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With help from David Zucker, comic "Mossad" movie humanizes Israel's intelligence agency in the spirit of "The Naked Gun"

Israel Film Festival impressario, Meir Fenigstein announced his plans for the 2019 Israel Film Festival in Hollywood before the summer.

Little did he know of the popularity that would be achieved by Israel's controversial comedy "Mossad" during the summer. 
Aaron-Man character in a scene from Israeli comedy "Mossad"
In it, a Mossad agent and a CIA agent battle each other over who'll save the world from a terrorist organization. Watch trailer:

Filmmaker, Alon Gur Arye's popular Israeli movie comedy has a double-edge - while a madcap production for Israeli audiences, what effect will international showings of  his "Mossad" movie have on public perceptions of Israel and the deterrent effect of the Mossad's secret-service image?

"The Naked Gun" and "Airplane" franchise creator, David Zucker story-consulted with Mr. Arye pre-production in Israel. JooTube asked him about his role, his perceptions, and his view of this Mossad/CIA spoof's effect on Israel's image & security. Director, Alon Gur Arye, joins in the conversation.

Filmmaker, David Zucker (creator of "The Naked Gun" comedy movie series) appears with Alon Gur Arye, about the spoof-movie, "Mossad" following it's premiere at Israel Film Festival in Los Angeles on November 16th. Panel interviewer: Israeli-American journalist David ("Dudi") Caspi.

Steven Geiger brought a cake for David Zucker & Alon Gur Arye

To learn about availability of the move on digital distribution, as well as full English dubs, spin-offs, and possible sequels, follow the Mossad movie at its website http://mosad.co.il (intentional misspelling).

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