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What were JooTube.TV's most watched stories & videos of 2018?

Opening night of the Israel Film Festival in Beverly Hills
Jon Voight trusts Pres.Trump to help Israel de-fang
Islamist global imperialists, Iran,Turkey, Saudi 
Arabia and the Gulf Arab Emirates

Conventional wisdom is no longer reliable, particularly in this era of slanted media-reportage on anything regarding Israel (colonialists), the "Palestinian people" (indigenous victims), Pres. Trump Administration (negative) or multi-culturalism (positive). Reportage of Democrat-supported, Palestinian nationalism is positive, but Jewish nationalism (residing in Judea/Samaria) is negative. Public support for Zionism or Pres. Trump's pro-Israelism (or criticism of Islamist imperialism) is scorned in education/academia, human-rights marches, high-tech (Google), social-media (Twitter, Facebook), Hollywood and the creative arts, environmentalism, and the public sector. Which is why the need for independent, Zionistic-American  video-media outlets, like JewTube/JooTube remains.
Gene ("KISS") Simmons at Friends of the IDF told Joo-
Tube, ignore the anti-Semites, carry-on your business

Since Israel's unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, we have presented an alternative perspective to the mainstream press and liberal-establishment, Jewish media.
During the past year, original news video produced by JewTube /JooTube channels has been viewed nearly 1-million times. This year, we expanded onto O.T.T. (over the top) television. JooTube can now be viewed on your television (through the Lightcast App in The Israel Channel) via Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and Roku. 
Michael Masters heads the Jewish Federation's SCN
Secure Community Network responsible for 
securing regional synagogues like Pittsburgh's
Temple Etz Chaim/Tree of Life, prone to
anti-Semitic attack from the right or left

We also host videos on Vimeo (the ones which enemies of Israel get stricken off YouTube) as well as now on Facebook. Due to Facebook's change in policy to now no longer playing YouTube videos in Facebook's frame, we have expanded launching videos on Facebook, where we have generated an additional  20,000+ views on our publishing page. 

Our interview with the infiltrators of the Students for Justice in Palestine national convention at UCLA in November became part of the viral video which has attracted 146,000 views, as of this final week in December.

A glimpse through the only 2 peer-able windows between Mosque
and Synagogue atop Hebron's contentious Tomb of the Patriarchs 
Interview with city of Jewish Hebron spokesman
 Yishai Fleisher in Judean, sister city of Kiryat Arba

Over the past 12-months, we traveled, gathered and disseminated news from as far as Judea, Israel, WashingtonDC, New York City, South Florida, Las Vegas, Nashville, and throughout Southern California. 

We produce this informational news initiative (which articles are increasingly reshared on others' social media channels- even localized into Hebrew and French language) essentially at a debt. It is a full-time effort for which we have deferred salaries. We rely on viewer contributions - in cash and in-kind (especially for costs of traveling) and are grateful to those who extend hospitality. But audio/video, computer equipment and automobile parts require repairing, replenishing, and replacing. 

Israeli former Prime Minister Ehud Barak at
Wilshire Blvd. Temple in May
Reporting from the Judean,Gush Etzion Junction Mall where
Zionist activist, Ari Fuld, was stabbed to death in Sept  
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Our 5 most-viewed original news stories produced in 2018: 

LAX "Independence Day from Jihad on Jews" Memorial spotlights need to overcome political-correctness on Islamic anti-Semitism

Docu on how black & Jewish entertainer, Sammy Davis Jr. navigated the turbulent '60's gets a little help from his friends - at L.A. Jewish Film Festival

This 77th anniversary of Iraq' "Farhud" pogrom - when the Holocaust migrated to the Middle East

Las Vegas Jewish community organizes memorial for the fallen heroes and martyrs of Zion

Watch Dr. Mordechai Kedar: 'How Israel's 70-year success must be a miracle'

Which do you think, out of all of of the stories in 2018, should be selected as the top story of 2018? Mention it in the Comments below.

Our 5 most-viewed videos produced in (or released) in 2018:

Rabbi confronts Christian proselytizing at Israeli Independence Fair in L.A. 

"Why Israel at 70 must be a miracle"- Dr. Mordechai Kedar on Israel's 70th Independence Day

Jewish doctor responds to extremist preacher at Israeli Fair who alleges Jews are cursed for deicide

Meet the British rock'n'rolla who confronted Jewish leftists praying for terrorists the I.D.F. had to shoot

Hal Linden ("Barney Miller") on Jewish-American contributions to popular culture

Which do you think, out of all of the videos in 2018, should be selected as the top video of 2018? Mention it in the Comments section on the website.

IDF Lt. Mazal Zemru toughens Kfir Batallion men
in the Jordan Valley, promoting F.I.D.F. 
Hon. Stephen Tebid, an African diplomatic advisor with extensive immersion in Israel and the Jewish establishment, recognizes JooTube (and pro-democracy news initiative, DemoCast) for our lucid editorial perspective. Mr. Tebid acknowledged that every dollar contributed to the lean, astute JooTube generates an effective impact one-hundred times greater than a dollar donated to larger, more bureaucratic organization in contradicting the anti-Israel/anti-Semitic media campaign in society.

Be blessed helping "B'nai Yisrael" the children of Israel, by contributing to sustain this initiative on the website (or by clicking Donate on this page. Though donations are not typically tax-deductible, arrangements may be made for amounts of $1000 or more).
Actor, Hal Linden ("Barney Miller"), discusses Jewish-Americans' contributions to American culture - at L.A. Jewish Film Festival opening screening of documentary on Sammy Davis Jr's life. Mr. Linden appeared with George Schlatter, producer of NBC's "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" 

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