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World War II USAF gunner inspires fight against fascism - revived in Islamism and The Left - Leon Waldman, 95

USAF B-17 gunner, Staff Sgt. Leon Waldman, shares his experience from 50-bombing runs, amidst Nazi German enemy fire. Mr. Waldman recounts his experience shooting off enemy attacks from the ground and the air over Europe. He speaks of how the US winning the nuclear bomb race saved him from risking his life over the South Pacific. 
WWII USAF gunner, Leon Waldman, 95, conveys his views on Veterans Day

Mr. Waldman offers advice about the price of freedom from fascism (particularly that which scapegoats Jews to attain tyranny) which he sees now spreading from Europe to North America.

Mr. Waldman: "You know the L.A., the New York Times covered up the Holocaust. They wouldn't print stories about it and some people say it was at the behest of Franklin Roosevelt. Because he didn't want it out too much.  Because he wasn't doing anything about it  - couldn't do anything about it.

JooTube: Or didn't want to.  Did you feel a special job - a motivation - to defeat Hitler?
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Waldman: Yeah, of course being a Jew. Although we didn't know the whole extent of it. We knew he was the son of a bitch (excuse the expression - that's a gentle word, ha, ha).

JooTube: What would Hitler have done if America had not defeated him (American and Russia)?

Waldman: If he had won, we . .  I would be dead, that is for sure.

JooTube: Because you're an American USAF flier?

Waldman: A Jew. You know he would have killed all the Jews in America, just like he killed them in Germany. That was his credo.

JooTube:  What was his aim for America, in general?

Waldman: Well, he would never have defeated America but if he did, we'd have been the same as in Germany!

Jerusalem Mufti al-Husseini helped start and perpetuate the
annihilation of Jews with Nazis, expanded into Muslim sphere
Continues . . .JooTube: What's the connection between the Arab-Israeli conflict of today and Hitler's Nazi regime?

Waldman: It's the same thing. It's only worse probably. Because the Muslims are a billion and a half and they're mainly anti-Semitic.  They're a billion and a half people. They've got sixty countries. In the UN there's never a vote in favor of Israel. You got 60 Muslim countries and all the other countries follow them. They follow the oil. The Jews don't have anything, the Arabs got oil. So Europe and most of the United States favors the Muslims. 
But the the Muslim ideology - is it purely about where the borders of the Israel and the Palestinian conflict resolve, do you feel?
Waldman: No it's not borders - as they want us in the ocean!
JooTube: The Jews?
Waldman: They want to drive the Jews into the ocean. That's their stated game. They tell you that. The day Obama signed the Iran (nuclear) peace treaty, the so-called peace treaty - there were thousands of people on the streets singing "Death to America," and "Death to Israel," and "Death to Jews!" And that's their main thrust. They want us all dead! JooTube: You're saying they weren't protesting - that they were celebrating a victory against America and Israel? 
Waldman: Yeah, just unbelievable!
JooTube: So, here on the anniversary of Kristallnacht, what message would you like to convey to the Jewish people, to the young generations? Obviously you're of great grandfather age. What would you tell to your great-grandchildren about the direction of politics in the United States and the defense of Israel?
Waldman: Well I tell them - just look back in history and see who's starting all the wars, and who's starting all the terror and so forth, it's obvious. 
JooTube: Who is it?
Waldman: It's Muslims, if you look around the world, 95% of terrorism is Muslims. JooTube: Is that something that a Palestinian state would solve?
Waldman: No, it'd make it worse. A Palestinian state - it's just a threshold to drive the Jews out of that tiny country into the sea! When they talk about driving into the sea, they're talking about nine miles (width). 

You know, if they get a real independent country, and Israel allowed them have to have armed forces, one night they would rise-up and march into Israel in one hour and drive everybody - they'll kill everybody in their beds. You know, it's impossible. You can't have a country right on your border that wants to kill you and wipe you out.

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