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Jews calls for justice from Arabs & Iranians that expelled them; And for Palestinians they hold hostage for nearly 70-years

Jewish wedding in Baghdad (photo: JIMENA)
The Israeli Consulate to the Southwestern US participated in an event to remember the Jewish Refugees from Arab & Persian lands last December at the Sephardic Temple in Los Angeles and draw attention to this year's Sephardic Jewish Refugee Day, November 30th.

The 850,000 Jewish people (exceeding number of Palestinian refugees during Israel's defensive battle for  Independence) expelled by the Arab and Iranian countries they lived in for centuries. These citizens had their assets, homes, businesses seized and were expelled within days during the 1950's. Calls are made for justice and restitution - and calls to the world to request Arabs reciprocate the refugees they created and absorb the Palestinian refugees they have refused to for 68-years.

Luminaries featured in JooTube's 41-minute TV news story: Sam Grundwerg, Israel's Consul General to Southwest USA; 

Tifereth Israel's Senior Rabbi Dr. Tal Sessler;

David Suissa, publisher of Jewish Journal of L.A.; 

Turkish-American, Hy Arnesty, Jewish War Veteran of WWII & Korean War (and Chairman, Cemetery and Burial Committee for the Los Angeles National Cemetery); 

Mr. Yaki Lopez, Consul for Political Affairs, Israeli Consulate for Los Angeles;

Nathaniel Malka,  President of Jews Indigenous to the Middle East & North Africa ("JIMENA");

Rabbi Moshe Parry, scholar on teachings of Sephardic-supported, late Rabbi Meir Kahane, the founder of the Israeli political party, Kach, which argued for completion of the population exchange- that the Arab governments which expelled their Jews to Israel finally absorb the Palestinians they sequester in refugee camps as a political tool against the Jewish state of Israel.

'Jewish Refugee Day' is an historic breakthrough'- Jerusalem Post June 24, '14

The Israeli Knesset passed a law in 2014 which designates 30th November as a national day of commemoration for the million or so Jewish refugees forced to flee Arab lands and Iran.

“Today, we have finally corrected an historic injustice and placed the issue of Jews who were expelled or pushed out of the Arab world in the last century on the national and international agenda,” said MK Shimon Ohayon, who proposed the law. “In Israel, the history of the Jews who originally came from the Middle East or North Africa, who make up around half of the population, was ignored for too long.”

“From this year, every child in Israel will learn about the history of the Jews of the region, who arrived long before the Islamic conquest and Arab occupation of the region. This is a vital part of our fight against those internally and externally who delegitimize our presence here in the region and claim we are somehow foreign to the region.”

In justifying the choice of November 30 for Refugee Day, PM Netanyahu said: “It is not for nothing that this day is marked on the day after the 29th of November. The Arab countries, which never accepted the U.N. declaration on the establishment of a Jewish state, compelled the Jews living in their territories to leave their homes while leaving their assets behind.”

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