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Muslim "Miss Iraq" stands with Jews whose Muslim societies expelled 900k of them after losing invasion of Israel

Miss Iraq 2017, Sarah Idan, lights menorah after addressing
ceremony at Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel in L.A.
Despite Muslim-led countries forcing out more than 800,000 of their own Jewish citizens, they continue to refuse to assimilate 3-generations of 1948-Muslims who fled Israel during the Arab invasion of Israel.

Los Angeles' Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel on December 4th commemorated the new, Israeli holiday commemorating Jewish refugees from Arab and Persian Lands. 
Rabbi Tal Sessler, Nathaniel Malka, Sarah Idan,
Larry Clumeck, Karin Pery, Amir Kashfi, (Bruins for Israel)

The program was organized by the Israeli Consulate to the Southwest US with partners JIMENA: Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa, 30 Years After, and the Iranian American Jewish Federation.

Israel and the Jewish world remember the fate of more than 850,000 Jews who were forced out of Arab countries and Iran in the 20th century. The Day to Mark the Departure and Expulsion of Jews from the Arab Countries and Iran was established four years ago by the Israeli Knesset, designating Nov. 30 as a day to remember the tragedy of Jewish people who were forced out of the countries where they had lived for millennia - because of their Jewish identity. Many Jews suffered from violence and persecution, and pogroms began in 1941 with the Iraqi "Farhud" in concert with German Nazis. 

The date was chosen because it is the day after the United Nations adopted a plan to partition Palestine in 1947. Nov. 29 is also the UN-designated International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. 
Miss Iraq 2017 competes in the the Miss Universe pageant
Thousands of miles from Thailand, where the new Miss Universe was being crowned last week, the former Miss Iraq is light years from last year’s pageant, when a selfie controversy erupted over a charged selfie with Miss Israel. “Peace and Love from Miss Iraq and Miss Israel” was the Instagram entry seen around the world, nearly sparking an international incident.  
Despite ongoing death threats — including from Hamas — Idan says she’s still tight with Miss Israel, who she FaceTimes and texts regularly. In recent weeks, Idan begged Miss Israel to seek safety as mortars were raining on Israeli civilians. It’s all part of the work she does for her LA-based organization, Humanity Forward. She even visited Israel in the spring to speak about the importance of dialogue and better relations, and the LA Consulate of Israel hosted her recently to speak on the history of Jews in Iraq.
Here is Ms. Idan's speech, empathizing with Jewish refugees of Nazi-aided Iraq. Also on this video-playlist of speeches from the event, (click menu icon on the upper-right of the video screen) please watch: Larry Clumeck, Jewish-Egyptian survivor of The Six-Day War discussing Nazis advising Egyptian imprisoners of Jewish civilians, such as his father; Karin Pery (Israeli Consul to SW USA for Public Diplomacy); and JIMENA West Coast chief, Nathaniel Malka. 

Current research estimates that the number of Jews living in Arab countries and Iran totaled more than 850,000 at the time of Israel’s independence. Some scholars even think the number is closer to one million. In the North African region, 259,000 Jews fled from Morocco, 140,000 from Algeria, 100,000 from Tunisia, 75,000 from Egypt, and another 38,000 from Libya. In the Middle East, 135,000 Jews were exiled from Iraq, 55,000 from Yemen, 34,000 from Turkey, 20,000 from Lebanon and 18,000 from Syria. Iran forced out more than 25,000 Jews.

Larry Clumeck, Jewish-Egyptian survivor of The Six-Day War discussing Nazis advising Egyptian imprisoners of Jewish civilians, such as his father.

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