decade as its population flees Muslim mob violence, firebombings, and random assaults: including 100 aimed at its sole rabbi. “Anti-Semitism in Malmö reveals flaws in Swedish immigration system.” There are equally big flaws in our immigration system and too many Jewish groups have wasted time on outreach - instead of working toward immigration-reform to stop the ‘Malmoization’ of New York and LA.  

(May 21, 2021) Investigations are underway in New York and Los Angeles after antisemitic attacks earlier this week. In New York, a man was attacked during dueling rallies over the violence in the Middle East. In Los Angeles, Jewish diners were attacked at a restaurant. Jeff Pegues has the story.

The collapse of a liberal middle class into dueling Marxist and Fascist youth mobs is mainstreaming antisemitism in America the way that it already has in Europe. But the heavy lifting will still be done by young men whose parents came here from Iraq, Pakistan, or Gaza that we’ve seen assaulting random Jewish people in New York and Los Angeles. The cries of “Kill Jews, Free Palestine” are not a horrid aberration: they’re the new normal. The one thing that could have stopped this and perhaps still might would be for American Jews to be willing to say the unspeakable: that some people belong in this country and others don’t. The idea that immigration should be a mutual social contract instead of a suicide pact is profoundly alien to everything that millions of Americans, Jews and Christians, have absorbed over the years. Beyond the Christian churches and HIAS which lobby to resettle more Islamists in America, much of the country is wedded to the idea that we must take anyone who comes. But when we take anyone who comes, then we’re the ones who get taken for a ride.

While our streets are filled with the homeless and unemployed Americans are dying of drug overdoses at record rates, churches and temples lecture their parishioners on their moral duty to bring more Iraqis, Syrians, and Pakistanis to America.

But 9/11 and the occasional terror attack in a major city are just the appetizers of Islamist demographic colonization. The next stage, mob violence by what the European press carefully calls “angry youths”, is now underway in New York and Los Angeles. It won’t stop there. The era of the “lone wolf” Jihadi hasn’t ended yet, but the future of Islamic terror in America will be group attacks, like those in Bataclan in Paris, and more routine riots and mass assaults abetted by their leftist allies.

Jews in New York City are the easiest targets, but as the Swedes or the French could tell you, or the Poles and the Czechs, it rarely ends there.

Muslim violence isn’t a response to oppression or persecution. It’s a supremacist theological mission to colonize and subjugate non-Muslims as numerous Jihadis have told us at their trials. We chose not to take them at their word.

Israel is not the issue. Just as Mohammed cartoons, a teddy bear with the wrong name, or false reports of a desecrated Koran were not the real issues at the heart of other Muslim rampages.

Where is the movement to close the Democrat open-border policy - which permits in immigrants from countries other than Central America, such as Venezuela, where Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards  Corps (IGRC) has a strong military relationship? In August, they announced simulated war games (along with Russia and China) in Venezuela. 

At the 9/11 Memorial Garden Park 5-years ago, writer Daniel Greenfield addressed the issue of 9/11 commemorations omitting educating about the cause of the Islamic imperialist crusade against the West.

"The war continues, the war goes on, and as each September 11th passes we become less cognizant of the original attacks and of the causes of those attacks. 

People are forgetting the history. they're forgetting just why this happened and what this all meant. We are forgetting the stories of the heroes but we're also forgetting that we were attacked because we are a free people. Because we choose to believe that we can actually elect our own leaders. That we can actually allow everyone to practice their own religion and that we can actually allow people freedom of speech and yes that does include drawing Muhammad cartoons.

We've forgotten all that and in the process we are forgetting the reason why we are a threat to the terrorists. We are not a threat to the terrorists because we have large bombers or because we have missiles and tanks. There are other countries including countries in the Middle East that have those.

What threatens the Islamic terrorists - and it is indeed an Islamic terrorist - is our culture our way of life and the fact that we do not obey them. That we do not worship as they do. And that we believe that we have the right and the responsibility and the power to be what we are.

This is a cultural war it is a civilizational clash. The terrorist attacks, even the devastating terrorist attacks of September 11th, were just a worst-case scenario. Even as Islamic migration continues to flood into this country, the Islamic population of this country has dramatically increased. Instead of reducing the population of Islamic settlers since September 11th, we have dramatically increased both them and their policy and their influence. Keith Ellison was formerly with the Nation of Islam (and is now is affiliated with Islamist organizations such as CAIR) is now the second in command of the DNC (currently seeking re-election as Attorney General of Minnesota). 

Barack Hussein Obama, a man who described the Islamic call to prayer (which includes the very prettiest sound on Earth, that was heard by the passengers on Flight 93) became the president of the United States. And so we are still commemorating a war that does not end, we are commemorating a tragedy that has never been resolved, the war continues the struggle goes on and we must go on with it." 


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