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In "Azimuth" at Israel Film Festival, director Mike Burstyn portrays Arab-Israeli conflict in microcosm

This summer, the Israel Film Festival in Los Angeles screened the new Israeli movie, "Azimuth." “Azimuth” exposes conflict and salvation between two soldiers — an Israeli (Yiftach Klein) and an Egyptian (Sammy Sheik) — deadlocked in an abandoned U.N. outpost, during the ceasefire that ended the Six Day War. ( S.F. Gate)

Following the screening, director Mike Burstyn, Egyptian actor Sammy Sheik, and L.A. Jewish Journal editor David Suissa held this conversation before the amassed audience. JooTube exclusive video:

In order to qualify for the 2017 Academy Awards, Azimuth will run for a full week beginning December 14th in Los Angeles at Laemmle's Encino Town Center Cinema.

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