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"The most pivotal event in Jewish history since the destruction of the Second Temple" according to Prof. Judea Pearl

On November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly voted in favor of a resolution, which adopted the plan for the partition of Palestine, recommended by the majority of the UN Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP). 33 states voted in favor of the resolution and 13 against. 10 states abstained.

The UN Committee reached the conclusion that the Mandate for Palestine should be terminated, and most of its members recommended the establishment in the territory of Mandatory Palestine of an Arab state and a Jewish state, while internationalizing Jerusalem.

The partition map proposed by UNSCOP allotted the Jewish state only a small part of Western Palestine. Despite this fact, the Zionist Organization and the institutions of the Jewish community in Eretz Yisrael agreed to accept the plan, since it recognized the right of the Jewish people to a state and not only a “national home” as stated in the 1917 Balfour Declaration and the 1922 Mandate for Palestine. The adoption of the partition resolution by the General Assembly was received by the Jewish community with great joy and thousands went out to the streets to celebrate, even though it was clear that the Arab states and the Palestinian Arabs would embark on a relentless war against the realization of the plan to establish a Jewish state. (Source: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs).

Prof. Judea Pearl, father of the late, Wall St. Journalist Daniel Pearl, has encouraged greater, public recognizing of the event, reflected in this chronology of Op/Ed's he has written for the Jewish Journal of L.A.:

Prof. Judea Pearl's articles inspired dramatic re-enactment

"The forgotten miracle: Nov. 29, 1947" Jewish Journal of L.A., December 18, 2008
Last month saw the anniversary of one of the most significant events in Jewish history, perhaps the most significant since the Exodus from Egypt -- Nov. 29, 1947 -- the day the U.N. General Assembly voted 33-13 to partition Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab state. Believe it or not, but this momentous event, which changed so dramatically the physical, spiritual and political life of every Jew in our generation, as well as the course of history in general, passed virtually unnoticed in our community, including in the pages of this paper. 
 "The Miracles of November" by Judea Pearl; November 25, 2009
The U.N. vote of Nov. 29, 1947.  In my opinion piece for this newspaper last year (Dec. 18, 2008), entitled “The Forgotten Miracle,” I suggested that the Jewish community in Los Angeles celebrate Nov. 29 as an annual Jewish Thanksgiving Day. I am glad to say that the idea struck a chord with several organizations. Starting November 2010, and barring unforeseen obstacles, this event will be woven into the tapestry of Los Angeles’ annual celebrations.

Judea and Mrs. Ruth Pearl at Amer Jewish Univ performance
On Nov 29, 2012, professional actors, musicians, and singers staged a theatrical re-enactment of the radio broadcast of the U.N. resolution vote- and its impression on Palestinian Jews. The event was staged at the American Jewish University of Los Angeles.  Following the performance, JooTube spoke with people involved in hosting and staging the event, as well as prominent attendees for their opinions regarding the occasion. 

Prof. Judea Pearl considers this Resolution 181, "the most pivotal event in Jewish history since the destruction of the Second (King Solomon's) Temple."

Father Alexei Smith, Roman-Catholic Archdiocese of L.A.
The guest of Mrs. Ruth Pearl, Father Alexei Smith, of the Southern California Ecumenical Council believes that as Judaism is at the root of Christianity, the Catholic Church supports Israel as the Jewish homeland. 

Actor Mike Burstyn performed in the pageant and, accompanied by Poogy-drummer, Meir Fenigstein, reinforces the validity of Zionism, with Jerusalem as the continued capital of the Jewish nation.

"Nov. 29 and Palestinian Statehood by Judea Pearl, December 5, 2012, Jewish Journal

Even as the sound of “Hatikvah” reverberated in the auditorium of the American
Actor, Mike Burstyn & Meir Fenigstein, Israel Film Fest
Jewish University, where Los Angeles commemorated the 65th anniversary of the historic United Nations vote of Nov. 29, 1947, another U.N. vote was casting its shadows on our consciousness — the vote for Palestinian statehood, on Nov. 29, 2012.

The similarities between these two votes have been noted by other commentaries — I wish to stress the differences. In 1947, the dancers in Tel Aviv invited their Arab neighbors to join in a celebration of two-statehood; in 2012, the dancers in Ramallah did not invite their Jewish neighbors to any activity. On the contrary, they openly called for the expulsion of Israelis from Haifa, Jaffa and Afula. 

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nikmatdam ~ humble servant said...

no... the 1967 6-day war was way more significant... way way more... nov 29 1947 just put us back on the map again... a great event but not even as great as the war of indep in '48 which kept us on the map... and june '67 when we got yerushalayim and har habayit back... with that we were on the very threshold of the final and complete redemption... we've blown it big time since then and we are again in an existential war and fight for our very survival making nov 29 1947 very tenuous indeed... what the world granted us then they have been trying to take back from us with every breath they breathe since... look not what man has done for us... look to what G-d did and continues to do... the world after standing idly by and watching 7mil jews genocided then gave us a tiny sliver of the land that was indefensible without Divine intervention (which we recv'd thank G-d)... they gave us a pathetic and grotesque miniscule piece of earth mostly unarable coastline and negev desert and anyway expected the arabs to finish what hitler had begun... so take this stupid "day of the goyim" in jewish history... 1 measly day of half-hearted goyish love... one tinged with guilt to start with... take it and shove it!!!